Focus on the Moment (Podcast Recap)

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Focus on the moment

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The IA Path is a podcast dedicated to Insurance Adjusters. Our CEO Steve Benson had the chance to sit down with the host of the IA Path, Chris Stanley, to discuss his start as an adjuster and the value Badger creates for the industry.

Why should an adjuster/salesperson use your product over something free?

We're built on top of a free product, but Badger was created with the professional in mind. People who need to manage accounts or claims in an area can do so much more easily with Badger than with Google Maps alone.

Did being an adjuster influence Badger Maps?

Definitely, Badger is useful for any group that travels in the field. I had a definite need for it. As an adjuster, you're asking someone to close out their claim. Your product is an insured asset and your sale is asking someone to close it out.

There's a lot in common between outside salespeople and adjusters, maybe more than between inside and outside sales. Being out in a territory requires specific abilities. You need to know the territory, the people, where you're going and what you're doing.

Badger is simple on surface. Underneath, it address all of the issues someone will need help with in a territory. Badger helps you manage the various accounts you need to see while maintaining a deep focus on usability.

What are time management tips for professionals?

The key for time management is focusing on the right people. You need to thoughtfully plan your whole week in a way that makes sense. Badger helps people focus based on these attributes. You want to plan your whole week in a way that makes sense. You create a skeleton out of your most important appointments and fill in with your lesser appointments through the week.

Would you say "focus on the right people" is the biggest influence on your career?

Absolutely. My opinion is that bad technology gets in the way, good technology guides you to where you need to be.

Frank, my mentor when I was an adjuster with Allstate, was a great example of a guy who understood his customers and who to focus on. He didn't like computers because they took focus away from the customer. Frank knew exactly who to focus on and when, today that isn't so easy. Companies put a lot of expectations on their reps and adjusters, Badger helps return that focus.

What's the biggest waste of time in business?

Not taking the time to really solve the customer's problem. Slowing down and empathizing with your customer is actually the fastest way to move them down the pipeline. It's easy to grow numb and lose the sense of humanity that makes sales happen.

Top Takeaways:

  • Focus on the moment
  • Empathize with the customer
  • Listen to all of your customer's problems
  • Give 5 extra minutes to each account you work with

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