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How to Persuade Prospects with Testimonials

Persuading Prospects with Testimonials

Asking for testimonials can feel awkward at first. After all, we’ve all seen those annoying pop-up windows that ask you to review something you haven’t even tried yet. People are naturally skeptical, some more so than others. So should you avoid asking for testimonials altogether?

Definitely not. Testimonials are an extremely powerful way to get more business. You just have to ask for them the right way.

The difference between annoying a customer and receiving a well-deserved testimonial is trust.

Trust is hard to earn. All of us have had times where we haven’t fully trusted a friend or colleague. Now compare that feeling to how your prospect must feel right after they buy from you. situation to how your prospect feels talking to a random salesperson. You have no immediate authority when it comes to your prospects.

That’s why you should always have testimonials in your back pocket. But you don’t always have to bring them up yourself.

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How to Sell like a Bartender

Have you ever walked into a bar and left without knowing how much you spent? One drink after another and you’ve gone past weekday happy hour to multiple $10+ drinks. The tab adds up quickly – and your wallet feels that much thinner when you go to pay for your Monday morning coffee.


How does this happen?


Bartenders are sales people. In fact, they’re some of the best salespeople out there because they use these sales techniques:


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Sales Strategy: The Kaizen Method

Just think.

If you improve by 1% everyday, in 1 year your efficiency would increase 365%.

That is the philosophy of Kaizen (改善), Japanese for continual improvement. Using Kaizen as a sales strategy will consistently improve your daily tasks by reducing waste and unreasonable work methods. As a result, Kaizen coaxes out good quality and optimal efficiency.

Kaizen works because small changes are easier to make than big changes, and thus more successful. Over time those small changes create big results

One small change at a time. That’s all it takes to enhance your productivity and sales strategy.

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5 Lessons You’ll Learn from Working in Sales

Sales Lessons

Starting out in sales is hard, but everyone should do it. Selling is uncomfortable at first, even for extroverted people who love talking. Once you get over the first hurdles you can learn a lot. The difficulty deters people from pursuing sales as their career, and they miss out on some important life lessons as a result.

Here are the 5 most important life lessons you’ll learn from a career in sales.


Getting over the fear of talking to new people

The first major lesson you learn is how to talk to people. Meeting new people becomes easier the more you do it, and in sales you do it a lot. Becoming comfortable with conversation will open doors for you. A sales job forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and speak to new people.

Interacting with people daily makes you realize how valuable relationships are. The larger your network is, the easier it will be for you to make new connections. You’ll have the skills to develop a professional and personal network that pays dividends. CBS news agrees, your network is the most valuable asset for a successful career. Being comfortable around new people is an invaluable skill, developing it early helps you get ahead in every area of life.


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The Ultimate Sales Communication Guide

communicationCommunication creates relationships, and relationships drive sales. Understanding how you can use verbal (and non-verbal) communication to affect others is the difference between good salesman and a great one.

Sales Communication Opens Doors

By expressing yourself strategically you strengthen the bond you create with prospects. They open up more than they would otherwise, and new opportunities form as a result. If you’re ready to improve your sales communication, this guide is for you.

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How Visual Lead Scoring Increases Sales

These days, the success of your sales department rests largely on your online marketing strategy. If your team has trouble hitting their numbers each quarter, a strong online marketing campaign will help reactivate inactive customers and convert new ones.


Lead scoring is one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your customer base. You can cater your marketing techniques to the client, whether you sell kid’s clothes  or high-end cigar accessories for distinguished businessmen. Lead scoring helps define a customer’s intent to buy using metrics such as page views, downloads, filling in pop up email forms, and more.

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How to Overcome Sales Objections – with Response Scripts

Objection Handling with Badger Maps

An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information.

Bo Bennett


The major roadblock in sales is often the objections customers throw your way that stop them from buying and you from selling. These should never be seen as the door being shut in your face. The best way to overcome sales objections is to identify and remove the friction that’s acting as a hurdle for your client. Do this by asking pertinent questions to uncover the real problems and address them, calmly, one by one to move forward in a mutually beneficial way.


7 common sales objections with the best responses for each:


1. The Blow-offs

 Customer: “I am not interested”

This kind of sales objection is generally an impulsive response to a sales pitch and almost never has anything to do with you. These types of objections are not very serious either. Prospects tend to do this when they feel the salesperson is taking away their time.



The best way to deal with this is to not contradict them. First empathize with them, telling them that you understand how they feel. Then tell them about somebody who felt the same way. Next, tell them how that other person found buying the product was actually a very beneficial thing to do.

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Trends of Women in Sales

Women in Sales in 2017

women in sales


What do you think of when you hear “sales person?” The term generally triggers the picture of a stereotypical pushy car salesman in a suit and tie. In most people’s mind, the image is a ‘salesman’, and not  ‘women in sales.’


Let’s look at this from a Linkedin perspective: Go to your Linkedin and do a “people search” for VP of Sales. The first page of results might not be very surprising. How many men are there? How many women? When I searched, only one of the first ten results for VP of Sales is a woman…you heard that right, only one! Case in point, women are continually under-represented in sales organizations, even though there is always a need for strong performers in sales. We need more women in sales!


Want the Good or Bad News First?


Let’s start with the good news. Times are changing for women in the workforce. Women now make up about half of the US workforce and 51.5% of management and professional positions. Now the bad news.…according to recent Linkedin statistics:


  • The percentage of women in sales has only increased 3% in the last decade, from 36% to 39%.


  • That percentage decreases the more senior the role. Women only hold 19% of leadership roles in sales.

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