Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour
Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour What drives you to succeed? Badger's mission has always been to help outside sales reps become more successful.  Before starting Badger, our CEO Steve was an outside sales rep for Google,  He was the top performing sales rep for two years in a row. His sales performance would skyrocket when he took the time to efficiently plan his day, but the last thing a salesperson has is spare time. There was nothing built to handle the specific challenges of outside sales. So Steve left Google to start Badger Maps, and help outside sales reps everywhere sell more in less time....
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Training Tuesdays: How to Deliver a Successful Sales Pitch
Training Tuesdays: How to Deliver a Successful Sales Pitch Part 1: How to Get in the Right Headspace The first thing that we're going to cover is getting yourself in the right headspace to give a really great demo. The right mindset for selling is that you’re not selling. You're communicating the value of your product to your buyer. you should really believe it’s going to help them and make their lives better. If you approach your demo from that headspace, it'll go a lot better and come across much more authentically. Imagine yourself going on the best vacation in the world – maybe it was a trip to....
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5 Powerful Strategies for Managing a Remote Sales Team
You want your sales team to crush their quotas. The problem is, you have a remote sales team scattered around the country or even the globe. And let’s face it. Managing a remote team isn’t a piece of cake. Communication isn’t that simple, and misunderstandings are common. When problems arise, you can’t just walk across the hall to resolve it face-to-face. And how will your sales team close enough deals if they don’t trust each other enough to collaborate seamlessly? What’s more? Working from home can lead to a feeling of being isolated and disengagement from the team. That’s really....
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5 Apps That Make You a Smarter Sales Rep
5 Apps That Make You a Smarter Sales Rep Successful sales reps are always learning, and they can’t afford to slow down. At the same time, it’s tough to balance your education with a busy schedule. Between hours on the road and in sales meetings, you don’t have much time left to devote to reading, studying, and researching. Luckily, there are mobile apps that can make you a better sales rep in minutes. The Best Educational Apps for Salespeople Blinkist Blinkist is a time-saving eReader that summarizes bestselling non-fiction books. This means you can finally get around to reading those sales training books you borrowed from your manager --....
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The Science of Persuasion
The Science of Persuasion Applying Cialdini’s Persuasion Tactics to Sales. Have you ever wondered if there was a way to easily reduce the number of rejections you get every day? Is there really a way you can increase your close rate? Well, you’re not the only one with these questions. Persuasion tactics are useful, especially if you haven't had a lot of luck with your sales deals. It’s a skill that is extremely important in sales strategy which involves connecting with core human needs. Every salesperson is familiar with rejection. And even if you’re doing really well with your sales quota, it never....
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