• Create new routes in seconds
  • Easily add the accounts you want to visit to your next route

Route Optimization

  • Optimize routes with multiple destinations to drive fewer miles
  • Add 100+ stops to your routes

Route Mode

  • Easily view and manage your entire day’s route
  • No distractions, just what you need to focus on to get the job done

See what Badger Maps can do for you

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Color and Filter

  • Colorize your accounts and filter for cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Quickly prioritize your best customers on an interactive map


  • Reassign accounts, create routes, and more for your team members
  • Get comprehensive check-in reports that provide deep insights you can use to drive decision-making


  • Create custom check-ins and add photos to them to gather the right data from your reps in the field
  • Automatic reports are sent weekly and generate new reports at any time

CRM Integrations

  • Mobilize your CRM and get instant access to your customer info in the field
  • Get a two-way, real-time native integration with the most popular CRMs such as HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, and more
  •  Connect your CRM with Badger Maps

Customers that find success with Badger Maps

Badger Maps reviews sourced by G2


  • Search for new prospects using keywords like industry, business name, and product type to find your ideal leads.
  • Add new leads instantly to  your interactive map and create routes to them.

Follow-up Reminders

  • Keep track of your follow-ups and set reminders
  • Never miss an opportunity by forgetting to contact a prospect at the best time

Turn-by-Turn Directions / Navigation

  • Connect to your favorite navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps
  • Get turn-by-turn directions and live-traffic updates as you cruise through your territory

Data Security

  • 100% encrypted and vetted by outside security firms
  • Your data is safe in Badger Maps
Features Icon Mini Calendar@2X

Calendar Integration

Easily export your routes to your calendar of choice.

Features Icon Mini Traffic@2X

Live Traffic

See live traffic inside of Badger Maps, and optimize your routes around it.

Features Icon Mini Stats@2X


Easily see the mileage, travel time, and full length of your routes

Mileage tracking

  • Get a breakdown of your total route time and distance to all of your stops, so you can accurately keep track of your mileage
  • Routes and Mileage Reports are easy to share with team members and managers for calculating expenses

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Badger Maps reviews sourced by G2

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