Sales Territory Mapping: The Best Mapping Software and Features to Maximize Sales

In sales, it’s important to always see the bigger picture.

The best reps and sales managers have a handle on everything happening within their territory — where their customers are located, the areas with the highest concentration of prospects, and the status of each account.

Sales territory mapping has become more advanced than ever, with technology designed specifically for sales reps to manage their territories and prioritize the right customers at the right time. 

Crucial in coordinating and streamlining sales teams’ efforts, territory maps ensure that no one steps on anyone’s toes or impedes on another rep’s territory.

But what exactly are sales territory maps, and which specific features do these maps offer to effectively manage a territory and maximize sales?

What is a Sales Territory Map?

A sales territory map is a visual representation of the area in which a sales rep conducts their business. Fully interactive, these maps allow a bird’s-eye view of action within a territory. 

The best sales maps help organize customers and prospects, optimize routes, manage check-ins, follow-ups, and more. 

Additionally, they allow management to oversee the territory of their entire team and coordinate a plan of attack for each rep. By having a specific action plan, a sales team can cover all their bases in a region and make the most of each rep’s performance.

When it comes to sales territory mapping software, web-based apps such as Google Maps are only a small step up from highlighters and paper maps. Google Maps does not provide demographic data, leaving reps unaware of the types of prospects they’ll encounter.

However, there is specialized sales territory mapping software that makes sales territory maps more sophisticated and feature-heavy. These tools have been a game-changer, empowering reps to truly control their territories and get the most out of every day in the field.

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How to Manage Your Sales Territory

Sales territory management can be approached in a number of ways. The most important thing to keep in mind is you want to create well-balanced territories. 

Check out the presentation below for a more visual and easy-to-understand overview of the best practices in territory management:

Typically, sales territories are divided based on the following specifications:

  • Current Customers
  • Zip Code
  • Target Market Demographics
  • Distribution of Homes / Businesses

Current Customers

When creating a new sales territory, understanding the areas you are currently having success in is a great place to start. 

By analyzing these areas, you can get a better idea of which prospects are likely to turn into customers, and what appeals to buyers in that particular neighborhood. You can also go back to these customers and ask them for referrals.

When communicating with potential buyers in the area, you will have plenty of relatable customer success stories to share about other buyers that are close to them. 

Pursuing all leads in an area you have a high density of buyers often leads to a shorter sales cycle.

Zip Code

Dividing a territory by zip code is clear cut and simple.

The benefit of dividing your sales territory by zip-code is that the boundaries of the territory are very clear. If you find a lead in an area that is out of your assigned zip code, then you simply pass it to the appropriate rep.

When dividing an area by zip code, you have to be aware that the demographics between zip codes, or even within zip codes, can vary tremendously. Additionally, the size of the area may not be consistent with the density of homes. 

For example, one zip code may have a high density of houses while a neighboring zip code has a low density. You may find it best to assign a rep one high-density zip code and a second rep two or three low-density zip codes in order to give them equal opportunity.

Target Market Demographics

Every company has a target demographic they want to reach.

To avoid sending your reps into a territory blind, understanding the demographic of an area is key.

First, you have to identify your target market. If you are in B2B sales, you may segment prospects by a number of variables including business type, business size, annual company revenue, etc.

If you’re in door-to-door sales, you may want to distinguish between homeowner/renter, median income, or household size to name a few factors. Once you have this information, you can create your territory based on the number of potential buyers in the area.

Distribution of Homes or Businesses

Another simple way to create an even territory is by looking into the density of homes or businesses in a given area.

Like with zip codes, dividing a territory only by size can create unbalanced territories. More important than each rep having a territory of the same size is having a territory with the same amount of opportunities. By accounting for the number of homes or businesses in a given area you can create fair and balanced territories.

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How Sales Territory Maps Can Help You Manage your Territory

Once you implement a sales territory strategy that fits your sales team, you have to stay on top of your territories to ensure they are being properly served.

Managing your sales territories may seem time-consuming and overwhelming. Luckily sales territory management software makes it easy. 

Territory management software gives sales teams the power to automatically oversee their territories at a level of detail previously impossible. This big picture view makes it easy to understand the areas reps are working in. 

Having your territory maps and customer data in one spot makes rebalancing territories simple. Any adjustments made to your territories are immediately visible to your reps, guaranteeing that the team stays on the same page. 

Sales territory mapping software even includes additional features that further enable you to maintain an organized and productive team within a territory.

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Be The Master of Your Sales Territory

Discover how to manage your sales territory effectively with Badger Maps, the best sales territory management software.

The Best Sales Mapping Territory Features (And the Software That Has Them)

Route Optimization

Getting to your many destinations in a timely and efficient manner is key in outside sales. If a rep gets stuck in traffic along a bad route, they can lose costly hours in the day — and lose out on sales.

The best sales territory mapping software will always include route optimization features to ensure you remain on schedule and on-time with customers. 

Software with Route Optimization Features
  • Badger Maps - Badger is simple to use, can optimize for multiple stops, and allows you to plan routes in advance for each purpose. Great option for field sales teams of all sizes and individual reps.


  • Google Maps - Good option for simple routes and getting between 2 points
  • Speedy Route - Recommended for routes with more than 4 stops


It’s one thing to know your territory. It’s another thing to actually see it.

By visualizing your sales territory on an interactive map, it’s possible to get a true sense of the lay of the land, and where your customers and prospects are within it. At a glance, you can keep tabs on clusters of business, and plan your route accordingly.

Territory visualization goes beyond viewing the boundaries of your territory. With territory visualization, it’s easy to create, assign, and relocate territories in an instant. By using software to map your territory you guarantee that, regardless of what adjustments you make, everyone stays on the same page. Additionally, it makes onboarding new reps simpler than ever before.

Many sales territory mapping software even let you filter what you see on the map, which further enables sales managers to make strategic business decisions that help reps maximize their productivity.]

Software with Visualization Features
  • Badger Maps - Best for visualizing your customers in your territories and filtering the accounts you want to see using any criteria of your choice


  • RouteSavvy- For a big picture view of your territories
  • BatchGeo - For a big picture view of your territories


You can never rest on your laurels too long in sales. Having fresh prospects is important in keeping your pipeline full and ensuring that you always have new customers.

Whether you have just 10 minutes, or a whole hour to spare, prospecting is easy to do with sales mapping software. Prospecting tools enable you to search for new opportunities within your own territory. 

After finding new leads, you can add it to your territory map, or even your route, turning idle time into a money-making opportunity.

If you ever find that there are too many leads in your territory, you can quickly and correctly rebalance your territory to make sure no lead goes unchecked.

Software with Prospecting Features
  • Badger Maps - Find new leads around you and add them to your route
  • Maptitude - Search for new opportunities in your territory
  • Maptive- Search for new opportunities in your territory


Following up is an essential part of Sales, as it keeps the connection close with your customers while making sure that you can address any questions or concerns they may have, better enabling you to close the deal.

Following up is not a one and done deal. In fact, 80% of deals require at least 5 follow-ups before they close. This means, missing a follow-up opportunity can literally mean missing out on an entire deal.

With tons of accounts on your hand, it can be easy to let a follow-up slip. Imagine how many more deals you can close if you can schedule follow-up reminders as soon as you finish interacting with a customer! 

Software with Follow-up Features
  • Badger Maps - With follow-up reminders, never miss an opportunity to close a deal

Log Customer Notes

The better you know your customers, the more likely you’ll form a trusting long-term relationship that will result in an increased LTV.

But it’s hard to keep all the details of all your customers straight. That’s why having thorough and easily-accessible customer notes are so important.

When juggling dozens of different accounts, it’s nearly impossible to remember every last detail of every last customer. Make it easy on yourself by utilizing the newest technology in sales mapping to keep detailed notes of who your customers are, what they’re buying, and how you can best serve them.

With easily accessible notes, you never have to worry about misplacing valuable information. 

Software with Customer Note Features

Team Coordination

A team is only as effective as the communication between its members. So keeping reps on the same page is crucial.

When you're in charge of an entire team, it can be hard to monitor all deals and stay organized. The last thing you want is for any internal conflict to arise due to one rep accidentally encroaching on another rep’s territory.

Built-in team coordination can help your team stay organized in the field. With a view of the team's territories, you can make strategic territory adjustments without leaving reps out of the loop.

With everyone in sync, all team members can work effectively and with no hiccups.

Software with Team Coordination Features
  • Badger Maps - Manage your team’s territories with the click of a button
  • GeoPointe - Get a clear view of which territories your teammates are working in


Sales territory mapping is the best way to see stay organized and get a complete picture of where your team members are. 

With the new technology available, both managers and sales reps can become more productive by using sales territory mapping software. From routing to follow-up reminders, the sales mapping software goes beyond the ability to create and adjust territories.

Investing in sales territory mapping software is a no-brainer if you have a field sales team. With Badger Maps, you can create an unstoppable sales team. Start your free trial today!

Authors: Chistina Carpio and Mitch Paglia

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