Top 6 Onboarding Tools for Your Sales Team
Top 6 Onboarding Tools for Your Sales Team Do you remember your first ever field sales role? Driving around frantically trying to find house numbers or business names in a neighborhood you’d never heard of? If your onboarding wasn’t efficient, you most likely kept this sense of disorientation for a few weeks or even months. We already know that the average new sales hire takes 11.2 months to start producing ROI. Starting a sales role is generally hard and confusing for your new reps and inefficient for the organization too. But this doesn't mean you should close the door to new hires and grads. After all, they can....
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The Future of Salespeople: Humans VS Robots
The Future of Salespeople: Humans VS Robots Human relationships are an essential part of sales. Many buying decisions are based on how reliable and trustworthy a sales person is in the eyes of the customer. Currently, these relationships largely rely on human interactions since technology is still not able to fully imitate human behavior. However, what would happen if salespeople could one day be replaced by robots that are twice as productive and cost half as much? The buying process is already largely automated. In fact, McKinsey estimates that, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of the relationship with a company without interacting with a human....
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7 Ways to Increase Sales Rep Efficiency
7 Ways to Increase Sales Rep Efficiency A guest blog by Diego Pineda, Senior Content Creator at CloudTask When the US Armed Forces have a critical mission, they deploy a team of Navy SEALs - the ultimate standard of efficiency and productivity. The SEALs are physically and mentally strong, but above all, they are productive and efficient, coming in and out of combat zones very quickly, while fulfilling their mission. Just like the typical outside sales team, right? Not even close. The average outside sales rep only spends 36% of their time actively selling (cold calling, following up, visiting, making presentations, etc.). A whopping 64% of a....
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Running Away From Stress: How Exercise Can Help Outside Sales Reps Relax
Running Away From Stress: How Exercise Can Help Outside Sales Reps Relax Life as an outside sales representative is nonstop. From scheduling your daily meetings to physically getting yourself to their locations, you need to juggle a slew of responsibilities: who are you visiting today? What are they expecting? How can you deliver a pitch to their specific needs? You know that your job extends beyond traditional nine-to-five bounds and with how much extra energy you have to dedicate to managing your success, you might be struggling to find a healthy balance between work and home life. You’re not alone: an estimated 80% of working Americans feel stress due to their jobs....
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11 Essential Outside Sales Tools
11 Essential Outside Sales Tools Outside sales isn’t easy. You have to find customers and prepare for meetings. Book flights and find prospect’s offices on location. Your schedule tends to change at last minute. Presentations rarely go as planned. When you talk to a lead over email, you have all the time in the world to prepare an answer for a tricky question. Outside sales reps need to come up with an answer in seconds. And they have to sound charismatic and persuasive while they do it. No big deal, right? Thankfully, there’s no reason to go through your day empty-handed. High performing sales teams....
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