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21 Sales KPIs Your Sales Team Needs to Monitor
21 Sales KPIs Your Sales Team Needs to Monitor Sales are and always will be a numbers game. Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is mission-critical to the function of sales teams.  No matter what sector you are in, sales make everything possible. Sales bring the revenue in, so sales teams need to keep a clear overview of KPIs, to ensure the team is on-target, or to assess and evaluate where improvements need to be made.  To ensure a sales team is performing as well as possible, every action needs to be broken down into a series of metrics, known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This data enables sales teams....
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How to Build a Cohesive Sales Team
How to Build a Cohesive Sales Team A cohesive sales team places the growth of the company before their own growth. Not only are individual and group goals being met, but everyone feels like they have contributed to the team’s overall success.  Having a cohesive sales team means that your individual reps are going to focus more on the group and company’s goals, at times more so than their own quotas. That means the company makes more money and progresses.  As a sales manager, you are going to want to build a team that not only meets the expected revenue goals but also has good communication and works....
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How to Make Sure Your Sales Team Meets Their KPIs
How to Make Sure Your Sales Team Meets Their KPIs As the manager of a sales team, your priorities have shifted from making sales to ensuring your team is equipped to do so. Only 34% of sales teams reach their quotas, making it a sales manager’s job to remove obstacles that stop your team from achieving the goals set out for them. Your position allows you to spot challenges and provide them with the tools to help them to achieve their full potential. Whether you look after a B2C or B2B sales team, here are some tips to help you make sure they meet their KPIs.
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7 Things a Successful Sales Manager Should Never Do
7 Things a Successful Sales Manager Should Never Do A sales manager’s responsibilities include leading a team of sales representatives in an organization, and guiding them toward a common goal - but a truly successful sales manager does much more than that. It's common for some sales managers to complain that their teams aren’t achieving goals set by the organization. But having a top performing sales team depends largely on the type of manager they have.  Some traits make all the difference between a mediocre sales manager and a successful sales manager.  Here are the 7 things a successful sales manager should never do: Never Overwork Your Reps There....
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