A Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Sales Productivity


A Morning Routine Made Just for You

What makes successful people — pro athletes, business moguls, political figures — successful? Success is swearing by a morning routine to start the day. It makes you think about your goals and what you want to accomplish and lets you focus on what’s most important.

While successful people take pride in their sometimes absurd morning routines, like running in a pool, or eating exactly 3 and a quarter piece of whole wheat bread, a morning routine only needs to be consistent to be successful. If your morning routine helps you feel more productive and on track, then you’re doing it right.

There are so many types of morning routines because every person has a different goal they want to accomplish in a day. As a sales rep, you need to have the mental endurance and energy throughout your day, along with organization and focus. Here's a guide to plan your morning routine, so you can focus on your sales productivity.

Your Morning Starts the Night Before

Starting a morning right means being able to wake up without feeling like there are a million things you have to do. Before you sleep, prepare yourself for the next day. Lay out your clothes, prepare your meals, make sure you know where your keys are. By doing this, you’ll know you can save time in the morning and this can help you relax for the night. You’ll be able to sleep soundly, knowing you won't wake up overwhelmed.

Wake up After the First Alarm (Don’t hit That snooze)

The snooze button is your worst enemy. Waking up to the first alarm encourages your brain to feel on top of your day so you don’t feel like you’re falling behind.

Especially for a busy sales day, a happy mindset will lead to more success. Being able to have a brighter affirmative feeling leads to confidence and, as every sales rep knows, confidence sells.

The grumpy morning blues are easily curable. It’s going to be painful, especially the first few times, to wake up after the first alarm. It's particularly tough when you’re used to taking those extra 10 minutes of sleep every day, but you can change this pattern of snoozing.

Being up and awake sooner motivates you to get started with the day even faster. Just remember, being ready to go and moving throughout your morning will help you move through your day


Exercise and meditation both increase your energy and improve your focus for the day. Exercise allows your blood to start flowing and wakes up your whole body, so you won’t feel sluggish. Meditation helps you prepare and focus on your day, allowing you to channel your energy and use it accordingly.

These two habits are more important than people think. The combination can help wake your body up and give you the focus if you want for a 9-5 workday. Even a 5-minute aerobic exercise can wake your body up and help your endurance.

And don’t forget to breathe. You can be productive in these pre-work hours if you let yourself relax and take in the day slowly. Don’t let stress take over just yet.


Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they say that for a reason.

It’s important to note that breakfast isn’t a cup of coffee and an orange on your way out the door, either.

We’re not saying you need elaborate handmade pancakes, fresh hash browns, and a bowl of imported tropical fruit every morning. Unless, of course, you want and are able to. It can be as easy as two eggs and a piece of toast. With a hearty breakfast, you will be able to fuel up for the day without overeating. The more nutritious your breakfast, the better. Some tips to a good breakfast: carbs will boost your energy up momentarily, protein will keep your energy going, and fiber will keep you feeling full.

With a fulfilling breakfast, the day will start on the right foot. It’ll give you that boost of energy to launch you into the day.

Plan your Day

Your days can be so busy that they’re borderline chaotic. But a bad morning can lead to a bad day because it starts to feel like you're playing catch up with yourself.

Instead, take 5 minutes of your time, maybe on your commute or while you eat your breakfast, to plan out your day. Note the most important things you have to get done that day, and in what order. Make some of your goals for yourself as well. Maybe you want to take 2000 steps today. Maybe you want to bring lunch from home.

The key to planning out your day out is knowing what your top priorities are. Make these your goals, and turn your goals into step-by-step instructions to make them more feasible. Everything will be less overwhelming.

Being able to plan your day out will, like organizing your morning before you go to sleep, will make the day feel more approachable.

Listen to Podcasts

Finally, find a way to nurture your knowledge. No matter how experienced you are in your field, or how much wisdom you’ve attained over the years, it’s refreshing to hear different ideas and perspectives on a daily basis. Podcasts are a great way to keep learning while multitasking. While on your commute, or getting ready for the day, select a podcast that fits your mood.

Since there are millions of podcasts accessible all over the internet, the opportunities are endless. There are more than enough to match the mood you’re feeling or focus on the topic you want to explore. Motivational podcasts will help increase your mood for the day. News podcasts will expand your knowledge and give you an advantage over your peers.

There are even podcasts that are specifically for salespeople like you. Learn the best ways to close, how to increase sales productivity, or listen to a success story about closing a deal that was deemed impossible. Podcasts are great because they are hands-free and entertaining, the perfect way to start your day.

The key to a morning routine is being able to stick with it. It's getting into the habit of a morning routine --being able to go through it without feeling like you are dragging yourself around-- that makes it efficient and helpful. It may feel a little odd at first, but with persistence, it will improve. Once you get used to it, you’ll be increasing sales productivity and set up your whole day for success.

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