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Microsoft MapPoint Best Alternative 2020 [video included]
Microsoft MapPoint Best Alternative 2020 [video included] Imagine outside sales in the year 2010 — an era before the everyday use of GPS and mobile devices. Back then, the limitations in technology meant salespeople had to painstakingly plan out their entire day from home or the office before heading into the field, costing them several hours every week that could have been better spent on the road. Not exactly the most convenient way of doing things. This changed with the introduction of Microsoft MapPoint, one of the most popular and powerful tools for outside salespeople in 2010. Using MapPoint to plan out their sales routes and keep....
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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2020 Best Alternative [video included]
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2020 Best Alternative [video included] Every salesperson has their favorite tool to get the job done efficiently. In a rapidly-evolving industry, however, a favorite tool often gets replaced by the next generation of software.  Case in point: Microsoft Streets and Trips, one of the most popular mapping software, once used by hundreds. Blazing a trail in the early days of GPS technology, it was one of the original mapping software, and helped to make traveling easier and more time-efficient. Distributed by CD, however, this popular software was slow to update, and unfortunately was discontinued in 2013. It left many asking, what will replace Microsoft Streets and Trips? The....
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The Innovations That Revolutionized Sales
The Innovations That Revolutionized Sales Sales isn’t an easy job. But, can you imagine going through your day without your CRM, your smartphone, and even without your email account? Today, we take most sales tools and software for granted, yet they have actually been with us for only a few years, and the development of each of them has deeply transformed the way salespeople work. Are you wondering what specific technologies have revolutionized the field of sales? Check out this video with the innovations that transformed sales!
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The 6 Best Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps
The 6 Best Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps Is your outside sales or logistics team suffering from the struggles of a typical day in the field? A combination of bad planning, painfully slow routes, and poor time management? Or is it bad traffic and route building that’s bogging your team down?  Inefficiency is a common problem with a common consequence: high costs and low sales. The solution you’re looking for is a multi-stop route planner. A tool that will make your team’s day easier, more efficient and greatly increase their opportunities to sell.  According to a recent study, sales reps spend only a third of their time actually....
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Top 7 Mistakes Made by Remote Team Managers
Top 7 Mistakes Made by Remote Team Managers Remote sales teams are becoming increasingly common due to access to larger talent pools, improved productivity, and increased cash flow. Managing a remote sales team is a dynamic task, and successful management of them requires a different approach than in-house employees. Make sure you avoid these 8 crucial mistakes as a remote sales manager so that your whole sales team crushes their quota. 1. Not Checking in Regularly Remote sales teams need just as much attention and motivation as in-house employees. Checking in regularly with your team shows them you’re an empathetic manager and helps keep them on task. However, keep....
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