Is Outside Sales Representative the Right Job for You?
Is Outside Sales Representative the Right Job for You? As an outside sales representative, you know your career is not a walk in the park. Every day you face a good amount of rejection, long hours, and a constant fear of falling short of your quota. Not everyone is carved out for this type of job, as it takes certain personality traits and qualities. Not only do you have to close deals, but you also have to hustle through each long day of work. So, is outside sales representative the right job for you? One way to find out is by taking a personality test. Two different tests--the....
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Starting a Career in Sales - The Gateway to Any Business Position
Starting a Career in Sales - The Gateway to Any Business Position You’re looking to jumpstart your career and you’ve settled on a path in business… Good for you! You’ve tapped into a progressive and rewarding field. However, you’re also faced with a broad range of positions. Starting a career in sales, marketing, PR... Where do you even begin? Fortunately, the business industry tends to operate from very humble beginnings. To excel in any department, you need to fully understand the fundamental process of your company - sales. Whether you specialize in marketing, PR, or even entrepreneurship, everything sources back to sales. Sales may not be your initial interest, but you will perform much better....
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10 Life Tips for Salespeople
10 Life Tips for Salespeople The ABC’s of sales -  Always Be Closing.Easier said than done. Here are some life tips for salespeople that will make you kick ass!Simple things, great impact. Stop Selling!The Principle of ReciprocityDo It With Passion, Or Not At All. Plan Your DayMorning RoutineAvoid distractionsPicture your end resultDon’t take it personallyLeverage MomentumCreate email templates 1. Stop Selling! Communicate value first. Don’t think of selling. Customers like people who bring value to their lives and dislike those who only care about getting a sale out of them.  Look for ways to improve your customer’s life. Act as a mentor with great expertise in your....
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5 International Trips to Take Over Thanksgiving
5 International Trips to Take Over Thanksgiving Had a tough quarter? Why not forgo the stuffing and sweet potatoes for an Amazon river cruise? Or a visit to historic Easter Island? Here are 5 ways to travel this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an ideal time to travel. People typically travel domestically during the holiday - making their way home for the family meal - so international flights are slightly cheaper, and less crowded. It’s also a pre-set four day weekend. You can add an extra day or two on top and escape for a well-deserved detox before the Christmas holiday season starts. If you’re itching to do....
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