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After 8 months of completely rebuilding the app and a month of beta-testing, we’re excited to announce the new Badger Maps Android app! It’s available starting today through the Google Play Store (download it here)!

The old version of the Android app was clunky, less than intuitive and had a radically different experience compared to the iOS app. We heard your feedback and wanted to make sure that this redesign improves your sales planning process and make route creation on mobile faster.

What’s Changing?

This means that you (as an Android user) will have an entirely new, streamlined experience. Every feature has been reworked to make your life easier - from planning your day effectively to organizing your territory.

The Android and iOS apps now function in almost exactly the same way with minor differences on each platform for optimal experience.

This is especially important for teams, Badger will have a similar experience no matter which device your team members use. Your team will be trained faster, plan their sales routes with less hassle and minimize windshield time.

Note: The new app only works on Android 7 (“Nougat”) or higher, click here to learn more if your device is older than this or you would like to continue using the current version of the app.


New, Intuitive Design

How you experience the app across your devices is our number one priority. Each feature was redesigned to make sales route planning the least stressful part of your day.

With this new design:

  • Use the top bar to make any visual changes to your map with Places, Visualize and Map Layers.
  • Use the bottom bar to plan your routes, see your accounts and organize your day.

View as My Team

“My Team” has come to the Android app! 

Organizing territories and collaborating has never been easier for teams in Badger Maps. 

You’re now able to view territories you’re assigned to by going to Settings then tapping on “view map as”. Choose the territory you want to see and it will automatically load on your map.

Route Mode

Route Mode is now on Android!

This much-loved feature was built for you to easily navigate through your day.

The old process of selecting an account on your route, pressing “Navigate” to open your GPS app, returning to Badger to check-in, then tapping back into your current route only to do it all over again wasn’t exactly intuitive.

All you have to do now is enter Route Mode.

Through Route Mode, you can see your route, switch between locations on your route, and check-in all from one screen! You’ll spend less time navigating in the app and more time navigating to your sales meetings.

Multi-select Accounts & Add Quickstops (now also available on the Web app!)

When you’re meeting prospects and customers in the field, route planning is essential to being on time and successful.

You can use the new Add Location popover to:  

  1. Select multiple specific accounts at once to add to your route.
  2. Add temporary stops quickly that you don’t want to add to your accounts (for example, coffee shops, gas stations or lunch spots)

In-App Calendar

Syncing your Calendar has been brought to the next level.

When you’re meeting with customers in the field, your schedule can change at the flip of a coin. You need to be able to quickly adapt and plan your day to be the most productive.

You can now access your active Calendar within the app.

Make sure you’re never late to another meeting being able to see your entire schedule on one screen.

Advanced Settings

Personalize your Badger Maps experience with Advanced Settings and set up the app to best fit your business needs.

You can now:

  • Set Default Appointment times
  • Set Default Start/End locations
  • Show the Check-in Screen automatically after calling an account through Badger
  • Change your Default Calendar and Active Calendar
  • Refer friends and coworkers!

These are just a few of the improved workflows that you’ll get with the new app. If at any moment you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email at or schedule a call with us here

To experience the new and improved app, click here to download it from the Google Play Store.

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