4 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales
In any company, the sales and marketing teams are the most important players when it comes to getting more customers and closing more deals. So, it’s important to ensure both teams can work together to successfully push customers through the sales funnel. However, the sad reality is that many marketing and sales teams fail to maintain a healthy relationship and often have communication problems. And guess what? This doesn’t benefit anyone. So what’s the solution?  Companies need to bridge the gap between their marketing and sales teams. Good communication between these two entities will help create a powerful brand and....
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Strategies To Make Your Sales Team Meetings More Productive
Strategies To Make Your Sales Team Meetings More Productive Sales meetings are extremely important for every business, regardless of the industry.  In these meetings, the sales department finds ways to improve its operations to reach the company’s goals. Managers generally use these meetings to ensure that the whole team is on the same page and that reps have all the tools they need to reach their quota.  However, sales team meetings often lack direction and purpose. They are usually scheduled at bad times and take too much time away from what sales reps should be focusing on - finding new prospects, meeting with clients and closing deals.  Therefore, it is....
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How Sales Can Increase Customer Satisfaction
About the author: Ceci Amador - Managing Editor of Allwork.Space and Content Specialist at - is based from wherever her laptop is. She enjoys traveling and visiting new flexible workspaces. If you'd like Ceci to check out your workspace, feel free to reach out to her (and send a plane ticket).
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5 Tips to Become a (More) Successful Salesperson
5 Tips to Become a (More) Successful Salesperson One of the most important aspects of sales is the buyer's confidence in the seller. If a potential client doesn't trust you, how can they trust what you are selling?  A trustworthy salesperson stays top of mind with customers and is the first person prospects go to for a solution. If you’re wondering how to become that type of salesperson, these 5 tips are for you!  1. Listen to Empathize  A vital skill for any salesperson is knowing how to listen to empathize, not listen just to sell.  People are naturally cautious and don’t like to feel that they are....
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How To Save a Deal When Negotiations Break Down
How To Save a Deal When Negotiations Break Down Negotiations are always a high-stakes, high-pressure period for salespeople and prospects who both have serious skin in the game.  Each team involved may have their own conflicting agendas. As a result, it's unlikely that every person at the bargaining table will walk away with exactly what they wanted.   Negotiation breakdowns in sales can happen for a number of reasons, including poor communication, short tempers, and sudden changes in an established plan.  Here are some strategies to avoid losing deals when negotiations go sideways: Consider Integrative Bargaining Historically, most sales negotiations have taken place with reps and prospects both holding their....
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