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5 Apps That Make You a Smarter Sales Rep

Apps for Smart Sales Reps

Successful sales reps are always learning, and they can’t afford to slow down. At the same time, it’s tough to balance your education with a busy schedule.


Between hours on the road and in sales meetings, you don’t have much time left to devote to reading, studying, and researching. Luckily, there are mobile apps that can make you a better sales rep in minutes.

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A Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Sales Productivity


A Morning Routine Made Just for You

What makes successful people — pro athletes, business moguls, political figures — successful? Success is swearing by a morning routine to start the day. It makes you think about your goals and what you want to accomplish and lets you focus on what’s most important.

While successful people take pride in their sometimes absurd morning routines, like running in a pool, or eating exactly 3 and a quarter piece of whole wheat bread, a morning routine only needs to be consistent to be successful. If your morning routine helps you feel more productive and on track, then you’re doing it right.

There are so many types of morning routines because every person has a different goal they want to accomplish in a day. As a sales rep, you need to have the mental endurance and energy throughout your day, along with organization and focus. Here’s a guide to plan your morning routine, so you can focus on your sales productivity. Continue reading “A Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Sales Productivity”

Why you Should Balance Your Sales Team’s Territories

Sales territories are an effective way for sales managers to divide up their sales force by assigning specific customer groups to individual reps. Designating sales territories to sales reps is an effective way for sales managers to optimize productivity in field sales. However, determining the right sales territory design is a crucial part of achieving efficiency. It is important that you establish manageable and well-balanced territories to ensure effective usage of resources and time.

Sales territories are often defined by geographic location, sales history, competitive activities, customer names, sales potential and/or other metrics. As a sales manager, when creating territories for your sales reps, you need to determine how to weigh these metrics appropriately to drive potential earnings. The distribution of workload and opportunities you determine across the sales team will impact your reps’ ability to meet their quotas.

According to the researchers Andris A. Zoltners et al., sales can be increased by 2 – 7% through sales territory optimization – without using additional resources or changing the current sales strategy. Thus, every sales manager should rethink present territories to ensure achieving an even allocation of work and reaching the full sales potential of the team.

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Sales Strategy: The Kaizen Method

Just think.

If you improve by 1% everyday, in 1 year your efficiency would increase 365%.

That is the philosophy of Kaizen (改善), Japanese for continual improvement. Using Kaizen as a sales strategy will consistently improve your daily tasks by reducing waste and unreasonable work methods. As a result, Kaizen coaxes out good quality and optimal efficiency.

Kaizen works because small changes are easier to make than big changes, and thus more successful. Over time those small changes create big results

One small change at a time. That’s all it takes to enhance your productivity and sales strategy.

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4 Ways Meditation Helps Salespeople

Meditation helps sales

Meditation is a taboo topic in sales. No one likes to admit that they need a break, a chance to really center themselves. Salespeople need meditation more than most people, given how stressful a career in sales can be. Centering yourself keeps your mind from scattering in different directions, allowing you to truly focus.

A lack of focus is the biggest hurdle keeping reps from hitting their numbers.  Meditation allows you to direct your mental and emotional energy towards your goals, instead of distracting you from accomplishing them. Like all good things, it takes time and practice to make meditation work for you.

The mental and emotional health benefits of meditation directly correlate to being productive and handling stress on the job – which is essential for anyone in sales. If you’ve had a quota, you know what stress is. Dedicating part of your day to quieting your mind and centering yourself will create surplus benefits in other areas of your life, helping you sell more as a result.

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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Field Salespeople

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These days, it’s impossible to be on top of your game without the help of apps designed to help you sell. Think of these apps as your personal team; they’re here to stay by your side throughout the day and take care of your tedious tasks. So the next time you surf the app store, make sure you’re assembling the right team on your mobile device.

But where do you start? How do you know which apps are going to give you a headache and which apps are going to provide the assistance you’re looking for? It’s tough to determine a comprehensive set of apps that take care of your every need. So, we did it for you. After researching popular apps that are best fit for field salespeople, we’ve created your ultimate tech stack.

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10 Tools to Help You Discover & Engage With the Right Prospects

Do you struggle with prospecting for high-quality leads? Well you’re not alone as it can be extremely challenging. In fact, a majority of salespeople agree that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process  so there’s no surprise that 68% of companies struggle with lead generation. Although finding high-quality leads presents a challenge, there are many emerging technologies which are helping companies excel at prospecting.

If you didn’t already know, sales technology can give your sales team the boost they need to stay competitive. Even if you’re already using a CRM, supplementing your sales stack with additional tools can have a positive impact on your bottom line. In fact, high-growth sales teams typically have five solutions in their technology stack. In today’s ultra-competitive market it’s no surprise that top-performing sales teams leverage nearly 3x more sales tools than underperforming teams.

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Best Apps For Outside Sales Reps


If you’re a sales rep, you have an incredibly hectic life. Working in outside sales is a crazy busy job that requires a lot of planning and effort to make sure things run smoothly. One thing that can get you ahead is having the best apps for outside sales reps.


There’s no question that you have a massive load to keep track of on a daily basis, so it’s essential  to stay organized. Since a typical day would most likely include travel, information management, productivity, and routing, we have compiled a list of apps that can help get the job done.


Travel: A single day can require a lot of travel plans to keep track of. These apps will help you keep track of the chaotic world of transportation.

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How to Use Psychology in Sales

psychology of sales

Stuck on how to angle your next pitch? This article is for you! Buyer psychology plays a huge role in how your audience receives your sales message. You can sway the odds in your favor by remembering some key elements of the psychology of sales.

But how do you use the psychology of sales to target people’s psychological triggers and influence them to buy? Instead of asking yourself what consumers want in a product, think about what they want in life. There are 6 psychological triggers to keep  in mind during a sales pitch.

1. People Want to Avoid Pain or Hardship

Your pitch should focus on how your product will make their lives easier. Humans are inherently lazy creatures, making convenience a big selling point. Your job is to make people aware of how their lives will get easier after owning your product (in a personalized way). Convenience and ease are enticing qualities because they allow the consumer to do what they have to do in less time, giving them more time to spend on the things they want to do.

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Leads for your Business – How to Target the Best

dartboard with leads for your business written on it

Lead Generation

Targeting the best leads for your business is crucial.  Sales reps need to generate leads in order to continue growing revenue for their company.  It’s easy to follow the right leads by taking into consideration who fits into your target market.  If you focus on people who aren’t a good fit for your product or service, they will waste valuable resources.

How to Find your Target Market

The first step you should take in targeting leads for your business is researching your target market. Identifying your target market is a very complex process that varies for every company. Many companies, however, tend to go after too large a chunk of a certain market.  If you don’t have enough focus with your approach, it will be difficult for you to truly captivate anyone in a consumer group. Targeting too many people requires broad, general messaging that will not speak to your specific audience. Find a narrow target for your product so you can project the distinct value it provides for them.

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