How to Increase Sales with Artificial Intelligence

You already know Artificial Intelligence can drive cars, but did you know that it can also drive sales?

AI simulates human intelligence processes using computer algorithms, and sales companies like Base CRM, Cogito, and Salesforce are already using it to increase their sales and grow their businesses—and so can you.

Companies use this kind of automation to save time on busy work  and remain competitive in today’s business world. AI can increase your selling hours by not only automating busy work, but also analyzing your habits and improving your daily productivity.

Regardless of what model your business follows (business-to-consumer or business-to-business), AI can transform how you operate. 

Here’s how to increase sales with artificial intelligence.

1. Qualify leads more accurately

Technology has made it easier to connect with people and corporations on both a business and personal level. As a result, most professionals use social channels to lure in potential clients.

But sites like Google Plus and LinkedIn have millions of users, and finding the perfect clients can be time consuming. Luckily, you can use AI to help you gather data on leads in your industry. You can use helpful AI platforms like Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud Prediction API, Tensorflow, etc. These programs will help you with data collection, along  with other cognitive services.

Big data contains plenty of information. Sifting through it manually is time consuming, and it can slow down your marketing plans or even your business as a whole. This is why you need AI. It can analyze data faster and more thoroughly than a human, and efficiently connect your business with ideal customers. AI-powered analytics improve follow-up meeting attendance and close rate.

2. Improve pitches with predictive analytics

When customers shop online, they add items to their carts and immediately get recommendations on related products. The customers never knew they needed those products, but before they realize it, they’re already adding additional items to their carts.

Artificial intelligence tracks clients’ habits and purchases, which allows the system to predict what each user would like to buy. AI knows what to sell, because it follows the customers’ closely. Salespeople spend hours researching and interviewing to learn what AI already knows.

You should use AI to gather insight based on a customer’s preferences. With this data available to you, you can develop a winning pitch before even meeting them face to face.

Salespeople know that a sales pitch is what lures in or pushes away customers. With the help of AI, you will always be a step ahead of your customers and their purchases. This kind of advantage will help you to build lasting client relationships, and also earns you recommendations, thereby leading to increased sales.

3. Bring your productivity to new heights

AI offers the perfect way to improve your productivity. While the sales team sleeps, the programs work round the clock to provide you with proficient leads and fresh insight.

Who wouldn’t want an employee who works 24 hours a day? Considering the competitive nature of most business ventures, working 24/7 is a must to keep pace with the competition.

While the AI program won’t meet potential clients or close deals for you, it feels good to know that your targets are already laid out— all you have to do is shoot. Less time spent sifting through truckloads of data means more time selling, and that translates into increased sales.

4. Drop your busy work on an artificial assistant

Imagine the deals you could close if you never missed a single opportunity. All your messages would be automated, and your calendar would be automatically populated with meetings by a secretary who works 24/7.

Mr. Artificial Intelligence is the reliable assistant you need. It fills out the CRM system every once in awhile, saving your sales representatives time. In doing so, the program also saves your company money that can be used to train new sales representatives and upgrade your data entry equipment.

AI programs generally have voice-controlled virtual assistants who can record information for your representatives from any device. They also spark conversations with your reps and ask them all the right questions for proper data analysis.

Good news, because salespeople like conversation much more than data entry.

5. Uncover opportunity automatically

Did you know that Uber can analyze your traveling patterns using heat maps? They use AI technology to read these maps and direct drivers to the right place at the right time. Similarly, Amazon uses AI programs to evaluate buying patterns, which helps them to anticipate customer needs. These businesses strike the perfect balance between nurturing existing customers and attracting new ones at the same time.

Imagine how great it would be to get a notification every time your client is running out of a specific product. Even better, how about getting accurate suggestions on what product you should try to cross-sell to which customer?  When you’re just guessing, the chances of you knowing what the customer needs may be slim. However, you are guaranteed almost 100% success with AI technology.

AI increases real intelligence

According to Olin Hyde, the CEO and founder of LeadCrunch (a B2B lead generation company that relies on machine learning and AI), artificial intelligence creates superhuman salespeople. While a superhuman sales team cannot be replaced by a machine, it can be made stronger and smarter with the help of technology.

Thousands of companies all over the world who have successfully used AI to increase their sales agree.

Artificial intelligence technology is no longer limited to high-end Apple products or Bookmark’s automated website builder. We encounter it every day and can use it to increase both our productivity and the success of our businesses.

You don’t have to wait until Tesla’s self-driving cars go mainstream to enjoy the perks of AI. You can start using AI today to drive your sales.

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About the Author: David Kosmayer is CEO and Founder of Bookmark, an AI-powered website builder disrupting the web design industry. David created his first company at 22 just coming out of college. Marketing Extensions Inc., an online affiliate and marketing agency was born from the basement of his parents’ home. This company grew under his leadership into a 55-person team, topping $60M in revenue in less than a decade.

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