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The Ultimate Sales Training Guide

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Sales training has a direct connection to profit. How? Revenue is the primary measure of your company’s success. Your revenue is directly related to your sales. Your sales team performs as well as they’re trained. If you want to drive results for your reps, team, and company – sales training is the most important investment you’ll make.

Companies in the U.S. feel the same way. They spend $20 billion a year training their sales reps.

The problem is that sales training is a broad and complex topic. This guide is designed to be your complete sales training resource. Inside, you’ll find information on sales training types, programs, strategies, and more.

Proper sales training reinvigorates your team and revenue. Study this guide to make your investment sales training as valuable as possible.

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How to Avoid the Sales Stress

Every minute of your day is booked. Every second is filled with stress. You snooze your alarm for the third time this morning only to realize you’re already late for work. You miss breakfast and  grab coffee on the way – only to spill it on your nice, clean shirt. 

You’re 35 minutes late to the office. Everyone you call gives you a hard time. You try your best to hook new leads, doing everything you can to keep the sale on the line, only to have that client wind up in the arms of your biggest competitor instead.

As the day drags on, only two things are on your mind – your quota and your family.

If you’re a salesperson, this probably sounds familiar, right?

Stress management is becoming increasingly important in the modern age, where sales has become much more  competitive.

This post will give you a foundation you can use to manage the stress you encounter day-today. For an in-depth guide, check out the Complete Guide on Stress Management Techniques for Salespeople!

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Starting a Career in Sales – The Gateway to Any Business Position

starting a career in sales leads to business success

You’re looking to jumpstart your career and you’ve settled on a path in business… Good for you! You’ve tapped into a progressive and rewarding field. However, you’re also faced with a broad range of positions. Starting a career in sales, marketing, PR… Where do you even begin? Fortunately, the business industry tends to operate from very humble beginnings. To excel in any department, you need to fully understand the fundamental process of your company – sales.

Whether you specialize in marketing, PR, or even entrepreneurship, everything sources back to sales. Sales may not be your initial interest, but you will perform much better in other departments after you’ve put in the time out in the field. Only when you fully appreciate the sales process do you truly understand all the integral aspects of business. Here are a few reasons why starting career in sales will benefit your corporate aspirations.

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10 Life Tips for Salespeople

The ABC’s of sales –  Always Be Closing.
Easier said than done. Here are some life tips for salespeople that will make you kick ass!
Simple things, great impact.

life tips for salespeople

1. Stop Selling!

Communicate value first. Don’t think of selling. Customers like people who bring value to their lives and dislike those who only care about getting a sale out of them.  Look for ways to improve your customer’s life. Act as a mentor with great expertise in your field of operation. If you are the point of contact for potential customers they will also trust your judgement and solutions to their problems. Remember that people buy you first, and then your products. Therefore, always be genuine! Authenticity makes it easier to gain people’s trust.

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How to Sell to Millennials

We’re not so different, you and I…except, like, I’ve never functioned without a smartphone…      

Millennial Consumer wooden tiles- On how to sell to millennials

Millennials are a confusing bunch of people and learning how to sell to millennials can be even more confusing. Understanding their likes and dislikes, what they do and don’t buy, how they make business decisions, or life decisions in general, can be really hard. Like, harder than coming up with some witty comparison about how difficult millennials are to deal with without falling into any cheap overused clichés like “harder than trying to catch smoke with your bare hands”. How do I know this you may ask?

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Common Sales Mistakes You Should Fix Now

There are a lot of things that you can be doing wrong in sales. Common sales mistakes involve some of the following notions: Are you being too aggressive? Do you feel that you’re being overly friendly? Are you asking enough questions? Are you asking too many questions? These are all very important things to ask yourself, however, there are deeper rooted mistakes that could be affecting your sales game.


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Door to Door Sales: Top 5 Strategies

door to door sales

Nowadays it’s very common to think of door to door sales as a dead technique. New generations don’t even know it actually exists. But what people don’t realize is that knocking on doors is actually the best training you can have in sales. It’s a tough activity, but it’ll teach you the best lessons to be successful in sales. Also, right now the majority of the marketing is done by e-mail, radio, and television; that’s why real human contact is sometimes more effective!

Since people do not welcome strangers into their space with the most open mind – can you blame them? –  it can be difficult to boost sales without qualified strategies.

So, if your knuckles are hurting, you might find this post really useful!

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How to Improve Sales Productivity

How to improve sales productivity for busy sales reps

Time management is a key component to any successful sales strategy. A business’ primary objective is focusing on how to improve sales productivity to maximize revenue. But this can be a real challenge, especially for field sales reps, who only have so many hours in a day to touch base with existing customers while also pursuing potential leads. So how can you effectively juggle all of your responsibilities?

Fortunately, there are many tools at a sales rep’s disposal to boost their productivity. By streamlining your goals, you provide a roadmap of your objectives. Then you can begin to craft a more efficient schedule that incorporates all of your most demanding tasks for the day. But even that can seem daunting to most. That’s where sales tools and programs such as CRM’s and route planning apps allow you to organize your spreadsheets and consistently track your rate of productivity. With this data, you can minimize your time wasted on administrative business and focus your time on the actual sales.

Sales reps and managers alike can utilize these tips to highlight how to improve sales produtivity and boost revenue rates.

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The Greatest, Number One, Worst of All Time, Failure of Sales Management (Podcast Recap) with SLMA Radio

Badger Maps CEO, Steve Benson talks with Jim Obermayer, of SLMA Radio, about his thoughts on what is the number one mistake a sales manager can make. He goes over the importance of communication and the sharing of information and making use of feedback.


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10 Sales Tips for Cold Calling

Man on telephone using Tips for Cold CallingAs a salesperson, you know a thing or two about talking to people on the phone, effective communication and forming relationships. However, one aspect of sales that even the best salespeople fear is the dreaded Cold Calls. Use the following 10 Tips for Cold Calling to help guide you through thoughtfully preparing your pitch and making effective cold calls a part of your daily routine.

Cold Calling is the solicitation of business from potential customers who have had no prior contact with the salesperson conducting the call. Picking up the phone and making these calls can be scary. This is not only because you’ve had no prior interaction with these people and you don’t know what to expect, but also because cold calls aren’t always received with the most open of minds.

While sometimes a stressful process, cold calling is an essential part of growing your business and improving your outreach. What you’re trying to do is:

  • introduce yourself and your business to potential clients
  • communicate your product or service’s value to the person on the other end of the line.

So you might find useful these Tips for Cold Calling:

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