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The Future of Salespeople: Humans VS Robots
The Future of Salespeople: Humans VS Robots Human relationships are an essential part of sales. Many buying decisions are based on how reliable and trustworthy a sales person is in the eyes of the customer. Currently, these relationships largely rely on human interactions since technology is still not able to fully imitate human behavior. However, what would happen if salespeople could one day be replaced by robots that are twice as productive and cost half as much? The buying process is already largely automated. In fact, McKinsey estimates that, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of the relationship with a company without interacting with a human....
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What Millennials Will Bring to Sales Leadership Roles
What Millennials Will Bring to Sales Leadership Roles As a millennial working at a company full of other millennials, I wasn’t surprised to hear that our generation will surpass the number of baby boomers AND Generation X in the workforce in 2019. In sales-focused positions, this means that the number of millennial managers is also increasing. This shift brings some uncertainty for more experienced sales teams as to what millennial sales leaders will excel at and what they will struggle with. This article will discuss a couple of the challenges and opportunities for success millennial leaders in sales will face for 2019 and beyond. CHALLENGE: Lack of Experience....
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How to Increase Sales with Artificial Intelligence
How to Increase Sales with Artificial Intelligence You already know Artificial Intelligence can drive cars, but did you know that it can also drive sales? AI simulates human intelligence processes using computer algorithms, and sales companies like Base CRM, Cogito, and Salesforce are already using it to increase their sales and grow their businesses—and so can you. Companies use this kind of automation to save time on busy work  and remain competitive in today’s business world. AI can increase your selling hours by not only automating busy work, but also analyzing your habits and improving your daily productivity. Regardless of what model your business follows (business-to-consumer....
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