How To Refer Badger Maps and Get $50

Badger has a referral program that rewards you for bringing more people into the Badger community.

You get $50, they get $50. It’s a win-win!

Want to give free Badger? If you refer Badger Maps to a fellow salesperson and they subscribed to a paid plan, we’ll send you a free $50 Amazon e-gift card. The person you send a referral to will also receive $50 in credit towards Badger Maps.

You just need to send your unique referral link to your colleagues, so when they sign up for Badger Maps, we’ll know that you referred them. You can send this referral link while your Badger Maps account is in a free trial, but you must be a paying customer in order for us to send you the e-gift card reward.

Here’s a 30-second video that shows how you can get your referral link:

You can also find a step-by-step process with screenshots of how to get your referral link here.

Terms and conditions

We’ll send you the e-gift card after the individual you referred purchases either: one (1) annual business or enterprise subscription, or three (3) months of the business plan or enterprise monthly plans. Unfortunately, we can’t offer referral rewards if you’re bringing additional users onto your own sales team or if you’re using a different email account to refer yourself.

The rewards will be credited either a month after the initial payment of eligible annual subscriptions or upon the fourth payment of eligible monthly subscriptions by the individual you’ve referred.

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