The Truth Behind Your Buyers’ Expectations in B2B Sales
The Truth Behind Your Buyers’ Expectations in B2B Sales We know that B2B selling can be challenging especially with so many competitors with similar products. As competition gets tougher and products start to lose their unique attributes, you will need to come up with new sources of value for your buyers. Identifying the rational and emotional elements that impact a B2B sell is the first step to come up with a value added proposition. In this article you will find out what makes B2B sales different and why you should approach them in a different way than B2C. Additionally we’ll show you the categories where you can level-up your....
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How Top Salespeople Are Different
How Top Salespeople Are Different Salespeople are the game changers for any company. After all, they are the masterminds behind all the convincing that it takes to make sure the clients trust the company. What are those unique skills of a salesperson that allows them to do their magic? In this article, we’ll take a sneak-peak inside the sales arena to understand what it takes to own a successful selling style and strategy. Have a look at some of these traits which will give you a brief look inside the mind of top salespeople. 1. They Believe in The Brand’s Value Top salespeople genuinely believe....
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5 Sales Industry Titans and How to be Like Them
5 Sales Industry Titans and How to be Like Them Atop the “Mount Rushmore” of Industry Titans, sit some pretty recognizable names. Warren Buffet, Howard Schultz, Mark Cuban, William Weldon, and Anne Mulcahy. What you should know about these industry giants is that they all started in sales. You shouldn't study these people just because they’re successful, you should study them because they, like you, started in sales. The path they paved on the way to success started from the same place you are right now. Here’s what you can learn from their early career:
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7 Ways to Increase Sales Rep Efficiency
7 Ways to Increase Sales Rep Efficiency A guest blog by Diego Pineda, Senior Content Creator at CloudTask When the US Armed Forces have a critical mission, they deploy a team of Navy SEALs - the ultimate standard of efficiency and productivity. The SEALs are physically and mentally strong, but above all, they are productive and efficient, coming in and out of combat zones very quickly, while fulfilling their mission. Just like the typical outside sales team, right? Not even close. The average outside sales rep only spends 36% of their time actively selling (cold calling, following up, visiting, making presentations, etc.). A whopping 64% of a....
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8 Tips for an Outstanding Outside Sales Resume
8 Tips for an Outstanding Outside Sales Resume When you are looking for an outside sales position, it’s important to make sure that your resume is tailored to the specific job you are applying for. You don’t want to give out cookie cutter resumes that look like you only spent ten minutes writing them. You need your resume to stand out and catch your future employer’s eye. When you’re ready to revisit your resume and take it to the next level, follow these eight tips for an outstanding outside sales resume. 1. Highlight Your Skills Before you even begin thinking about your resume, take the time to list....
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