Running Away From Stress: How Exercise Can Help Outside Sales Reps Relax
Running Away From Stress: How Exercise Can Help Outside Sales Reps Relax Life as an outside sales representative is nonstop. From scheduling your daily meetings to physically getting yourself to their locations, you need to juggle a slew of responsibilities: who are you visiting today? What are they expecting? How can you deliver a pitch to their specific needs? You know that your job extends beyond traditional nine-to-five bounds and with how much extra energy you have to dedicate to managing your success, you might be struggling to find a healthy balance between work and home life. You’re not alone: an estimated 80% of working Americans feel stress due to their jobs....
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11 Essential Outside Sales Tools
11 Essential Outside Sales Tools Outside sales isn’t easy. You have to find customers and prepare for meetings. Book flights and find prospect’s offices on location. Your schedule tends to change at last minute. Presentations rarely go as planned. When you talk to a lead over email, you have all the time in the world to prepare an answer for a tricky question. Outside sales reps need to come up with an answer in seconds. And they have to sound charismatic and persuasive while they do it. No big deal, right? Thankfully, there’s no reason to go through your day empty-handed. High performing sales teams....
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The 26 Best Free Resources for Salespeople in 2019
The 26 Best Free Resources for Salespeople in 2019 Can you work in sales without any kind of training? Sure you can! With the right amount of charisma, influence and empathy it’s quite likely that you’ll land a sales job. However, can you succeed in sales without investing in yourself? The answer is NO. Most of the time, what separates an average salesperson from a top sales professional is the amount of time and effort they put into training themselves. Adding new skills to your repertoire is the key to standing out from the crowd and advancing your sales career. Some salespeople complain about the limited time they have to learn new skills....
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Sell with Maximum Impact in the Least Time
Sell with Maximum Impact in the Least Time Make every moment count To really crush it in sales, whether to close out the year on a high note or to consistently perform at your highest level every day, you have to make every moment count. The following is from Ernest Hemingway's classic book "For Whom The Bell Tolls:" “Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.” I like to modify that to say “But what will happen in all other moments that ever come....
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How to Get More Facetime with Dentists
How to Get More Facetime with Dentists Previous in this series: How to Break Into Medical Device Sales Dentists are tough prospects — they just don’t have the time to meet with sales reps between appointments. Your dentist has a tooth extraction, crown insertion, and cleaning to get done before lunch. He’s booked solid. But if you’re not meeting with dentists, then you’re not selling. As a dental rep, you need to be creative to get in front of your prospects. Each stage of the sales cycle is unique when it comes to dental sales. You have to initiate contact, qualify the lead, and present your offer all....
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