How To Conquer Your New Territory With Badger Maps

By Erica Lei

Posted in Product

Trying to open a new branch of business in a different city can be indeed very stressful. With directional challenges and possible language barriers, being lost in a new city can be a great headache. With little connections, getting the business name out to targeted customers will take some time as well. However, with Badger Maps, it becomes easier to move around and get comfortable in a new surrounding. Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.24.10 PM As long as you have account information and client data, you can visualize, optimize, and track all your customers from a single map. Opening a branch in a different city makes it difficult to know where all the prime businesses are. So, with Badger, it lets you quickly map, and situate yourself in a new city as you generate accounts to your route. Using your mobile iPhone or Android device, Badger Maps can also connect to Google Maps on the phone to make sure you stay on track as you explore. Additionally, it is a traffic updating software so traveling time will be minimized as you find your accounts. You can easily locate all the people you want to meet up with and make money fast. By using route optimization, this allows you to save time, hit multiple clients, and get the job done fast.
Want a break from networking? Connected with Google Maps API, Badger Maps can easily tell you the closest place you can grab a bite to save time. With Badger Maps, you will know your new territory like you know your backyard! Mark your territory and find how you can grow your business with Badger here. button-1

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