A Route Planner Solves Decades Old Problem

By Kenneth Cromer

Posted in Product

Free Route Planner rocks!

The Rock isn’t the only one who does this.  A driving trip planner is a solution to a decades long problem.  When cars became so easily available a new problem occurred, namely, that large distances with multiple stops could be covered in a day but no way to efficiently reach all your destinations existed. That’s where we come in with our route planner that provides you with excellent maps via Google Maps and the ability to create routes and optimize them.

What does route optimization mean here? It means that we will generate the most efficient route possible based on your specifications. You can select all your desired destinations for a day, the times you want to be at each and even how long you want to stay at each.   We’ll give you extra time in your day and save you gas money.

Our route planner software was also made with so much more.  Add notes to your saved locations, add meetings and events directly to your calendar from our app and download your CRM or any type of client list and see them on a map.  We even give you the option to colorize your map points by whatever filters you like, enabling you to see your clients in a way you never have before.

Don’t find yourself regretting the time you waste in the car, give our route planner a try and see how your world on the road can become a more positive experience.


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