How to Keep Your Field Sales Team Motivated While Working from Home
How to Keep Your Field Sales Team Motivated While Working from Home Part of the magic of working in sales is that salespeople are the masters of their own destinies. Good sales reps don’t need to be micromanaged. That’s good news for any sales manager with a staff of outside salespeople who currently find themselves unable to leave their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it’s a manager’s job to keep the staff motivated and productive. When the days blur together and half of the sales team struggle to drag themselves out of bed in the morning, sales managers should have their work cut out for them. There are steps managers....
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25 Best Sales Movies You Must See
25 Best Sales Movies You Must See Over half of American salespersons are sleazy, greedy, lazy, dummies, or occasionally criminal — according to sales movies.  And that hasn’t changed. Since 1903, when salespeople began appearing on the reel, portrayals have remained stagnant, and salespeople have despised them. Like, LinkedIn sales manager, Kelly Marberry, for whom, Glengarry Glen Ross and Boiler Room make salespeople look “slimy.” Seth Davis, as a “boiler room” broker, gains acclaim via unethical deals, while Glengarry Glen Ross’ salesmen constantly lie, deceit, threaten. But these movies are often liked. Wolf of Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort cons the innocent, churned $400m and also catalyzed....
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How to Get Started in Wholesale
How to Get Started in Wholesale Wholesaling is a worthwhile and profitable business as long as you know what you’re doing. People who start a wholesale business without enough preparation often find themselves falling on their face. To be a successful wholesale distributor, you need to know how to begin your business. In this blog, you will learn how to get started in wholesale, the foundations of how to be successful, and the other factors you need to consider before starting your business. Build Your Sales Background The first thing that you need to do is build your sales background. What this means is that if....
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