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The Greatest, Number One, Worst of All Time, Failure of Sales Management (Podcast Recap) with SLMA Radio

Badger Maps CEO, Steve Benson talks with Jim Obermayer, of SLMA Radio, about his thoughts on what is the number one mistake a sales manager can make. He goes over the importance of communication and the sharing of information and making use of feedback.


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From Sales Rep to CEO (Podcast Recap)

Truth about sales and selling


Steve Benson, Badger’s CEO, sat down with Brian Burns, host of “The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling” podcast to discuss his journey from outside sales rep to CEO.

What’s your sales backround?

I started at IBM and went through a year long sales training program. They partnered new reps with grizzled veterans for a year, so you could see how the professionals operate. It was a great experience. I feel like every new sales rep should get that kind of guidance because it’s a daunting career, especially at the beginning. I mostly sold b2b services with IBM.

My next job was with Autonomy, a data management solution company. Then I worked at Google for 4 years selling Enterprise software. I was Google’s top sales rep in revenue, I even sold the Enterprise version of Google Maps. My experience in sales, particularly at Google, gave me the idea for Badger Maps. I realized that the toughest obstacles for sales reps were geographical and organizational, so I developed a solution for both.


What was it like going from sales rep to CEO?

The sales team is undervalued. People don’t realize how important sales reps are for a new company. If you have sales firepower, you can get the product in front of more customers and get valuable feedback. It’s common for startups to invest resources in building the wrong thing, which happens when you aren’t in front of customer. Your sales team is a direct link to your most valuable resource, your customer. That’s the most important lesson I learned transitioning from a rep to a CEO.

How did hiring salespeople change your view as a salesperson?

It taught me to trust who I hire. I don’t jump in on deals unless they need me. I had a great manager at autonomy who taught me how do do this. He could jump in on any deal, hit the ground running, and get you past the hurdles you were facing. Then he would hand it back off so you could learn on your own. I try to channel that with my reps. It’s not about doing the job for them, you show them how to unstick the deal without taking it over.

What do you look for when you hire salespeople?

Sales is one of most complex jobs. You need a varied skillset; communication, organization, presentation, the works. Not to mention, you need to be great with customer interactions and have a geographic mind. Your whole career can be made or broken by geographical ability. You need to be able to build great relationships and be a great listener.

That’s why it’s harder to interview salesperson than anyone else. They’re great speakers, which sometimes disguises actual ability. Being good in a past environment doesn’t mean you’ll be good in a new one. On the other hand, the best reps don’t always have best track record. There are biases in hiring that cloud judgement. The most important things to know about a potential sales hire are:

  1. Do they understand how companies buy?
  2. Are they coachable?
  3. Are they aggressive?

If someone has an understanding of how sales work, a willingness to learn more, and the drive to not give up – they’ll definitely be successful.

What are major red flags for unsuccessful reps?

It’s hard. You need to trust your reps and your team as a whole. Sales are volatile. The fewer deals you need make for your quota, the worse your numbers look. It’s important to understand each of your reps on a personal level. Are they giving a consistent level of effort? You need to judge your team on the reality of their effort, not the sales cycle.

Any advice for b2b sales reps?

B2B sales will always be in demand. It’s a great career with lots of entry-level jobs. Sales run companies, sales reps will always be in demand. Field sales is going to be one of best careers for next 20-30 years. It isn’t automatable or outsourceable. Dentists don’t know about new teeth cleaners, they need sales reps to stay informed on updates in the market.

What’s the value in a quality sales team?

Opportunity. Great salespeople create opportunity for your company, if you give them the tools to succeed it’s always worth it. It’s the same core value of Badger. Badger gives you more time to meet customers and sell product. We lower the opportunity cost of doing business, just like a great sales team. The biggest mistake is to choke your sales team and their resources.

That’s rare to hear from CEO, and I think it comes from the fact that you’ve been in their shoes.

It’s tough to be a coach if you’ve never been a player. Selling to salespeople gives us a unique perspective into sales organizations. We gain insight into the day-to-day reality of the sales rep, which management isn’t always connected to. You can’t manage from a sales sheet, it’s an art and a science.

Who is your ideal customer/candidate:

The field salespeople. If you do 3 meetings a day, we help you get the 4th. The busier you are, the more we help you.

You can start a free trial of Badger today to see how it will help your sales team


Focus on the Moment (Podcast Recap)

Focus on the moment


Full podcast available here

The IA Path is a podcast dedicated to Insurance Adjusters. Our CEO Steve Benson had the chance to sit down with the host of the IA Path, Chris Stanley, to discuss his start as an adjuster and the value Badger creates for the industry.

Why should an adjuster/salesperson use your product over something free?

We’re built on top of a free product, but Badger was created with the professional in mind. People who need to manage accounts or claims in an area can do so much more easily with Badger than with Google Maps alone. Continue reading “Focus on the Moment (Podcast Recap)”

How to Beat Your Q4 Quota (Webinar Recap)

Badger Map’s CEO, Steve Benson, joined Ringcental’s Director of Sales Operations, Bill Dolby, in a webinar with KnowledgeTree. KnowledgeTree’s Vice President of Marketing, Peter Mollins, asked the two sales veterans – “How do you beat your Q4 quota?

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CEO of Badger Maps, Steve Benson, talks about the startup world on The App Guy Podcast



CEO of Badger MapsPaul Kemp of The App Guy Podcast interviews app developers and authors that write about app development. Kemp helps app entrepreneurs take inspiration from these people so we can learn from the successes and failures of their app development journeys. The App Guy has done over 240 interviews and 200 off-air chats with “Appreneurs” around the world!

Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps, talks about his experiences working in the startup world of San Francisco. Click here to listen to Steve’s story with Badger!