Sales Hall of Fame

Here at the Sales Hall of Fame, we honor some of the most distinguished professionals who continually inspire people with their cutting edge insights and intellectual influence. The Sales Hall of Fame is the only award that recognizes these innovators in the field of sales while encouraging future generations to take after them.

Our Inductees

Andy Paul
Deb Calvert
Ian Altman
John Barrows
Aaron Ross
Alice Heiman

Joanne Black
Mark Roberge
Mark Hunter
Barb Giamanco
Wes Schaeffer
John Chapin

Max Altschuler
Cindy McGovern

Alice Kemper
Dave Kurlan
Tim Wackel
Viveka von Rosen
Michelle Lederman
Jamie Shanks
Jim Pancero
David Fisher

Dale Dupree
Colleen Stanley
Mike Schultz
Tony Morris
Tibor Shanto
George Leith

Mario Martinez Jr
Brynne Tillman
Dave Kahle

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