The 10 Best Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps

Is your outside sales or logistics team suffering from the struggles of a typical day in the field? A combination of bad planning, painfully slow routes, and poor time management? Or is it bad traffic and route building that’s bogging your team down?

Inefficiency is a common problem with a common consequence: high costs and low sales.

The solution you’re looking for is a multi-stop route planner — a tool that will make your team’s day easier, more efficient and greatly increase their opportunities to sell. 

A multi-stop route planner is a tool that allows you to plot the most efficient route between multiple destinations. Software such as sales route planners or delivery route planner apps have changed the way that sales and delivery professionals travel and work.

The most popular route planner in the world is Google Maps. It’s reliable, easy to use — and free. But while it works great for casual traveling and road trips, the Google Maps route planner does not always meet the specific and evolving needs of professionals like salespeople and delivery drivers.

Google Maps pros and cons as a multi -stop route planner

When using Google Maps, multiple stops can be difficult to string into larger routes. Google Maps also lacks many of the features that make selling and delivery easier, such as ability to save routes, customer information tracking, and visualization features to easily spot your high-priority customers on the map of your territory. 

With the Google Maps route planner, multiple stops might prove too difficult for the average user to learn to plot. That’s why it’s important to find the right, easy-to-use multi-stop route planner for the specific needs of your business.

How to choose the right route planner for yourself

So how do you know which route planner is best for your needs? The answer depends on your own industry and goals.

According to a recent study, sales reps spend only a third of their time actually selling. The other 70% of their time is spent doing other tasks like driving, planning, or administrative duties.

In the logistics industry, 90% of shippers think data-driven decision making is crucial to supply chain activities, especially now that route optimization and inventory management tools have increased the volume of usable data. 

Getting reps in front of the right customers at the right time is the key to field sales. Maximizing successful deliveries is the key to logistics. No matter your industry, the right tools will help your team achieve their goals

Can you imagine a route planner for multiple or even unlimited addresses that uses real-time traffic data and GPS to build the most efficient route? How about one that also prospects, syncs with your CRM, and visually filters leads to find the best opportunities? Good news! The app you’ve been looking for actually exists. 

The ideal route planner app for multiple stops will not only build the most efficient route for your team, it will be easy to implement, and host a slew of useful tools for your sales or delivery team.

Below is a list of the 10 best multi-stop route planners currently available on the market.

1. Badger Maps

Price: $49/month Business, $95/month Enterprise (Free 7-day trial) 
Available on: Mac, PC, iOS, Android 
Most Useful for: Big and small fleets

Badger Maps is the best route planner for field sales. It’s the most downloaded multi-stop route planner app on the App Store, available for both iPhone and Android. It uses real-time traffic to plot the fastest route to your team’s sales meetings, giving you driving directions for multiple stops, and seamlessly integrates with many CRMs, removing unnecessary admin work for sales reps. 


Badger Maps is a powerful multi-stop route planner that provides highly useful, refined tools for field sales reps

They will get the fastest route to meetings using the built-in Optimize Route feature. It analyzes real-time traffic and distances to give reps the most efficient route possible, and provides turn-by-turn directions with your favorite GPS.  

To target specific customers, users can either choose from their accounts, or use the Lasso tool. Lasso allows users to draw a line around select pins on a map, quickly building routes around their best opportunities.

Badger Maps the Highest Ranked App in the B2B Sales Mapping Apps Category


Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

Badger Maps is the Leading High-Performer in Field Sales

Badger Maps, multi-stop route planner app - lasso tool

Color Filters present customers and prospects as colored pins on the map, according to criteria set by you, such as Days Since Last Check InSales YTD, or any custom filter of your choice. 

Tools for the Road

Reps can add or remove stops on-the-fly, perfect for lunch breaks, gas-ups and unexpected cancelations. Their routes will stay streamlined, in order, and optimized for efficiency.  With the Places feature, reps can find new leads by plugging keywords relevant to their industry into the search bar. This reveals local listings as pins on the map, which reps can then select, add them to their route, or add them to their accounts for later.

Badger Maps route filters - route by priority

Badger also has an in-app calendar. Reps can upload existing appointments and add new ones on-the-go to make sure they’re always on time for their meetings.

When their most time-consuming tasks are automated, reps can focus on what matters the most - Selling. 

Badger Maps also syncs seamlessly with multiple CRMs, keeping all your important customer information in one place. 

Check-Ins record field data in real time, allowing sales managers to see the data they need to improve accountability, and create strategies that boost sales.

Sales ops and managers will also love how easy onboarding is when pre-existing routes and customer data is stored conveniently under Accounts


Badger Maps is the best route planner for sales teams, with the selling capabilities of a prospecting tool, and a CRM. 

With optimized routes and seamless planning, Badger reduces sales reps’ average drive times by 20%, freeing up an average of 8 hours a week. Teams also report an average of 10 additional meetings per week, made possible by their newly found free time. 

Brad Moxley, Business Development Manager at Cutter & Buck, reported that, “After getting Badger Maps, weekly meetings per rep jumped from 12 to 20. This led to a 22% increase in annual revenue.” And this isn’t the only success story, in fact, sales teams regularly sell 20-25% more with Badger Maps. 

“Each rep is seeing at least 2 more accounts and finding 2 more prospecting opportunities per day,” according to Brandon Arsenault of Kerr. The ability to find new leads on the road encourages reps to prospect in their free time. 

Badger starts at $49/month per user for the Business plan, and $95/month per user for the Enterprise plan, aimed at larger companies requiring additional features and more personal technical support. 

Badger Maps allows sales teams to be in front of the right prospects at the right time. Head here to start your free trial today.

2. RouteSavvy

Price: $300/year for up to 3 users, $100/user/year for additional users (Free 14-day trial)
Available on: iOS, Android 
Most useful for: Small to mid-sized fleets

RouteSavvy delivery route optimization app - Features

RouteSavvy is a multi-stop delivery route planner. The software is geared more towards delivery drivers than sales reps, but it does list “Individual Professionals” as some of their existing customers. Their ideal customers are small to medium-sized businesses with delivery fleets. 

On their website they offer a huge list of industries that may benefit from their services, including Dog Walking, Law Enforcement, Airport Shuttles and even Septic Tank Cleaning. 


RouteSavvy’s features allow drivers to plug in multiple addresses, organize them, and generate efficient routes for their service calls, pick-ups, and deliveries. 

They do this in one of two ways: roundtrip, or start-to-finish routes, depending on what works best for your business’ needs. It can also show multiple routes on the screen at the same time, allowing managers and drivers to visualize their territory. 

Another useful feature for drivers is turn-by-turn navigation, available on their mobile device through the app, or downloaded and printed as directions, if preferred. 

If you’re a manager looking for a multi-stop delivery route planner to track your fleet, RouteSavvy also features a new GPS tracking system at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware tracking systems. This allows management to track driver’s progress based on their cell phone’s location (which can be turned off during off-hours). 

Information can be tracked, stored, and exported to Microsoft Excel for record keeping. 


Testimonials on their site claim massive reductions in route planning, drive time, and expenditures for delivery fleets. RouteSavvy claims big savings on gasoline and labor costs, and big improvements in profitability with an immediate impact on ROI. 

RouteSavvy highlights it’s affordability over other more traditional delivery route planners in the industry. RouteSavvy comes in at $300/year for teams of 3, equaling just $8 per person. For teams larger than 3, the price increases at an additional $100 per user. But if you’re a small to medium-sized businesses looking for a multi-stop delivery route planner, this is a good option!

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3. MapQuest

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android
Most useful for: Simple routing, business location

MapQuest free driving directions - Features

Sometimes the best option is the one that started it all. MapQuest has been one of the most reliable and popular mapping resources since 1996. Free software made for users of all skill levels, you can never go wrong with using MapQuest for your more simple mapping needs.

As the first commercial web mapping service, MapQuest changed the ways in which a map could be used in both personal and professional travel. It was a pioneer in the industry and helped create the blueprint for all other mapping softwares that followed it. 

For simple driving directions MapQuest can’t be beaten.


A mapping tool known for its simplicity, MapQuest can be used to create routes as well as locate destinations such as gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Some other features of MapQuest include point-of-interest search, voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic updates, and even hotel booking options.

These days MapQuest’s features are all standard, as they originated the concept of online maps. They’ve stuck relatively close to the original concept, and as such they have not quite evolved with the market as many would expect.

The fact that it’s free, however, makes using its mapping software well worth it if it works for your purposes.


Times have changed — but MapQuest hasn’t changed much with them.

When using MapQuest for multiple stops, you can encounter some problems, as it’s limited in the number of stops that can be plugged in for routes. Delivery drivers might find plotting multiple stops to be a frustrating process, as MapQuest is not designed to be used by outside salespeople or delivery services.

If your company is working with a limited budget, MapQuest could be used for more simple route planning. But for those working with a larger, more complicated operation, it might not be a feasible option.

However, if what you need is a free, easy-to-use delivery route mapper for simple jobs, using the MapQuest route planner is an option that could be a great fit for the routing demands of your business.

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4. Speedy Route

Price: $10/day or $50/month
Available on: Website
Most useful for: Delivery, timeboxing, simple interface

Speedy Route delivery route optimization app - Features

Speedy Route is one of the great routing programs for delivery, designed specifically for delivery drivers and sales people on the road. Featuring a relatively simple interface, Speedy Route is a great resource for those who like their route planners without the distracting bells and whistles.


Speedy Route re-orders any destinations entered by its users into the most efficient order, optimizing the route quickly and easily. Based in Europe but used globally, Speedy Route is a dependable and popular app featuring a clean user interface that is easy to learn and use.

Useful features such as timeboxing also help to ensure you reach important destinations by pre-set times, and drag & drop location re-ordering gives you control over your route, allowing you to design the best route for your needs.

To top it all off, Speedy Route is free if you’re only plugging in 10 stops or less. Any more stops than that requires a paid subscription, which is relatively affordable.


Aesthetically, Speedy Route’s interface comes across as a bit dated compared to other more modern, visually dynamic apps. It’s also only available to use on the Speedy Route website, which can create limitations in regards to mobility and accessibility compared to route planner apps on a phone or device.

If you can look past the visual limitations, Speedy Route’s features are as helpful as any other route planner in getting delivery drivers where they need to be in a quick and responsible manner. 

In fact, those who are more comfortable working with traditional maps enjoy Speedy Route’s simpler, gimmick-free approach to mapping. 

Sometimes, the simpler the route planner is, the better it is for certain users. Spend less time learning how your route planner works, and spend more time actually using it. 

With Speedy Route, you can forgo the distracting visual flair of other modern multi-stop route planners to focus more on getting your deliveries to their destinations on time and in a safe manner.

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5. OptimoRoute

Price: Starts at $17.10 per driver (Free 30 day trial)
Available on: iOS, Android
Most useful for: Businesses, mobile workforces

Optimo Route - Alternatives and Features

OptimoRoute describes its mission as “Organizing the mobile workforce.” It is an efficient route planner servicing many industries, from outbound logistics for small to large sized delivery fleets, to field sales, to waste collection. Their website lists many other industries who could benefit from their service. 

Like other multi-stop route planners on this list, OptimoRoute’s primary function is planning and optimizing routes via software, accessible via smartphone, tablet, and computer. 


OptimoRoute’s website boasts 50+ features on one app. 

They offer tracking and ETA of deliveries by calculating the progress of completions and local traffic. You can also send customers personal messages regarding delivery times to keep them up to date. 

Routes can be changed on-the-fly and updated automatically to account for last minute deliveries, cancelled deliveries, and sick drivers. 

OptimoRoute allows users to plan routes for multiple days, weeks in advance. This is particularly important for long haul drivers covering huge distances, who want to wake up and pick up where they left off. 

Route optimization accounts for drivers’ allowed working hours to prevent overtime and unnecessary costs. 

Vehicle Specifics keeps tracks of a vehicles capacity and features, like refrigeration and onramps, to ensure the right truck for the right delivery. 

Management will appreciate data recorded automatically from the field. It allows leaders to identify both high and low performing members, and make adjustments as necessary. 

Breadcrumbs compares planned routes to actual routes driven. Team leaders can uncover deviations that may need to be addressed for performance issues. 

Unique to OptimoRoute is a feature called Workload Balance. It analyzes drivers existing working hours, or workload, and distributes new orders accordingly. Workload Balance can also distribute orders based solely on the number of drivers necessary, or by equal distribution across the entire fleet. 


OptimoRoute’s customers report large reductions in mileage, and increased delivery capacity. Others claim decreases in planning time, with improvements in both efficiency and business growth. 

OptimoRoute’s features are certainly specific to delivery drivers and their customer testimonials are entirely from the logistics and field service industries.  So if you are looking for a multi-stop delivery route planner for your fleet, OptimoRoute might have the industry specific focus you’re looking for.

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Drive 20% Less. Sell 20% More.

6. OnFleet

Price: Starts at $149/month (Free 14-day trial)
Available on: iOS, Android
Most useful for: Fleet management

OnFleet delivery app - Features

If your company specializes in delivering goods for industries such as food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, or pharmacy, OnFleet is another solid option for your route optimization needs.


OnFleet is an end-to-end route planning, dispatch, communication and analytics platform tailor-made for fleet management. It is designed to handle the complicated logistics of overseeing a fleet’s operations, and does so with a clean, professional user interface.

Using its integrated route optimization engine, routes are generated taking real-time traffic incidents into account. Updates can also be sent to drivers instantly, making last-minute route changes seamless.

Their auto-dispatch features also allow for reductions in both service time and labor costs by ensuring that the right drivers get the right instructions at the right time.

It also features a good onboarding experience, making adopting OnFleet quick and easy for your whole team. Plus, it integrates with Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.

To top it all off, it has an impressive proof of delivery system, where managers can be reassured each delivery has reached its destination via photographs, barcodes, notes, or signatures.


Companies that depend on OnFleet for orchestrating their deliveries are satisfied with their delivery capacity, finding that this multi-stop route planner fits the bill for many of their fleet needs.

Their on-time rates and customer satisfaction have improved across the board. With OnFleet, it’s easier to keep things organized and ensure that a delivery ends up where it’s supposed to be on time.

Some drawbacks to OnFleet are that it may prove a bit expensive for smaller companies, as it is targeted to handle large operations. While some of these bigger companies are able to afford OnFleet, companies that are growing might see its price tag and decide to look elsewhere.

If your company needs a top-notch route planner for their continued success, and has the budget to match these needs, OnFleet is a great solution.

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7. Circuit

Price: Starts at $19.99/month (Free 7-day trial)
Available on: iOS, Android
Most useful for: Courier companies, retail businesses

 Circuit route planner courier app - Features

Circuit is another multi-stop delivery route planner, and has some of the top clients in the delivery industry like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Amazon. They claim to have 6,000 drivers, and 3 million deliveries a month.


Like other apps on this list, they offer optimized routes, however Circuit also predicts traffic flows, and continues to automatically optimize routes throughout the day-a very useful feature for delivery drivers. It also creates accurate ETAs based on a driver’s history, taking into consideration previous deliveries and drive times. 

Users can label stops and pickups as a priority, or as time sensitive, to keep deliveries on time, customers satisfied, and managers happy. 

Managers can track their drivers throughout the day using the real-time tracking feature. It doesn’t use GPS tracking, but will still allow managers to keep tabs on their drivers based on where they’ve been. They can also view multiple driver’s at the same time. 

Manifest, route order, instructions, and navigation are all available on the app, eliminating the need for additional tools. And while it doesn’t offer turn-by-turn directions, it does sync with multiple GPS platforms, including Google Maps, Waze, and others. 

Circuit’s API is also surprisingly hip, and user friendly. While the aesthetic may go unnoticed by most users, they certainly won’t mind the simple layout, clean lines, and soft colors. 


Circuit doesn’t share any customer stories on their website, but they do claim a universal reduction of an hour in driving time for their users. They also suggest setup requires meer minutes, and promise hours of saved time down the road. 

Basic Circuit starts at $20/month per driver, which includes unified billing, route optimization and unlimited stops. Management will probably prefer their Dispatch version, at $60/month per driver, but features live tracking, parcel distribution, and the desktop app, in addition to the Basic features. 

If your delivery company can get by with a basic, easy-to-use multi-stop delivery route planner app, Circuit might be a great choice-and won’t break the bank.

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8. BatchGeo

Price: $99/month
Available on: iOS, Android
Most useful for: Sales mapping, geographic data analysis

BatchGeo multi route - Free Alternatives and Features

BatchGeo is a mapping software than can be used as a multi-stop route planner for a variety of industries. 

Unlike the other apps on this list, BatchGeo doesn’t offer industry-specific tools, or route optimization. It’s strength lies in the ability to plot routes around many coordinates from any spreadsheet, easily uploaded via it’s website. The end result is a static digital map, very similar to a physical map, but available through your tablet or smartphone. 


While BatchGeo doesn’t provide turn-by-turn directions, it will work with an existing GPS on your smartphone to track your location. If your phone or tablet loses service, it will still make an accurate guess as to your exact location. 

 It allows users to filter stops based on data uploaded as additional fields in the spreadsheet. This can be valuable to delivery drivers, or independent services who want to build routes based on specific priorities. 

Maps can be emailed to anyone, meaning managers can dispatch routes from home base, and drivers can share routes between themselves. The process isn’t as convenient as many of the other apps on this list, but the capability is there nonetheless. Users can also create multiple maps and store them on their device for future use. 

Along with filters, BatchGeo offers different colored markers to provide a visual cue for different stops or territories. Clicking or tapping on the marker reveals data about the stop, such as sales figures, delivery information, or any other data relevant to the industry. 

Intelligent clusters are another useful graphic for at-a-glance data analysis. These clusters present data as a pie chart over locations on a map, giving managers a snapshot of figures in various territories. 


BatchGeo does not provide customer case studies or success stories on their website. 

The BatchGeo app is certainly not the most feature heavy tool on this list. As a multi-stop route planner, it can be used by many industries, but it lacks the optimization, turn-by-turn directions, local traffic analysis, and all around flexibility that most professionals desire. 

Its main advantage is its cost. Basic BatchGeo is free. But the basic version won’t provide much more than a traditional physical map would. To upgrade to BatchGeo Pro will cost users $99/month, and while it comes with more features, it also costs nearly twice as much as most of the alternative apps to BatchGeo on this list. 

BatchGeo is best suited for businesses or individuals who need a colorful, informative map for their website or project. It can provide useful static infographics for free, but for industries such as field sales, delivery services, and logistics, other solutions will likely be more functional than any route planner for multiple stops that's free online. 

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9. My Route Online

Price: Starts at $29.95
Available on: Website
Most useful for: Logistics, trucking

 My Route Online planner for logistics - Features

Dependable and featuring a simple user interface, MyRoute is a great option for truck drivers in need of a basic all-in-one solution for their multi-stop route planner needs. One of the most popular tools in professional transportation, MyRoute has been used to plan over 5 million routes.


Tailored to serve truck drivers and delivery people who need a route planner that can plug in multiple stops, MyRoute helps with the everyday logistics of delivering and selling on the road.

MyRoute allows users to map upwards of 350 stops per route, optimizing routes either by distance or by time. By allowing for so many stops, MyRoute is the go-to route planner for those who have a lengthy list of customers and destinations along their routes.

Upon exporting a list of addresses to the user’s GPS system or mobile device of choice, there’s no longer any need to worry about juggling multiple stops — all of their destinations are laid out in the most efficient order.


MyRoute is a valuable resource for truck drivers and delivery people looking to save time along their routes without paying much for the service.

There are limitations to MyRoute, however. It is entirely web-based, meaning there is no app to use on your phone or device of choice. This makes MyRoute not quite as mobile-friendly as is often required by the job, and can result in some issues with accessibility.

Some may also find the interface a bit too simple and old-fashioned, as it does not compare visually to some of the newer route planner apps that are more dynamic and advanced for the modern trucking professional.

Their customers remain happy, however, and this proves that MyRoute is a great option for truck drivers who embrace its simplicity and appreciate it’s reliability

For truckers and delivery people who are looking for an easy platform with which to plan their routes, MyRoute is a fantastic choice.

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10. Routific

Routific multi stop free route planner - Alternatives and Features

Routific is another multi-stop delivery route planner app. 

It specializes in planning and optimizing routes for delivery drivers. It definitely doesn’t have the features key to a sales team, but if you have a courier or delivery fleet, this is an alternative to RouteSavvy. 

Routific reduces clutter for your fleet by doing away with multiple tools like a GPS, physical map, and planner. 


It has an easy-to-use API, and features beyond planning and optimization designed specifically for delivery teams. Management can download routes prior to dispatch, or send them directly to driver’s phones via their app while on-the-go. 

It has a notification feature that allows drivers to inform customers of the ETA, or completion of their delivery. They can even provide a custom message for their customers regarding their drop-off. 

Management will find the driver tracking feature very useful. It tracks drivers on a map based on their completions. It doesn’t track their physical location via GPS, but it does provide ETAs for future stops. It also allows management to view and track multiple 

 at once on the same map, with a corresponding bar graph to provide an accurate view of both the territory and estimated route completion. 

Every delivery service needs a signature capture for proof of delivery. Routific has one built in to the app to improve accountability. 

If traffic gets heavy, or stops change unexpectedly, you can change driver’s routes on-the-fly, optimize them for efficiency, and dispatch the route from home base. Data is captured within the app such as missed deliveries and completions. This gives team leaders the information they need to create more successful routes over time. 

One of the best things about Routific’s route optimization is that it accounts for factors specific to delivery fleets, like time windows, vehicle capacities, delivery types, driver speeds, priority stops, driver shift times and driver breaks. More accurate optimization means more accurate ETAs, completions, and happier drivers. 


Routific’s customers boast results like significant drops in net operating costs and driving times, precise delivery windows, and lowered fuel expenditures. 

As for pricing, Routific starts at $39/month per vehicle for their Essentials service, or $59/month per vehicle for their Professional service with added features. They also offer a Premium service for teams who require custom support and additional features. That service requires a custom quote from one of Routific’s sales reps. 

As far as a multiple route planner for delivery goes, it’s a step above RouteSavvy with regards to features and overall API aesthetic. If your delivery or courier service requires some of these more plush features, Routific is a great option!

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The best multi-stop planner app depends on the unique characteristics of your team and what you want to accomplish. The apps above have features that naturally cater to specific industries. Hopefully this list will help you find the app that’s perfect for you. 


Can Google Maps do multiple stops?

You can route up to 10 stops at a time with Google Maps. There are workarounds that allow you to plug in more stops, but many find it easier to use a different multi-stop route planner that is better suited to their needs, such as Badger Maps or OnFleet.

What is the best route for multiple destinations?

The answer depends on the types of routes you need to plan. There are many factors to consider, including route optimization, user interface, and features that solve specific problems that you experience along your routes. For field sales, Badger Maps is your best bet.

Can I add more than 10 destinations on Google Maps?

Google Maps is designed to only have 10 or fewer destinations along each route. There are workarounds to this, but if you need more than 10 stops within your routes, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere to find route planner apps more specific to your needs.

What is the best route planner app?

It depends on what features matter most to you in a route planner app — it could be visualization features, ability to keep customer information handy at all times, and check-in and follow-up enablement. For sales professionals on the road, the best all-in-one tool route planner is Badger Maps.

How do I map out multiple stops?

The best way to map out multiple stops is to use the right multi-stop route planner. There are many different route planners out there, each of them offering different features that can prove helpful, depending on your needs. Here are some options for you to consider.

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