How Badger Turns Sales Green
How Badger Turns Sales Green Global Warming's Destructive Reach On Christmas Eve 2015, not a single snowflake was spotted in New York City. Southern Californians are currently escaping destructive wildfires caused by excessive heat and droughts. And the 2011 Super Outbreak was just one in a series of tornadoes expected to get progressively more disruptive due to the warming ocean surfaces that fuel such storms. All these occurrences are the result of global warming. It is provoked by air pollutants, such as CO2, that absorb solar radiation and sunlight reflected by the earth’s surface and trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the planet to....
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Address Planning
Address planning may just be the answer to the one problem you keep having with typical CRM software. As a salesperson, you’re intimately aware of this problem already — keeping track of the location of all your customers and leads. Location intelligence is that something missing from most CRM software today. Most CRM databases don’t have the capability to pinpoint customer addresses on a map. Wouldn’t it be great if you can visualize the location of all your leads and customers on Google Maps? Thankfully, there’s a very intuitive and innovative solution on the market called Badger Maps. It uses....
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How To Conquer Your New Territory With Badger Maps
How To Conquer Your New Territory With Badger Maps Trying to open a new branch of business in a different city can be indeed very stressful. With directional challenges and possible language barriers, being lost in a new city can be a great headache. With little connections, getting the business name out to targeted customers will take some time as well. However, with Badger Maps, it becomes easier to move around and get comfortable in a new surrounding. As long as you have account information and client data, you can visualize, optimize, and track all your customers from a single map. Opening a branch in a different city....
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Plan Routes Better: Find Leads, Create Opportunities
Plan Routes Better: Find Leads, Create Opportunities You know where you want to go, but do you really know how to get there? All roads lead to Rome, but how do you find the one that is most efficient and fastest? Imagine cutting your hours on the road by 20%. What do you do with that saved time? All these questions have to do with how you schedule your work day. Or more generally, they are related to how you create sales opportunities. To save time and, by extension, money, salespeople need route planning software. This allows them to create the most efficient route between customers. This kind....
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