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The Field Sales Management Playbook
The Field Sales Management Playbook Managing a field sales team comes with its challenges. Sales reps are out in the field for the majority of the day which means that for you as a field sales manager, you need to exhibit strong leadership and management skills that your reps will respond to even when you are not in constant contact.  96% of those who responded to the 2021 Second Nature Sales Coaching Survey said that effective sales coaching makes a massive difference in the performance of sales reps in the field.  Field sales managers know that having a detailed playbook to guide them through their....
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7 Key Benefits of Mock Calls Exercises for Sales Representatives
7 Key Benefits of Mock Calls Exercises for Sales Representatives How well you navigate your customer interactions can make or break a sale.  When you communicate well with your customers, you convey the value of your products persuasively. You're able to address any customer concerns empathetically and build rapport.  The better you are at tailoring communication, the more likely you are to close the deal.  One way sales teams can help reps refine these skills is through mock call exercises. These are simulated sales calls that allow sales teams to practice, hone their skills, and learn how to navigate potential challenges.  Let’s explore the role of mock calls in sales....
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Route Planning Strategies to Improve your Field Teams Success
Route Planning Strategies to Improve your Field Teams Success Finding the quickest path from point A to B can be both a challenge and an inconvenience.  The average American driver spends on average 51 hours a year stuck in traffic, according to the latest report from INRIX.  Good route planning saves both time and money, a fact known by outside sales and field service teams that spend large chunks of their days traveling in their cars. In this article, we dive into strategies for optimal route planning, ensuring you are optimizing your resources on the road and achieving the efficiencies your business deserves.
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Why Sales Teams Shouldn't Overlook Video Prospecting
Why Sales Teams Shouldn't Overlook Video Prospecting The paradigm of sales prospecting is shifting. Partly, this is a response to the global pandemic that swept the world in 2020, but it’s also down to technological advancements.  Video prospecting—that is, using videos as part of the sales process—has taken off in recent years. This dynamic approach has gained traction among the most forward-thinking sales teams.  The versatility of video prospecting knows no bounds. You can use it to introduce yourself and your brand to prospects, nurture leads, and deliver product demos.  What’s even better is that it can be used on any of your existing sales channels. Whether....
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Build Trust Through Communication: The Sales Managers Guide
Build Trust Through Communication: The Sales Managers Guide Do your sales reps often seem disengaged during meetings and underperform on targets? As a sales leader, have you noticed a lack of trust as a growing issue hampering productivity? This lack of trust and engagement may stem from insufficient transparency and communication from leadership.  One study has shown that effective communication can lead to a 72% increase in productivity, a 63% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 60% increase in employee confidence. Having a sales communication strategy is key for managing sales teams. When sales managers share goals, context, metrics, and insights openly, they demonstrate respect which builds trust.  Let’s take....
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