Announcing the Badger Maps Knowledge Base
Announcing the Badger Maps Knowledge Base The Badger Maps team has launched its online help platform, the Knowledge Base. Find it here. 
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Introduction to the Lasso tool
Introduction to the Lasso tool A lot of our customers have asked for a better way of creating routes and updating multiple points on the map, and today we'd like to introduce the lasso, our way of making these tasks very easy and straight forward. Want to create a route from a specific area of customers? Just highlight and create a route. Need to split your map into territories? Very easy, just highlight and switch territory ownership. Watch our video below and take a look to understand how our Lasso tool works: We hope you really enjoy this new feature! We think it adds a....
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A Route Planner Solves Decades Old Problem
A Route Planner Solves Decades Old Problem The Rock isn’t the only one who does this.  A driving trip planner is a solution to a decades long problem.  When cars became so easily available a new problem occurred, namely, that large distances with multiple stops could be covered in a day but no way to efficiently reach all your destinations existed. That’s where we come in with our route planner that provides you with excellent maps via Google Maps and the ability to create routes and optimize them. What does route optimization mean here? It means that we will generate the most efficient route possible based on....
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5 Funny Memes About Mapping Software and Sales Territory Mapping
5 Funny Memes About Mapping Software and Sales Territory Mapping 1. Even the most interesting man in the world understands how useful mapping software is.  Slicing the time you spend in the car and providing savings on gas are easily obtainable with the right routing software. 2. If you use a CRM program and a map with your work and then find yourself also bringing up google to search for new leads or access your calendar, the frustration of juggling everything is real. Having all these things in a centralized location would make life so much easier, and our routing software does just that. 3. Not only will work....
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Customer Mapping Software: A Global Tool
Customer Mapping Software: A Global Tool Whether you are a local business or a multinational corporation, having sales territory mapping software can generate efficiency benefits such as reducing costs and saving time.  Lower costs from reductions in gas expenditures and time saved from better planned schedules can amount to a lot over time.   With our software you will find any part of your work day involving sales or travel much easier. If you never thought about how a map can help with generating leads or how it can give you an easier time visualizing your customers, then it is about time you check out the....
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