New Feature: Radius Tool + Other Updates

A long-awaited feature is finally here and we’re very excited to announce the Radius tool! Many of our users have been requesting this feature so that they can easily search for a group of accounts based on a point on their map. With the Radius tool, you can now draw a circle around any point on your map with a defined radius.

This will making creating routes and updating territories easier than ever before!

You can find the Radius tool under the new “Tools” section in the left sidebar. Lasso will also now be under this section for easy access.

To use the Radius Tool:

  1. Go to the “Tools” tab and click on “Radius”
  2. In your map, click on the part of the map that you would like to be the center of your circle and drag your mouse outwards to draw your circle
  3. There will be an indicator that tells you how long your radius is while you’re drawing
  4. When you’re done, the accounts within the circle will be selected and you will be able to create routes and update accounts as usual.

Log in here on your desktop to try it out and see it in action!

Another release are the new Monthly Route Stats reports - you’ll receive a report via email letting you know:

  • How many minutes you saved this month with Badger
  • How many extra miles you did not have to drive this month
  • How much money in gas you saved this month

We hope this report will inspire you to find more ways to optimize your sales process and sell more.

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