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7 Most Common Mistakes Made in Sales Pitches
Once upon a time, sales reps could get by using the same sales pitch on all prospects, no matter who they were and what industry they worked in. However, this practice is long forgotten in the era of personalization and customized approaches. Anyone utilizing the old approach will quickly realize that it doesn’t work anymore. But, the new process of pitching to clients leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes salespeople often make and tips on how to avoid them: 1. Trying to accomplish too much on the first meeting Revealing too much information on....
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How to Win Over Decision Makers at Hospitals
The job of a medical device salesperson is not an easy one. The products you sell are complex, you cover large territories and sales cycles can take forever due to elusive decision makers. Your job also requires always being up-to-date with the newest technological advances and maintaining deep knowledge of healthcare legislation. Hospitals are usually your main buyers. They’re also large, complex organizations where buying decisions involve several people in different roles, like physicians, financial analysts, or administrators. Interdepartmental decision-making helps hospitals save time and money in the long run. In the past, your job was to convince just the....
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Sell with Maximum Impact in the Least Time
Make every moment count To really crush it in sales, whether to close out the year on a high note or to consistently perform at your highest level every day, you have to make every moment count. The following is from Ernest Hemingway's classic book "For Whom The Bell Tolls:" “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.” I like to modify that to say “But what will happen in all other moments that ever come....
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6 Deadly Mistakes in Prospecting Emails
Prospecting emails can be very effective when done right and could lead to millions of dollars in your pipeline. However, the majority of sales prospecting emails sent remain unopened or unanswered. This happens because the salespeople give their prospects a bad first impression by making common email mistakes. In field sales, this will make-or-break your chances of getting a face-to-face meeting. Here are some of those mistakes and how to fix them. 1. Tricking People into Opening Your prospect is probably receiving over 50 emails a day from other salespeople. It's hard to stand out and capture their attention. This....
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How to Get More Facetime with Dentists
Dentists are bad prospects — they just don’t have the time to meet with sales reps between appointments. Your dentist has a tooth extraction, crown insertion, and cleaning to get done before lunch. He’s booked solid. But if you’re not meeting with dentists, then you’re not selling. As a dental rep, you need to be creative to get in front of your prospects. Each stage of the sales cycle is unique when it comes to dental sales. You have to initiate contact, qualify the lead, and present your offer all on a dentist’s schedule. Get Your Foot in the Dentist’s....
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