What Millennials Will Bring to Sales Leadership Roles
What Millennials Will Bring to Sales Leadership Roles As a millennial working at a company full of other millennials, I wasn’t surprised to hear that our generation will surpass the number of baby boomers AND Generation X in the workforce in 2019. In sales-focused positions, this means that the number of millennial managers is also increasing. This shift brings some uncertainty for more experienced sales teams as to what millennial sales leaders will excel at and what they will struggle with. This article will discuss a couple of the challenges and opportunities for success millennial leaders in sales will face for 2019 and beyond. CHALLENGE: Lack of Experience....
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‘How to Succeed’ from Top Sales Leaders
‘How to Succeed’ from Top Sales Leaders Sales is a continually evolving industry. It can seem difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to keep up with the constant shifts among companies, products and technology. Because there are so many diverse areas within sales, it’s important to know what you’re up against. It’s also important to know what you can do to make yourself a valuable and irreplaceable member of the team. Here are a few pointers from successful sales leaders on how to succeed and stay ahead of the curve. To Know it is to Love it After talking to attendees at his company’s annual sales summit, Noah....
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How To Get More Qualified Sales Meetings (with scripts)
How To Get More Qualified Sales Meetings (with scripts) Crushing your quota in the sales industry is all about nailing qualified meetings and eventually closing the deal. Consistently having a large number of meetings is good, but you want to make sure each meeting is up to your standards. Whether you’re meeting a prospect for the first time or getting ready to close a deal, you always want to enter a meeting with a goal in mind. By establishing a goal for the meeting you get an idea of how the interaction is going to play out. Finding qualified prospects who are willing to sit down and hear your....
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The 3 Fundamentals of Pitching to Doctors
The 3 Fundamentals of Pitching to Doctors Being a medical device sales rep is tasking. You need to be able to engage in meaningful conversation with everyone you meet and must face many obstacles when reaching out to prospects. The most crucial step is pitching to doctors. When you’ve reached the doctor, you’ve reached your most important decision maker and are one step closer to closing the deal. The sales process in the medical device field is a long and strenuous journey, but being able to close the deal will always be worth the grind. Now that you’ve made contact with the doctor: It’s time to set....
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New Feature: Radius Tool + Other Updates
New Feature: Radius Tool + Other Updates A long-awaited feature is finally here and we’re very excited to announce the Radius tool! Many of our users have been requesting this feature so that they can easily search for a group of accounts based on a point on their map. With the Radius tool, you can now draw a circle around any point on your map with a defined radius. This will making creating routes and updating territories easier than ever before! You can find the Radius tool under the new “Tools” section in the left sidebar. Lasso will also now be under this section for easy access....
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