Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour
Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour What drives you to succeed? Badger's mission has always been to help outside sales reps become more successful.  Before starting Badger, our CEO Steve was an outside sales rep for Google,  He was the top performing sales rep for two years in a row. His sales performance would skyrocket when he took the time to efficiently plan his day, but the last thing a salesperson has is spare time. There was nothing built to handle the specific challenges of outside sales. So Steve left Google to start Badger Maps, and help outside sales reps everywhere sell more in less time....
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Best Streets and Trips Replacement
Best Streets and Trips Replacement Now that Microsoft has chosen to discontinue MapPoint and Streets and Trips, many sales reps are looking for a replacement program. Fortunately, now there is Badger Maps, a sales mapping software that is superior to both MapPoint and Streets and Trips. Badger helps you sell 25% more, while driving 20% less. Badger Maps has the route optimization and customer mapping components that made MapPoint and Streets and Trips popular. However, Badger has many other features that the Microsoft products were lacking, making it the best Streets and Trips replacement. For example, Badger is available on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac....
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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Field Salespeople
The Ultimate Tech Stack for Field Salespeople Click here to view our interactive infographic! (Scroll over each logo to read the description, click each logo to be redirected to the app's web page.) These days, it’s impossible to be on top of your game without the help of apps designed to help you sell. Think of these apps as your personal team; they’re here to stay by your side throughout the day and take care of your tedious tasks. So the next time you surf the app store, make sure you’re assembling the right team on your mobile device. But where do you start? How do....
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Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road
Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road Working in field sales has a ton of perks. You get to travel to new places, meet new people, and dine in different restaurants. Outside of closing deals, some sales reps like the lifestyle so much, they compare it to vacationing while on the job. Now I’m jealous. But regardless if you feel like your career is a continual retreat or not, life on the road can start to catch up with you if you are not proactive. Here at Badger Maps we understand the traveling sales person’s lifestyle and we want to give you some tips about staying healthy on the....
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