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How To Use Promotions to Increase Sales
How To Use Promotions to Increase Sales 60% of the time the average person spends online is on their mobile device. Mobile devices have changed how we live our lives, how we interact with one another, and how we generally act and behave as a society. It’s not a secret that every aspect of our lives has been changed by mobile. Savvy business owners have caught onto this. Since everyone is dependent on their mobile devices for many of their day to day tasks, businesses are taking advantage of this demand and are proactively taking steps toward advertising their product or services directly to those devices. As....
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How to Leverage Online Reviews as a Field Sales Professional
How to Leverage Online Reviews as a Field Sales Professional When planning what restaurant to take your significant other to or where to celebrate your birthday, what do you do first? You look up online reviews. Online customer reviews are the lifeblood of modern consumer’s purchasing decisions. So it only makes sense that field sales professionals should do more than take note of online reviews but leverage them when talking to prospects. First, let’s understand exactly why online reviews are so important and how they impact your business. Why are online reviews important? Ninety-five percent of people read online reviews before making a purchase. I personally can’t remember a time....
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6 Deadly Mistakes in Prospecting Emails
6 Deadly Mistakes in Prospecting Emails Prospecting emails can be very effective when done right and could lead to millions of dollars in your pipeline. However, the majority of sales prospecting emails sent remain unopened or unanswered. This happens because the salespeople give their prospects a bad first impression by making common email mistakes. In field sales, this will make-or-break your chances of getting a face-to-face meeting. Here are some of those mistakes and how to fix them. 1. Tricking People into Opening Your prospect is probably receiving over 50 emails a day from other salespeople. It's hard to stand out and capture their attention. The....
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How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn
How to Generate Leads with LinkedIn Most people think that LinkedIn is for finding jobs and sending resumes. But, the future of sales lies in social media channels. Your most qualified leads are waiting for you to reach them. There are more than 450 million members of LinkedIn. That might seem like an overwhelming number of potential leads, but there are tools to help you out. So, how can you filter through profiles to find new customers? LinkedIn is a powerful channel overflowing with referrals and connections. Building a presence on LinkedIn brings more eyes to your product. It’s tough to limit your portfolio, product, and personality....
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Which Actions Should Sales Teams Take after Getting New Leads?
Which Actions Should Sales Teams Take after Getting New Leads? Every organization has a different sales team structure; some create a distinction between sales roles, others don’t. An organization with a well-defined structure will have a marketing team that generates leads. their sales development reps hone in on new sales opportunities and pass them on to inside or field sales reps to close deals. For the purpose of this post, let’s consider a separation between sales roles. Which Actions Should Sales Development Reps Take? The article “The Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment: The Sales Development Rep” explains that SDRs fill one purpose: setting appointments with qualified leads for account....
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