Personality Traits all Great Salespeople Have
Personality Traits all Great Salespeople Have Salespeople do more these days than just sell. They are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and some of the best conversationalists you’ll ever meet. With business changing from products to services, and with more complex selling strategies emerging, the sales profession has changed dramatically over just the past few years. All jobs and professions have unique tricks and tips that can lead to success. Knowledge and mastery of critical skills are what differentiates the best from just average. The difference between the best and just average in sales is all about communication. It’s important to remember that no two customers will....
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6 Ways Sales Representatives Can Stay Healthy on the Road
6 Ways Sales Representatives Can Stay Healthy on the Road Being a sales representative is an exciting career especially if you enjoy going to new places and meeting new people. However, being on the road so much potentially exposes you to many unhealthy habits that can be detrimental not only your work performance but your wellbeing. It takes discipline and mindfulness to avoid falling into an unhealthy lifestyle on the road. Here are 6 ways to protect yourself when faced with unhealthy foods and potential illness. 1. Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle Being on the road can lead to late nights and early mornings with not enough sleep. Sleep deprivation....
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How Top Salespeople Are Different
How Top Salespeople Are Different Salespeople are the game changers for any company. After all, they are the masterminds behind all the convincing that it takes to make sure the clients trust the company. What are those unique skills of a salesperson that allows them to do their magic? In this article, we’ll take a sneak-peak inside the sales arena to understand what it takes to own a successful selling style and strategy. Have a look at some of these traits which will give you a brief look inside the mind of top salespeople. 1. They Believe in The Brand’s Value Top salespeople genuinely believe....
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8 Tips for an Outstanding Outside Sales Resume
8 Tips for an Outstanding Outside Sales Resume When you are looking for an outside sales position, it’s important to make sure that your resume is tailored to the specific job you are applying for. You don’t want to give out cookie cutter resumes that look like you only spent ten minutes writing them. You need your resume to stand out and catch your future employer’s eye. When you’re ready to revisit your resume and take it to the next level, follow these eight tips for an outstanding outside sales resume. 1. Highlight Your Skills Before you even begin thinking about your resume, take the time to list....
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9 Outside Sales Interview Questions & Answers You Need to Know
9 Outside Sales Interview Questions & Answers You Need to Know If you’re looking applying for job in outside sales, there’s a lot of preparation to do before you step into your interview. Sales job interviews are among the hardest and you need a certain skill set to excel in outside sales. When you’re interviewing for a position in outside sales, you’re trying to sell yourself as an employee to the hiring manager - who was most likely also a salesperson. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you do research and understand what interview questions are really trying to ask. There are a few things you want to do before....
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