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Introducing Follow-Ups on iOS
Introducing Follow-Ups on iOS Following up with customers is crucial to strengthening your relationships and gives you an excellent opportunity to upsell.  Stay on top of your follow-ups on the go with our new iOS feature.
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Introducing Verified Check-ins for CRM integrated Badger Teams
Introducing Verified Check-ins for CRM integrated Badger Teams Check-ins are a great way to keep track of customer interactions right after they happen, allowing you to keep track of your interactions with date- and time-stamped notes.‌  Verified Check-ins allow you to track if your reps are at the customer’s location when the check-in is created. This feature is now available for all CRM-integrated teams! This feature gives managers valuable insight into their reps' activity in the field.  Connect with your Badger account manager to know more about this new feature and how you can set it up for your team.
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Introducing the Heat Map Feature for Web App
Introducing the Heat Map Feature for Web App The heat map feature is now available in the Badger Maps Web App! This feature visualizes your check-in activity, so you can understand where your check-ins are concentrated and see where there’s untapped territory on the map. It allows you to manage your territory better and see where you spend your time. The heat map can be viewed under “Check-in Activity”, a layer representing the number of check-ins by location for all time. Light green represents an area with fewer check-ins, and red represents hotspots for check-ins. 
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Introducing Collapsable Filters
Introducing Collapsable Filters Collapsable Filters are now available in Badger Maps’ Web App!  This feature is designed to save you time so you can use filters more efficiently. How?  Rather than always showing you the entire list of all your filter values, they are now collapsed. You can decide which one you’d like to expand and select your filters from. 
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Introducing the Counties Layer to our Web App
Introducing the Counties Layer to our Web App 2021 is finally here, and we’re excited to announce our first new feature of the year: The new Counties Layer!  Now available for Badger Maps’ Web App users in the US, this feature is designed to help you manage your territory more effectively. How? You can now use Badger Maps’ Web App to:  Easily segment your territories by county Find your best customers and discover new opportunities in a specific county View sales activity by county This way, you’ll understand which counties get you better results and which ones are not performing as expected, so you can make more informed....
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