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How to Develop Empathy with Your Prospects
How to Develop Empathy with Your Prospects When it comes down to selling, having empathy is one of the most important skills to have if you want to increase sales and build better relationships with your customers. Developing empathy will give you a better understanding of your customers’ needs, their motivations behind using your products and services, and the way they want to be treated by you and your company. This is a surefire way to improve your business relationships and provide your customers with top-quality service. As a result, you will be able to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and treat their problems and concerns....
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Customer Retention: 9 Ways to Get More Sales From Existing Customers
Customer Retention: 9 Ways to Get More Sales From Existing Customers Getting new customers is only half the battle. Retaining them is different story - and a much more difficult one at that. But, it's also incredibly important, especially because it costs 5x as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. After you acquire your customer and lead them to their first purchase, your job now is to retain them to turn them into full partners and brand advocates. For a sales rep, this can be an overwhelming responsibility but it's also challenging and highly rewarding if you manage to do it effectively. Here are some....
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‘How to Succeed’ from Top Sales Leaders
‘How to Succeed’ from Top Sales Leaders Sales is a continually evolving industry. It can seem difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to keep up with the constant shifts among companies, products and technology. Because there are so many diverse areas within sales, it’s important to know what you’re up against. It’s also important to know what you can do to make yourself a valuable and irreplaceable member of the team. Here are a few pointers from successful sales leaders on how to succeed and stay ahead of the curve. To Know it is to Love it After talking to attendees at his company’s annual sales summit, Noah....
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How To Get More Qualified Sales Meetings (with scripts)
How To Get More Qualified Sales Meetings (with scripts) Crushing your quota in the sales industry is all about nailing qualified meetings and eventually closing the deal. Consistently having a large number of meetings is good, but you want to make sure each meeting is up to your standards. Whether you’re meeting a prospect for the first time or getting ready to close a deal, you always want to enter a meeting with a goal in mind. By establishing a goal for the meeting you get an idea of how the interaction is going to play out. Finding qualified prospects who are willing to sit down and hear your....
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How to Leverage Online Reviews as a Field Sales Professional
How to Leverage Online Reviews as a Field Sales Professional When planning what restaurant to take your significant other to or where to celebrate your birthday, what do you do first? You look up online reviews. Online customer reviews are the lifeblood of modern consumer’s purchasing decisions. So it only makes sense that field sales professionals should do more than take note of online reviews but leverage them when talking to prospects. First, let’s understand exactly why online reviews are so important and how they impact your business. Why are online reviews important? Ninety-five percent of people read online reviews before making a purchase. I personally can’t remember a time....
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