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Consultative Selling: A Complete Guide
Consultative Selling: A Complete Guide Traditional sales techniques often come across as pushy and impersonal. In fact, only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs.  With so many solutions available to customers, there is one factor that will eventually make the difference between closing the deal or missing out on a valuable opportunity - the trust you build with your prospects. What is Consultative Selling? The consultative selling approach centers on guiding your prospect to the solution that works best for them. You act as a consultant and encourage your prospect to make their own decision. Ultimately, your goal is to still....
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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2020 Best Alternative [video included]
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2020 Best Alternative [video included] Every salesperson has their favorite tool to get the job done efficiently. In a rapidly-evolving industry, however, a favorite tool often gets replaced by the next generation of software.  Case in point: Microsoft Streets and Trips, one of the most popular mapping software, once used by hundreds. Blazing a trail in the early days of GPS technology, it was one of the original mapping software, and helped to make traveling easier and more time-efficient. Distributed by CD, however, this popular software was slow to update, and unfortunately was discontinued in 2013. It left many asking, what will replace Microsoft Streets and Trips? The....
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