Create new routes faster than you ever thought possible by circling a set of points with your mouse or finger-tip.

Reassign accounts for your team geographically and instantly.

Route Optimization

Press one button and you’ll get to every location you need in the fastest possible time.

Route Mode

Easily view and manage your entire day’s route.

No distractions, just what you need to focus on to get the job done.

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Color and Filter

Quickly target your best opportunities by colorizing your points and filtering for cross-sell and upsell.


Detailed, custom check-in reports for your team give you deep insight that you can take action on.

Reassign accounts, create routes, and more.


Create custom check-ins and add photos to them to gather the right data from your reps in the field.

Automatic reports are sent weekly with the ability to generate reports manually.

CRM Integration

Want CRM integration? We can do full 2-way sync between whatever CRM you use.

Have a custom setup? We can quickly setup nightly ftp sync with your IT team.

Set up a CRM integration with Badger Maps

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Badger Maps reviews sourced by G2


Use keywords like industry, business name, and product type to find your ideal leads in the field.

Follow-up Reminders

Never miss another follow-up! 

See all your upcoming follow-ups and never miss an opportunity by forgetting to contact a prospect on time.


With support for Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Garmin, and Magellan, you can easily navigate using your favorite GPS.


100% encrypted and vetted by outside security firms. Your data is safe.

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Calendar Integration

Easily export your routes to your calendar of choice.

Features Icon Mini Traffic@2X

Live Traffic

See live traffic inside of Badger, and optimize your routes around it.

Features Icon Mini Stats@2X


Easily see the mileage, travel time, and full-day time of your routes.

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Badger Maps reviews sourced by G2

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