6 Ways Sales Representatives Can Stay Healthy on the Road

Being a sales representative is an exciting career especially if you enjoy going to new places and meeting new people. However, being on the road so much potentially exposes you to many unhealthy habits that can be detrimental not only your work performance but your wellbeing. It takes discipline and mindfulness to avoid falling into an unhealthy lifestyle on the road.

Here are 6 ways to protect yourself when faced with unhealthy foods and potential illness.

1. Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

Being on the road can lead to late nights and early mornings with not enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is cumulative so the more you stray away from healthy sleeping habits (8 hours a night), the weaker your immune system gets. Sleep deprivation is perhaps the easiest route to sickness.

Before you go out on the road, promise yourself that you will fully commit to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Write out a plan and stick to this plan no matter what. Do not sacrifice sleep, no matter how much you think it's necessary. It will always come back to bite you in the end. The better your sleep cycle is, the more productive you’ll be during your work hours. So, if you think you must lose sleep in order to be successful, you probably aren’t using your time efficiently. Set your mind to be as productive as possible during your traveling time in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

2. Prepare Healthy Meals

Take the time to prepare some healthy meals and snacks for yourself on the road. This will make it easier to avoid fast food, and save you time and money too. Nothing is more convenient than readymade, healthy food and snacks straight from your kitchen.

Pack premade salads and wraps that are high in protein and low in sugar. Take along some nuts and fruits as a snack. Cut up some carrots and celery sticks for a quick snack between meetings. You will take in fewer calories and feel better eating healthier meals. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

You’ll sell more because you’ll be more productive feeling better from healthy food. The better you eat, the more you increase your earning potential.

3. Be an Efficient Packer

Youtube is your best friend any time you are packing for a trip. You’ll find tons of strategies to save room and be efficient with your space. You’ll quickly realize maximizing the space in your luggage can really save you a lot of energy, time, and money (if you’re flying).

If you forget something, you’ll have to take time out of your schedule to get another one and spend more money too. To avoid this, have a kit made up for when you travel and check it at the end of each trip. Include essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, bandages, Q-tips, an extra disposable razor, nail clippers, cotton balls, and other necessities. Having a kit pre-packed will make your life easier and your stay at the hotel much more comfortable

4. Find Your Hotel’s  Gym

If you have the option, always opt for a hotel with a gym. This amenity usually reflects a better quality hotel. But what it really presents you is an opportunity to maintain your exercise habits, or start exercising if you’ve been meaning to at home. Maybe a change of scenery is what you needed to kick start your exercise habits! For those of you that don’t like to work out, it would be worthwhile to think about how exercise can contribute to success in the long-term. Working out also reduces stress, increases focus, wakes you up in the morning, tires you out at night, and increases your lifespan! But the key to maximizing exercises benefits is consistency. If your hotel doesn't have a gym, simply exercise in your room, or opt for a walk/jog! Squats, push-ups, and planks or leg raises all work out big muscle groups and will get your blood pumping in no time.

5. Eat Out, but Only Occasionally

While you have packed healthy snacks and food, you should take the time to get out and eat. You can stop somewhere for a quick, but healthy lunch if you’re on a major time crunch. Chipotle has new lifestyle bowls that are healthy and are served quickly. You can also take the time to have dinner out, but be sure to limit the chips/salsa or breadsticks.

Choose food that’s good for you! Fish and chicken dishes are healthy and do not fill you up as quickly as red meats or fried food. Take time to enjoy your meal and you will feel better and more relaxed.

6. Meditation

As a salesperson, you are constantly thinking about how you can solve other people’s problems. This outward thinking is valuable but it can be taxing on your mental health. If you’d rather empty your mind and disconnect, there are countless apps you can download on your phone that guide you through meditation. But seeing that salespeople by nature like to be productive, mediation can mean for you a time to lay out your long term priorities, and steps you need to talk to get where you want to be. Meditation is what you make it, but the overlying feature of it you need to focus on yourself!  

You owe it to yourself to keep your health as your top priority, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. If you aren’t motivated by that, think of who depends on you, or who cares about you. Try using one of these beautiful motivational wallpapers for your desktop and phone. Find any way necessary to motivate yourself to be healthy, because when you look back at your life, you won’t care about your sales numbers if you’re too busy trying to deal with chronic illnesses due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

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