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By Brian Chalif

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Does this sound like a day in your life:

You have five sales meeting planned for today. They are all over town and you spent an hour this morning putting them into your calendar, planning your day, and organizing your route, making sure to avoid closed roads or accidents, of course. Good, now you can start your day.

Mistake number one: If you used route software you could have slept an extra hour, instead of doing all this work before your first meeting. Also, you would have been sure your day was as efficiently planned as possible.

Just finished your first meeting. Nailed it! Closed the deal - damn you’re a good salesperson. Now on route to the second meeting. Get on to main street to find that it is bumper to bumper traffic. Well hopefully it won’t take to long. Five minutes later, you have only moved forward one block. Finally you get through the traffic, of course there needed to be an accident during the one time of day you were trying to use that road. You get to your second meeting 10 minutes late and start your pitch.

Mistake number two: With route planning software, you can see the traffic and adjust your route accordingly. Who would have thought, if you just took one road over it would have only taken you 10 minutes instead of 30. Traffic sucks.

You leave this meeting and made progress on the deal even though you arrived late. On the way to your third meeting, you get a call from your fourth planned meeting of the day. They are asking to change your meeting to a different time because something came up. Now you have to adjust for this calendar and route change. You get to the third meeting early, do this work, and then walk in and start the meeting.

Mistake number three: Sales reps could use route planning software to automatically change your schedule and route with last minute cancellations or meeting time changes. Not only does it handle last minute changes, but it connects your sales route and calendar automatically.

Now on the way to your next meeting, when you realized you did not call the office to tell them about the schedule change in your day. You call on your way to the next meeting. Your boss picks up when you hear sirens. Just your luck, you are getting pulled over for talking on the phone. Not only do you get a ticket and fine, but you are late to your next meeting.

Mistake number four: Great route planning software shares your current route with whoever your choose. Now you do not need to call in about changes in your schedule. You can focus on your driving and not get pulled over next time!

Leaving this meeting, you get another call requesting a change in meeting time. Again you make these changes, this time during your lunch break. By now your print out sheet of addresses and the mini-map with your route on it is all messed up, but you think you still can figure it out with some thought. Now that you are done eating your burrito, which was really tasty, off to the next meeting.

Mistake number five: If you had a route planning software, not only could you plan it at home on your computer, but you can also access it on the go on your tablet or phone. This saves all the trouble of print-out sheets and makes your map always look clean and easy to read.

The rest of your day goes relatively smoothly, no major issues. When you get home, you look at your map and realize that after the couple time changes, your route really made no sense. It would have saved a lot of time and gas to do a different route, oh well too late now.

Mistake number six: A software could have done sales route optimization for you and you would have saved time. And you know what they say, time is money!

Now you are looking at some of your other clients on the list for later in the week. Trying to plan out your week. Wait a second, this client is just down the street from where you were today. Well great, now you have to go back to the part of the city later in the week, even though you were just there.

Mistake number seven: If you had a route planning software, all of your clients could have be on one map for you too see that way this mistake would not have happened! They could even be colored-coded by categories of your choosing.

Route planning software allows you to not think about this aspect of your day, as it will do most of the work on its own! A route planner  plans your day and gets you there faster.


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