Quiz: What Sales Animal Are You?
Quiz: What Sales Animal Are You? You've probably heard of a 'Sales Shark' - that persistent sales rep who won't take 'no' for an answer. However, an aggressive sales style isn't always the best fit for every deal. Closing gets the credit, but other aspects of the sales process, like customer experience, are just as important. It's time for sales teams to make room for other animals. Take the quiz below to find out what Sales Animal you are based on your selling style and personality. Then learn how Badger Maps can help you improve your unique sales process.
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Training Tuesday: How to Use Sales Judo to Overcome "Just Send Me the Information"
Watch more videos on The Secrets and Tips of Field Sales on YouTube here! How many times has this happened to you? After a few minutes of chatting with a prospect, they cut you short and tell you: “Just send me your information. I'll review it and get back to you.”  Now, tell me this, what do you think the chances are that your prospect actually means what he said, that he's actually going to wait for your email, drop everything he's doing to read it, and then return your call? They're very low. In this blog, I'm going....
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Unlocking your Social Brain to Grow Sales
Unlocking your Social Brain to Grow Sales How can we increase our social awareness to interact with others in a more efficient, inspirational and influential way? In today’s interconnected world, collaborating well with other people is an increasingly important skill. One way of thinking about our social interactions is to use the SCARF Model, which can help us make those interactions more successful. David Rock’s SCARF Model is a summary of important neuroscientific discoveries about the way we interact socially. The model is built on three central ideas: 1. Your brain treats social threats and rewards with the same or even greater intensity as physical threats....
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Quiz: What is Your Sales Weakness?
Quiz: What is Your Sales Weakness? Is a sales weakness holding you back from crushing your quota? Outside sales reps are required to sharpen their skills in a variety of disciplines. It’s hard to keep up with everything—negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills—the list continues. What do you focus on when there’s so much to cover? You should target the weakest skill in your repertoire. Take this quiz to discover your sales weakness, and then learn how you can build it up.
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Training Tuesday: The Biggest Mistake to Avoid with Price Objections
Training Tuesday: The Biggest Mistake to Avoid with Price Objections When you hear a price objection, don’t be like the rookie sales rep who gets nervous and immediately responds by offering a discount. If you offer a discount right away, the customer sees that it was really easy to get you move off your price and, to them, it feels like you were trying to rip them off. If you drop your price right away, you really lose all credibility. Also, the prospect will often feel like you can drop it even more. Remember to treat negotiations like wringing out a wet towel. You’re the wet towel and the water....
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