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How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel To Boost the ROI
How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel To Boost the ROI The Sales funnel enables teams to attract, nurture, and convert leads to generate revenue. It isn’t perfect, however — for a funnel that converts 3% of leads into sales, 97% are still dropping off. In fact, closing more deals and improving the efficiency of the sales funnel is a top priority for sales teams in North America. Improving sales funnel efficiency comes down to increasing conversion metrics across funnel stages, and most importantly, the ROI (Return on Investment) of the sales funnel.  What’s the ROI of a Sales Funnel? ROI of the sales funnel is determined by the difference between....
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The Innovations That Revolutionized Sales
The Innovations That Revolutionized Sales Sales isn’t an easy job. But, can you imagine going through your day without your CRM, your smartphone, and even without your email account? Today, we take most sales tools and software for granted, yet they have actually been with us for only a few years, and the development of each of them has deeply transformed the way salespeople work. Are you wondering what specific technologies have revolutionized the field of sales? Check out this video with the innovations that transformed sales!
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The 10 Best Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps
The 10 Best Multi-Stop Route Planner Apps Is your outside sales or logistics team suffering from the struggles of a typical day in the field? A combination of bad planning, painfully slow routes, and poor time management? Or is it bad traffic and route building that’s bogging your team down? Inefficiency is a common problem with a common consequence: high costs and low sales. The solution you’re looking for is a multi-stop route planner — a tool that will make your team’s day easier, more efficient and greatly increase their opportunities to sell.  A multi-stop route planner is a tool that allows you to plot the most efficient....
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