How to Manage Your Sales Pipeline for Better Prospects
How to Manage Your Sales Pipeline for Better Prospects Prospects are one of the factors that keep a business alive. Salespeople have to turn those prospects into clients that will stick to your product or service for a long time.  This task isn't as easy as it should be, especially if your pipeline gets clogged with prospects who haven't contacted you back in years. Here’s how to manage your sales pipeline, and make room for more prospects that will turn into clients. Keep Your Data up to Date If a lead was good six months ago and then dropped off the surface of the Earth, touch base with them.  ....
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10 Best Free Route Planners with Unlimited Stops
10 Best Free Route Planners with Unlimited Stops There are all kinds of amazing technologies these days designed to get you where you need to be quickly, efficiently, and even with a dash of fun.  Chances are, last time you went on a drive to a new destination with many stops, you used an app on your phone or tablet to get there. For professionals who make their living on the road, these resources have been life savers. But what is the best free routing software out there capable of having unlimited stops?  It depends on what types of routes you are looking to create.
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Microsoft MapPoint Best Alternative 2020 [video included]
Microsoft MapPoint Best Alternative 2020 [video included] Imagine outside sales in the year 2010 — an era before the everyday use of GPS and mobile devices. Back then, the limitations in technology meant salespeople had to painstakingly plan out their entire day from home or the office before heading into the field, costing them several hours every week that could have been better spent on the road. Not exactly the most convenient way of doing things. This changed with the introduction of Microsoft MapPoint, one of the most popular and powerful tools for outside salespeople in 2010. Using MapPoint to plan out their sales routes and keep....
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How to Keep Your Field Sales Team Motivated While Working from Home
How to Keep Your Field Sales Team Motivated While Working from Home Part of the magic of working in sales is that salespeople are the masters of their own destinies. Good sales reps don’t need to be micromanaged. That’s good news for any sales manager with a staff of outside salespeople who currently find themselves unable to leave their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it’s a manager’s job to keep the staff motivated and productive. When the days blur together and half of the sales team struggle to drag themselves out of bed in the morning, sales managers should have their work cut out for them. There are steps managers....
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Consultative Selling: A Complete Guide
Consultative Selling: A Complete Guide Traditional sales techniques often come across as pushy and impersonal. In fact, only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs.  With so many solutions available to customers, there is one factor that will eventually make the difference between closing the deal or missing out on a valuable opportunity - the trust you build with your prospects. What is Consultative Selling? The consultative selling approach centers on guiding your prospect to the solution that works best for them. You act as a consultant and encourage your prospect to make their own decision. Ultimately, your goal is to still....
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