Inside the World of Medical Sales: A Sales Rep's Diary
Inside the World of Medical Sales: A Sales Rep's Diary The world of medical sales is filled with opportunities for outside sales reps. According to the latest statistics, in the United States, there are over 119,349 medical sales reps currently employed in the industry. Medical sales can involve a lot more than your traditional sales job. You have to understand critically important equipment, train medical professionals, and keep on top of regulatory requirements. All while attempting to amplify your sales pipeline.  In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of medical sales, giving you a sneak peek behind the curtain of how reps spend their days, interact....
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How to Dress in Sales
How to Dress in Sales Did you know that it takes approximately a tenth of a second to form an opinion of a stranger’s appearance? These judgments are swift and often challenging to reverse. The truth is that your professional image hinges on your sales attire. Since you only get one chance, wouldn’t you like to make that first impression count?  In this guide, we’ll explore the transformative power of a sales dress code. If you want your clothing to set the tone for success, read on to learn more!
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12 Tips for Working Remotely as a Sales Rep
12 Tips for Working Remotely as a Sales Rep Working in sales can be a lucrative career path, but learning to succeed is often an uphill battle. Working from home as a remote sales rep can be even more challenging as there are separate, complex issues that arise when working remotely. There are a few essential skills required for becoming a remote sales rep, and in this guide we will equip you with the knowledge you need to excel and smash your remote sales targets. We will also provide 12 expert tips that are tailored specifically to remote sales work.   So whether you are an independent contractor, a business....
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Starting a Career in Sales
Starting a Career in Sales Starting a career in sales is an exciting decision, but one that can also be daunting as you embark on a new direction in your life.  Sales is an exciting pathway because there are many different sales career possibilities, but whether you’re thinking of becoming an inside or outside sales rep or working in a specific industry like pharmaceuticals, car sales, or construction equipment, understanding the fundamental process of sales is key to success.  In this guide, we'll explore everything in the world of sales – from uncovering the typical sales career path to delving into its benefits, and resources....
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Top Reasons to Move from Inside to Outside Sales
Top Reasons to Move from Inside to Outside Sales Finding out which sales model is superior between outside and inside sales is one of the fiercest debates among sales managers and representatives. Well, there isn’t a clear-cut conclusion to this debate because either model has its strong points.  Companies that focus on the inside sales model benefit from its high velocity and volume sales. Those that focus on outside sales appeal better to high acquisition costs and annual account value (ACV) clients. Here are the main differences between inside and outside sales:
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