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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Field Salespeople

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These days, it’s impossible to be on top of your game without the help of apps designed to help you sell. Think of these apps as your personal team; they’re here to stay by your side throughout the day and take care of your tedious tasks. So the next time you surf the app store, make sure you’re assembling the right team on your mobile device.

But where do you start? How do you know which apps are going to give you a headache and which apps are going to provide the assistance you’re looking for? It’s tough to determine a comprehensive set of apps that take care of your every need. So, we did it for you. After researching popular apps that are best fit for field salespeople, we’ve created your ultimate tech stack.

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How Badger Turns Sales Green


Global Warming’s Destructive Reach

On Christmas Eve 2015, not a single snowflake was spotted in New York City. Southern Californians are currently escaping destructive wildfires caused by excessive heat and droughts. And the 2011 Super Outbreak was just one in a series of tornadoes expected to get progressively more disruptive due to the warming ocean surfaces that fuel such storms. All these occurrences are the result of global warming. It is provoked by air pollutants, such as CO2, that absorb solar radiation and sunlight reflected by the earth’s surface and trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the planet to warm up. According to experts, we are currently feeling the first impacts of global warming: wildfires, more intensive storms and rising temperatures. However, more dramatic effects, for instance melting glaciers and floods, increased ocean acidity and species extinction are yet to occur.

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Saving Time by Finding Leads Faster

Finding leads is essential for any salesperson. Leads are simply prospective customers who show interest in the products or services in a business. Finding the right the customers is essential to sales and is just as important as actually selling to  customers.  The generation of new sales leads is one of the most important attributes to a successful business. Generating leads is made simple through Badger Maps. You can do this  effectively by logging onto Badger Maps on either your personal computer or your tablet.  Once you are logged in our website you click the “Places” menu on the left side of your screen as seen below.


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Routing Software: Can the Lasso Tool Make More Money for You?

Badger Maps may be a modern routing software, but we’re going back to the wild wild west with the lasso tool.

Designed to save you time and stress, the lasso tool lets you draw a circle, square, or whatever shape fits your fancy around the area you want to select. Using the lasso tool is a breeze, here are just a couple of ways that it can make you into a routing software ninja

1. You can update multiple accounts at one time

Instead of going through each account one by one updating a field, you can use the lasso tool to round up the accounts that you want to edit.  This can be useful if you want to break up your regions by color as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.08.24 AM

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CEO Steve Benson in Smart Selling Tools

Badger Maps CEO, Steve Benson, has written an online article for Smart Selling Tools.

What is Smart Selling Tools?

Straight from their company website is this spiel:

“Smart Selling Tools, Inc., is an analyst and consulting firm that specializes in sales productivity and sales performance improvement through the use of smart sales tools. Businesses of all sizes can find suggestions and reviews for sales and marketing software along with great resources to learn about revenue generating tools.”







That is a fancy way of saying they are experts in sales productivity. Steve’s article is titled “What Does Field Salespeople Need vs. Inside Salespeople?” and explores what exactly is necessary for the modern day field salesperson. See what he says here:

How To Conquer Your New Territory With Badger Maps

Trying to open a new branch of business in a different city can be indeed very stressful. With directional challenges and possible language barriers, being lost in a new city can be a great headache. With little connections, getting the business name out to targeted customers will take some time as well. However, with Badger Maps, it becomes easier to move around and get comfortable in a new surrounding.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.24.10 PM

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Plan Routes Better: Find Leads, Create Opportunities

You know where you want to go, but do you really know how to get there? All roads lead to Rome, but how do you find the one that is most efficient and fastest? Imagine cutting your hours on the road by 20%. What do you do with that saved time? Maps Lead Generation Maps Lead Generation

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Save Fuel and Time with Route Optimization Software

As the saying goes: time is money. So how do you increase your sales while saving time?

Route Optimization Software

Route optimization software is the latest technology for field sales. Coupled with Google Maps, Badger Maps makes it possible for sales representatives to earn up to 25% more sales while reducing their time on the road by 20%.

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Conquer the World with Badger

After successful installation in California and throughout the entire United States, Badger is now opening towards France and French speaking countries in Europe.

This is good news for European sales representatives, who will soon forget the long hours of juggling their schedules, maps, and customer data.


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A New Age of Routing Map Software


In this technological age, it is important to use the best available resources to stay ahead of the curve.  For those of us in sales, it is particularly vital considering the competitive nature of the industry.  Thankfully, Badger Mapping is here to help.

Badger Mapping takes away the stress of jumping between customer data, notes, and maps, and fuses them all in to one convenient location.  With less time needed for sales organization, you will have more time to meet with clients and still get home in time to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Partnered with Google Maps, our software allows you to navigate around traffic and get to your destinations via the fastest possible routes.  On average, our customers see a 25% spike in sales activity and a 20% decrease in time on the road.  On top of tightening up the sales process, Badger also allows you to find new leads in your target area, all at the click of a button.

Our no commitment 7 day free trial will give you a chance to check out this game changing software – your bank account and gas tank will thank you later.