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4 Top Features Of Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Their Benefits


Sales Force Automation or SFA in short, is probably a term that should seem to be a synonym for Sales to any business concerned about Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

If your business deals with more than a handful of customers and sales is the primary objective, SFA is your new best friend.


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How to Enable A Mobile CRM Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

Badger Maps, Dynamics Mobile Solution


Microsoft recently released Dynamics 365, a “smart” suite of business applications that enhance the Dynamics CRM. Dynamics is already a groundbreaking CRM. It’s extremely flexible and delivers accurate data no matter how complex your business processes are. With this new AI functionality, dynamics will learn and optimize around your data – including the work schedules of your employees. Investing in Dynamics has obvious benefits, but does your sales team see them? Continue reading “How to Enable A Mobile CRM Solution for Microsoft Dynamics”

Overcoming Rejection in Sales

Overcoming rejection in sales is often not as hard as first glance my yield.

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight


Success isn’t owned, it’s leased and rent is due everyday.” Working in sales requires you to put in maximum effort – every day. But even if you give it your everything, your customer meetings won’t go well every single time.


No matter how hard you try, you will face rejection. Turning a “no” into a “yes” isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly not impossible! The following recommendations will help you with overcoming rejection in sales.

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How to Choose the Perfect Sales Force Automation System

Sales force automation system


Managing a sales team can be a series of hurdles. Every time you overcome one problem another is waiting up ahead. This is especially true with large sales teams, where small issues are difficult to catch and tend to snowball into large problems. A sales force automation system is the perfect solution to deal with this.

Reporting sales activity, following-up with prospects, and staying organized are the pillars of a successful salesperson, but they’re often overlooked. You know the processes your team should follow, making them stick is another story.  

A sales force automation system is designed to overcome those hurdles for your team. It manages and organize various functions of your sales team, automatically.

If your team could benefit from improving any of the following areas, consider adopting a sales force automation system to handle the hurdles for you.

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4 Ways Route Mapping Works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Other CRMs

Route Mapping abstractly seen.

Finding creative ways to incorporate your CRM or use it more can really be a challenge. Be it Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce or any other CRM, discovering a new way to use the information you have on clients is an appetizing concept.

Using our route mapping software in conjunction with your CRM is great in these 4 ways:

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Badger Map customers find that Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) is a great option for their business


At Badger Maps we work with CRMs all the time. Many of our customers have a CRM that they use to keep track of their customers. We believe that just like getting your customers on a map is important, keeping track of customers is important in sales for every company from a small business to a Fortune 500 company.


Sometimes our customers report to us that their experience with CRM is less than perfectly rosey. Its all over the board though, we hear everything from “This thing is a lifesaver and I don’t know what I would do without it” all the way to “It is the most annoying thing in the world”. So sometimes CRMs cause headaches for their users – especially their end users (the sales people), even though it should be a streamlined tool that helps the company in everyday operations.


Very rarely do people rave about how easy their CRM is to use and how much their CRM has contributed to the growth of their business. That is why we at Badger Maps were intrigued when we heard consistently positive things from several customers about how LACRM  was so easy to use and how much it was helping them in their business. We decided to report back to our community about LACRM (note that Badger does not have any affiliation, investment, family relations, dating relationship, etc with LACRM   – this is just an independent take).

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iPhone CRM Apps: Mobilize Your Leads, Mobilize Your Network

iphone crm apps

Customer relationship management (CRM), which allows a company to track its progress with sales leads and customers in one place, is paramount to a company’s development. It allows companies to establish and extend their networks based on customer relationships.

In order for sales reps to stay on top of current and potential leads while also staying organized and effective, they need to access their CRM software on-the-go. One device that successfully harnesses the power of CRM for mobile is Apple’s iPhone.

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CRM Mobility: The Key to Sales Flexibility

CRM Mobility

In a world where the ability to adapt is essential for success, there can be no room for error even when you are on the road. As a salesperson you get used to being on the road and making slight changes on a daily basis. But these slight changes can either make or break you.

You can either lose a sale or gain a sale in this situation. When you have an appointment cancellation you have a couple of options. One option is to admit defeat and wait for your next appointment. Another option is to search for a customer in your area and attempt to reach out to him or her. And your final option is to hunt down a new lead and try to forge a new relationship with this prospect.

The key to the more lucrative options is flexibility. And what makes a sales rep more flexible is mobility. The only problem is that most reps plan their day either at home or in the office and they stick to their schedule as best as possible throughout their day. But there is a way to make changes on the move and on the road. With CRM mobility, sales reps can easily access their customer information all on top of google maps. And on top of this sales reps can also find new leads to make their day even more efficient.
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The Next Generation Note Cards: iPad CRM

A company’s Customer Relations Management tool, or CRM, has become one of the most important tools available on the market. It allows sales people to easily keep track of all the data they need. The days of note card piles stacked atop a desk are long gone; shuffling through hundreds of 3×5 cards was made extinct by a computerized organization.

But as the computerized CRM made a leap from a note card system in the early 2000’s, the CRM has already made another incredible leap in the usefulness of the product: the mobile iPad CRM. With this tool sales people no longer have to be sitting at their desk in their office to view their clients; they can be between meetings and go over everything they need to know on their iPhone. This technology allows salespeople to always have up to date information on their clients. The only step that needs to be taken in order to do this is finding a good program to transfer a desktop only CRM to a mobile device. Continue reading “The Next Generation Note Cards: iPad CRM”

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