What to Look For in a Route Planner for Outside Sales
What to Look For in a Route Planner for Outside Sales 1) Routing Features 2) Accessible Across Platforms 3) CRM Integration 4) Filters and Categories 5) Lead Generation 6) Optimized Route Based on Current Traffic 7) Great Customer Support
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Introducing Check-in Reports for Better Sales Insights
Introducing Check-in Reports for Better Sales Insights We are excited to introduce the new and improved Check-in features under the “Reports” tab. Check-ins are a great way to keep track of valuable information about your customer interactions. The new Check-in Reports enable you to view trends quickly without having to download check-in data or do any extra work. Note: You can still download a full excel check-in report to do any analysis you would like. How Sales Teams use Check-in Reports The new graphs are the “Check-in Chart” and the “Team Check-ins” chart and they display the number of check-ins of the team over a period of time....
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Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour
Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour What drives you to succeed? Badger's mission has always been to help outside sales reps become more successful.  Before starting Badger, our CEO Steve was an outside sales rep for Google,  He was the top performing sales rep for two years in a row. His sales performance would skyrocket when he took the time to efficiently plan his day, but the last thing a salesperson has is spare time. There was nothing built to handle the specific challenges of outside sales. So Steve left Google to start Badger Maps, and help outside sales reps everywhere sell more in less time....
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Best Streets and Trips Replacement
Best Streets and Trips Replacement Now that Microsoft has chosen to discontinue MapPoint and Streets and Trips, many sales reps are looking for a replacement program. Fortunately, now there is Badger Maps, a sales mapping software that is superior to both MapPoint and Streets and Trips. Badger helps you sell 25% more, while driving 20% less. Badger Maps has the route optimization and customer mapping components that made MapPoint and Streets and Trips popular. However, Badger has many other features that the Microsoft products were lacking, making it the best Streets and Trips replacement.
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