12 Best Sales Mapping Software Tools to Manage Your Territory Effortlessly [Free options included]

Back in the day, it used to be crucial for sales reps to know their territory like the back of their hands.

Now, the playing field has changed.

For a modern sales rep, that’s no longer something to be proud of. 

Let’s look at some numbers:

  • According to Harvard Business Review, optimizing your territory can increase sales by 2 to 7%
  • According to Alexander Group, it can increase sales productivity by 10%-20%
  • study conducted by Xactly and the Sales Management Association shows that “effective territory design results in 30% higher sales performance”

Although the numbers vary depending on the study, the results are obvious:

Optimizing territory design can drastically increase your sales.

So, how can you effectively optimize your territory?

Today, successful salespeople use cutting-edge technology to fully understand their territory and make strategic decisions with all the relevant data about their accounts at hand.

Sales mapping software has become an essential tool on the tech stack of every field sales team. 

Read on to find out what’s the best sales mapping software for you.

What is sales mapping software?

Sales mapping software is a business solution that integrates sales data with geolocation. It’s mainly used by sales managers and field sales people to visualize leads, customers, and territories on a map, design territories, and to manage their time in the field with better routes and more efficient schedules.

Different types of software are focused on different things, and you want to make sure you get the right tool for the job. Some applications are focused on making sales reps more efficient in the field - like the Badger Map. While other applications' main purpose is to design the territories and divide up territories across the different sales reps on a team - like Xactly Alignstar and Alignmix. Another type of mapping software gives you the ability to build a map to analyze and display information to make better decisions and communicate information with maps - like Espatial, Maptive, and Maptitude.

Sales managers can use it to easily visualize:

  • Where customers and leads are located
  • How customers are distributed across target territories
  • How territories are distributed across the sales team

The tools available range from nontechnical ones that simply overlay spreadsheet data on maps, to advanced sales territory optimization software with CRM integration and other features that can be game-changers in sales.

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Why should you use a sales mapping software tool?

For any modern sales team or sales representative, using a sales mapping software tool is a must. 

By using a sales mapping tool, you can:

  • Have a clear and evenly distributed territory 
  • Easily distinguish profitable areas from fruitless ones
  • Conduct efficient sales planning
  • Utilize time and other resources efficiently
Sales Territory Mapping

If you‘re trying to improve productivity, you should choose sales mapping software with advanced features, so you can also: 

  • Meet more clients and save fuel and mileage costs (with route optimization
  • Manage sales reps (with team management features)
  • Track and analyze all sales activities (with custom reports)

By using sales mapping tools that automate repetitive tasks, you will be more productive and your sales will increase.

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How do you choose the right sales mapping software for sales territory mapping?

The right sales mapping software for you will depend on a series of factors, like the size of your business, your budget, your goals, etc. 

In the list below, we’ll cover the best sales mapping software, with both free and paid options. Although there are some free mapping tools available, there are not too many options for free sales mapping software with sophisticated features for salespeople.

Some of these tools offer “freemium” options with some basic free sales mapping features, but if you need a sales mapping app that solves all your needs, you should consider a paid subscription.

If you need free sales mapping software, make sure you take advantage of the free trial that some of these tools offer.

When choosing the right sales mapping software, consider all the features and integrations offered, and pay close attention to the “best for” section, so you can choose the best sales mapping software for your specific use case.

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The 12 best sales mapping software tools


Price: $49/month Business, $95/month Enterprise (Free 7-day trial) 

Best for: Field sales teams of all sizes, individual field sales reps

Main Features

  • Route planning, optimization, and prioritization for field sales
  • Scheduling sales calls
  • Sales territory mapping
  • Data collection and check-ins from outside sales activities
  • Sales territory visualization, filtering, colorization, heat mapping
  • Lead generation
  • Custom sales activity reports and map visualization
  • CRM integration
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Live traffic
  • Calendar integration
  • Mileage tracking, sales & routing stats

Badger Maps is the best sales mapping software for field sales teams.

With features for sales territory mapping, route planning, and optimization, and more, Badger Maps is an all-in-one tool that will allow you to drive 20% less and sell 22% more.

Field sales teams use Badger to manage and visualize their territories, focus on the best customers, and build routes and schedules.

Using the mobile app, you’ll be able to take meeting notes on-the-go and have it sync with your CRM instantly.

Based on data from the average sales team, one single rep can save $8,800 a month just by using Badger Maps. In most cases, it pays for itself just through gas savings.

Optimized route building Requires Internet connection
Ability to create custom check-ins No mobile invoicing
Automatic weekly reports Only available in English
Native mobile applications for iOS and Android
Easy to use (and free training & resources)
Great customer support

2. Xactly AlignStar


Price: Quote-based plans. Pricing information is available only upon request

Best for: Sales teams at large enterprises and medium businesses

Main Features:

  • Interactive, map-based interface
  • Thematic maps
  • Predictive analytics
  • Optimizer and “what if” scenario analysis
  • Custom layers

Alignstar is a sales mapping software that salespeople can use to automate and optimize territory design and planning. It enables sales operations to design sales territories to break up a geographic area across their sales team. 

Sales managers can also use this tool to visualize customers’ and prospects’ data to uncover opportunities and focus their reps on areas with high sales potential.

Easy data loading Dated interface
Easy to use Difficult to adjust territories on multiple criteria
Good customer support Reporting is not flexible
No mobile application

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3. BatchGeo


Price: Basic mapping features are available for free. BatchGeo Pro: $99/month

Best for: data analysts, marketers, real estate firms, journalists, sales teams

Main Features

  • Embed maps within a websites
  • Sales data visualization

BatchGeo is a mapping tool that allows users to view spreadsheet data on a map.

With free basic mapping capabilities for sales territories, this tool is a great solution for someone looking to easily copy data and get an informative, colorful map. You can also use it to build maps for your website.

The features for salespeople are limited to mapping sales information such as customers, leads, and assets.

Free basic planLimited features for sales
Easy to useNo CRM integration

No check-in and routing features

No live traffic

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4. Maptitude



  • Starting at $695.00/one-time/user
  • $995 for additional features

Best for: Data analysts 

Main Features

  • Map creation
  • Spatial analysis
  • Census Data Integration

Maptitude’s GIS software is designed to build custom maps for sales territories to communicate and analyze geographic information.

With this tool, you can use data from spreadsheets to create maps and map images and understand how geography affects your business.

The main advantage is that it comes with a library of nationwide and worldwide maps that you can use. 

The features for salespeople are limited, but Maptitude can be a great tool for mapping your data if you’re a data analyst.

Easy to use No mobile app
Vast library of maps Limited features for sales
Single payment - no subscription

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5. eSpatial


Price: Starts at $1295.00/year/user

Best for: Sales teams of all sizes

Main Features

  • GIS 
  • Heatmap
  • Location intelligence
  • Sales enablement
  • Sales force automation

If you’re looking for great sales mapping software and are willing to pay a premium price, eSpatial offers great features and customer support in a modern-feel mobile application.

You can use eSpatial to transform spreadsheet data into comprehensible maps and graphs, and to manage and map sales activity, resources, and field operations with proximity analysis and heat maps.

With this tool, you can easily put business data on a map to visualize and analyze multiple layers of data.

If you need a sales mapping tool that integrates with your CRM, keep in mind that eSpatial only integrates with Salesforce.


Good customer support

Slow application
Many available features Limited customization
Clean user interface Not too easy to use

Limited CRM integration

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6. Map Business Online



  • Starts at $500/user/year
  • Online training and help with map development and data analysis are available as consulting services for hourly rates

Best for: Sales, marketing, and resource management teams

Main Features

  • Business map visualization
  • US sales territory maps
  • Basic market analysis tools
  • Optimized route planning
  • Access to premium content layers

MapBusinessOnline is a cloud mapping software you can use to visualize and analyze business data, manage sales territories, explore new markets, and optimize logistics.

This can be a great option for someone who strictly needs a mapping tool that is relatively affordable.

If you’re a salesperson trying to maximize productivity, you’ll benefit more from an all-in-one sales tool.

Easy to use No mobile application
CRM integrations Steep learning curve

Limited features for sales

Dated user interface

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7. Yellowfin


Price: Quote-based plans. Pricing information is available only upon request

Best for: Enterprise analytics, data analysts, developers, software companies, analytical application developers

Main Features

  • Data Storytelling and collaboration
  • Data exploration and visualization 
  • Automated data discovery

If you’re looking for mapping software that is easy to use and with a clean interface, Yellowfin might be the right tool for you.

This Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise analytics tool combines action-based dashboards, automated data discovery, and data storytelling into one integrated platform, to help you extract value from your data

Although it doesn’t really offer features for salespeople, you should consider using this tool if you’re a data analyst, developer, or if you just need a great analytical experience.

Great for data analytics No features for sales
Easy to use Limited reporting features
Good customer support Slow application
Clean user interface No cloud offering - needs to be installed

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8. Geopointe


Price: Starts at 45/month/user

Best for: sales, operations, and marketing teams and executives

Main Features

  • Geographic Searching & analysis
  • CSV layers
  • Actionable data

Geopointe is an AppExchange (the marketplace for Salesforce apps) app meant to enable locations on Salesforce by allowing users to analyze and manipulate data.

If your sales team is using Salesforce CRM, this sales mapping tool might be a good choice for you.

Geopointe offers many features for salespeople (including route optimization) but they are sold separately as optional add-on features.

Easy to use Limited reporting features
Great integration with SalesforceSlow mobile application
Great for mapping leads and customers No advanced data filtering features

Steep learning curve

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9. Maptive



  • 45 Day Pass: $250
  • For Individuals: $1,250 / year  
  • For teams of 5: $2,500 / year

Best for: Companies in real estate, sales, supply chain, and more.

Main Features

  • Marker grouping tool
  • Sales territory maps
  • Visualize proximity data
  • Export a map image
  • Map filter tool
  • Route planner and optimized directions

Maptive is another great tool to build custom maps and understand your geographic data.

With this mapping software, you can transform any spreadsheet data into a customized Google Map in minutes.

Once your data is uploaded, you can create heat maps, color-coded pin maps, territory maps, optimized routes and directions, and demographic maps.

Easy to use Poor customer service
Many options for map customization Dated user interface

Slow application

No mobile application

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10. SmartDraw


Price: Starts at $5.95/month/user

Best for: Contractor, architects, business executives, project managers

Main Features

  • Intelligent formatting
  • Designer templates
  • Integrations with Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Atlassian stack

Very different from all the other mapping software in this list, SmartDraw provides users with templates, tools, and symbols to quickly create different types of charts.

You can use it to map floorplans, buildings, events, and business processes.

While it doesn’t offer solutions for sales productivity or business data analytics, SmartDraw is one of the best tools out there for creating designs and drawings such as floor plans.

Vast selection of templates and objects Weak collaboration features
Easy to use No features for sales
Good integration options Poor customer support

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11. GeoMetrx 


Price: Quote-based plans. Pricing information is available only upon request

Best for: Franchise organizations, retailers, commercial brokers, restaurants, marketers, and sales teams

Main Features

  • Thematic maps
  • Custom reports
  • Map customization

GeoMetrx is a sales territory mapping software with features for franchise territory map making, retail site selection, and territory building.

Like most of the other mapping software in this list, this tool transforms static business data into dynamic maps that can be used to define sales territories.

You can upload your own data or use Geometrx available demographic datasets.

Many available datasets Limited resources online
Additional map options No mobile application
Map customization Limited features for sales

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12. AlignMix



  • In-house use (not consulting use): $1,000 per user per year
  • Consulting License: $3,000 per user per year

Data loading support and some features are sold as add-on features.

Best for

  • Sales teams of all sizes in pharma and related industries

Main Features: 

  • Custom maps
  • Thematic maps
  • Zip Code Shapes and Demographic Data
  • Export To Google Maps or Tableau
  • Batch Export

If ease of use is your priority, it might be worth looking into this “premium” mapping tool.

AlignMix is a sales mapping solution most known for its modern, intuitive user interface. 

It enables sales operations to design sales territories and organize geographic areas across their sales team.

While the price for AlignMix is already higher than most other tools, keep in mind that some features, as well as training sessions (in case you need help getting started with data loading), are only offered as pricey add-ons.

Easy to use Limited features for sales
Clean and intuitive user interface No routing tools

No drive-time analysis
No mobile app

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Sales mapping software has become a must-have for modern salespeople. 

It allows you to effectively manage your prospects, customers, and territory and focus on the ones with high-potential. 

There are many great options for sales mapping software, and each of them serves a different purpose.

The best sales mapping software for you will depend on the specific professional needs you have.

In general, if you need an option that offers many sophisticated features in one single tool, it might be best to choose a paid option.

If you’re a field salesperson, in most cases the sales mapping tool will end up paying for itself between gas savings and increased revenue. 

Our recommendation? Get Badger Maps’ free trial today (no credit card required) and see for yourself how Badger can help you save money and time, and improve your sales results.

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