The Google Maps for Salespeople

Many field salespeople find that most of their workday is spent driving and not selling. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Field salespeople and those working in field services need optimized routes to stay competitive. 

But can Google Maps help salespeople to get optimized routes?  

The short answer is no, you need a multi-stop sales mapping software to ensure you stay at the top of your game.

Badger Maps is a route planner app designed specifically for salespeople. With features like CRM integration and lead generation, Badger Maps is the Google Maps for field salespeople.

The Google Maps for Salespeople

​The Google Maps for Salespeople

Why Badger Maps is the Google Maps for Field Salespeople

While Google Maps can help you figure out what’s the fastest way to a single destination, it’s not cut out to help field salespeople get optimized routes to all their appointments. 

For professionals who make their living on the road, like people who provide field services and outside sales reps, being able to optimize routes with multiple stops is crucial for their success.

Investing in a multi-stop route planner, like Badger Maps, is what you need to sell more and drive less. 

Badger Maps was specifically designed with field salespeople's needs in mind and that's what sets this route planner apart from the rest. 

With capabilities such as customer data visualization, check-ins, and lead generation on-the-go, Badger helps field salespeople save time on their daily planning, keep better relationships with customers, discover new business opportunities, and close more deals. 

Badger’s sales-specific features like follow-ups and advanced reporting allow you to keep track of key customer information and be proactive with your most important accounts.

It also offers great features for sales managers allowing them to gain insights into rep activities and performance in the field and easily optimize territories.

Badger Maps connects to your preferred navigation app to get turn-by-turn directions. So you can still use Google Maps with Badger Maps

On average, salespeople using Badger spend 20% less time driving and sell 22% more.

Revolutionize Your Sales Game With These Features

Field salespeople meet around 15-20 prospects and customers per day. Using Google Maps would mean spending long hours each day planning your route. 

On top of that, trying to optimize a route by yourself comes with many hidden expenses. Besides the hours spent on tedious planning, you can’t guarantee you’ve created the most efficient route. 

With Badger Maps, you can optimize routes with 100+ stops in seconds. Badger Maps lets you select the accounts you want to visit and automatically generates the fastest, most efficient route.

How does this translate into money and time savings?

Well, the average field sales rep drives about 2,000 miles per month. Meanwhile, a field sales rep that uses Badger Maps would drive only 1,600 miles to visit the same number of prospects. 

That’s 20% fewer miles driven each month!

In terms of money, the average sales team of 10 reps saves $11k per year in gas. They also sell $936k more the year, as they use that extra time to meet with more customers.

With our ROI calculator, you can calculate a personalized return on investment that Badger Maps will bring you and your business.

In fact, Badger Maps pays for itself through gas savings.

Badger Maps is much more than a route planner software, read on to discover all of Badger Maps features.

Upgrade Your CRM With Mapping and Routing

Badger Maps route planner enables a two-way, real-time native integration with the most common CRMs such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, HubSpot, Insightly, and NetSuite.

With Badger Maps, you can transform your CRM into a mobile CRM. This allows you to keep all of your data in sync and up-to-date across all devices while on-the-go and access and update information in real-time. Additionally, sales teams increase their usage of CRM by 50% when using it with Badger Maps.

See How your Sales Team can Sell More

With customized free team pilots, see for yourself how Badger helps boost your team's sales numbers and drive CRM adoption.

Access All Your Customer Details on the Road

Badger’s Visualization options make territory management simple

Color and filter your accounts to organize and effortlessly plan your days. With a quick look at the map, you can visualize your top accounts, mass update information, see who’s generating revenue, and much more.   As a bonus, all filters are fully customizable, letting you visualize accounts based on priority, type, next step, or any other field you find useful.

Capture Data From the Field Automatically

With the use of our smartphone app, both iOs and Android compatible, salespeople are able to check-in anytime, anywhere. Salespeople can create custom check-ins to keep track of their activity in the field after every interaction with their clients or prospects. 

When creating a Check-in, you can select the type of customer interaction you had (i.e., meeting, phone call, email), write down your notes, and even add pictures to your Check-ins.


Find More Leads Around You on the Go

Meeting running late? Finding yourself with an extra 5 minutes before your next meeting? 

Badger Maps has got you covered.  With the use of a simple search, using keywords like the industry, business name, and/or product type, you can find your ideal leads in half the time. This way, you’ll always have a backup plan after a canceled meeting.

Add Over 100 Stops to Your Routes

Meeting with as many prospects and clients as possible is a top priority for sales reps. 

So why waste your time building multiple routes to include all your meetings when Badger Maps can do that for you? 

If you are a field sales or field service professional, creating your routes with Badger Maps makes sense.

Badger Maps allows you to have up to 120 stops on your route, while Google Maps only allows you to have 10 stops per route.

Stay Connected With Your Team and Optimize Territories

When managing a field sales team, it can be difficult to keep track of all your reps at all times. 

Badger Maps has various features to ensure sales managers stay connected with their sales team

With mobile check-ins and data reporting, sales managers can access their team’s performance at the tip of their fingers. This allows sales managers to make informed decisions faster. 

With Badger Maps, managers can access team member territories, routes, and activity reports. This information allows them to understand what’s happening in the field. Managers can also rebalance their reps’ territories and access or edit their routes at any time.  

Badger Maps makes collaboration easy and allows everyone on the team to be on the same page, regardless of where they are at in the field.

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Cut Onboarding Time in Half

Badger Maps’ features help new reps to understand their territory easily and find profitable opportunities faster. Reps that use Badger Maps get up to their full potential in half the time.

A spreadsheet doesn’t cut it for showing new reps the reality of the field. For new reps, being able to see their route on an interactive map makes the first few journeys far less daunting.

Still curious about Badger Maps? 

You can try a free 30-day trial or get a demo from our team today!

Drive 20% Less. Sell 20% More.

Why You Should Optimize Your Sales Further

It’s no secret that while many of us love our jobs, we also love getting home safely and on time, but spending long hours behind the wheel can cause fatigue. 

That’s when big mistakes happen. And that’s why finding a solution that can reduce driving time and take away the stress of route building is vital to salespeople.

See how Cargill uses Badger Maps to reduce driving fatigue and ensure reps stay focused and return home safely.


“It prevents rushing, as people get near the end of the day, they’re driving faster, they’re cutting things short… Badger takes away a lot of the rushing and also the fatigue. It’s helped to cut back on that significantly.”

Matthew Brooks

Business Development Manager, Cargill


Google Maps and Badger Maps serve different purposes and it’s important that if you’re in the sales industry, you’re using something that is an efficient tool to handle your needs

Badger Maps can help plan your day-to-day routes, streamline your sales process, keep track of your sales reps, and overall minimize time spent not selling. 

Your success in the field depends on how well you manage your territory and schedule. Make sure you use the right tools to work smarter and not harder.

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