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5 Tips to Improve Sales and Increase Revenue
5 Tips to Improve Sales and Increase Revenue The sales world is very fluid, quick-paced, and dynamic. It’s a space where you’re likely to have, what feels like, endless competitors. That’s why it’s crucial for salespeople to continuously improve and hone their sales skills to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers and boost their sales. Whether you’re new in sales or you have the best sales numbers in your whole company, somebody will run you over if you remain stagnant on the path to success! Remember your ABC’s. Always Be Closing To master your ABC’s, you need to: 1. Understand your business's value 2. Know your....
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40 Motivational & Inspirational Sales Quotes with Backgrounds
40 Motivational & Inspirational Sales Quotes with Backgrounds In a sales slump? Need some sales motivation? Lucky for you we’ve compiled 40 inspirational sales quotes, and created some beautiful desktop and mobile wallpapers to help you stay on track and crush your quota! One of the hardest parts about accomplishing your sales goals is consistency. In sales, there can be very high highs and low lows.  However, it's important to maintain a level head and never lose sight of the motivation that got you to where you are in the first place. Sustaining a positive attitude during turbulent sales quarters can be the difference between a good career, and....
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First on the Scene: How Quick Action Improves Your Sales Success
First on the Scene: How Quick Action Improves Your Sales Success A guest blog by Diego Pineda, Senior Content Creator at CloudTask Have you noticed how Facebook “bribes” business pages owners to respond quickly to messages? They offer you a "Very Responsive to Messages badge” that will automatically appear on your Page if you have a response rate of 90% or more and response time of 15 minutes or less. Why do they do this? In their own words: “People appreciate when a business is available and responsive to their questions and product inquiries. The Very Responsive Badge indicates to anyone who comes to your Page that you have an established....
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The Truth Behind Your Buyers’ Expectations in B2B Sales
The Truth Behind Your Buyers’ Expectations in B2B Sales We know that B2B selling can be challenging especially with so many competitors with similar products. As competition gets tougher and products start to lose their unique attributes, you will need to come up with new sources of value for your buyers. Identifying the rational and emotional elements that impact a B2B sell is the first step to come up with a value added proposition. In this article you will find out what makes B2B sales different and why you should approach them in a different way than B2C. Additionally we’ll show you the categories where you can level-up your....
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How Top Salespeople Are Different
How Top Salespeople Are Different Salespeople are the game changers for any company. After all, they are the masterminds behind all the convincing that it takes to make sure the clients trust the company. What are those unique skills of a salesperson that allows them to do their magic? In this article, we’ll take a sneak-peak inside the sales arena to understand what it takes to own a successful selling style and strategy. Have a look at some of these traits which will give you a brief look inside the mind of top salespeople. 1. They Believe in The Brand’s Value Top salespeople genuinely believe....
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