Consultative Selling: A Complete Guide
Consultative Selling: A Complete Guide Traditional sales techniques often come across as pushy and impersonal. In fact, only 13% of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs.  With so many solutions available to customers, there is one factor that will eventually make the difference between closing the deal or missing out on a valuable opportunity - the trust you build with your prospects. What is Consultative Selling? The consultative selling approach centers on guiding your prospect to the solution that works best for them. You act as a consultant and encourage your prospect to make their own decision. Ultimately, your goal is to still....
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How To Sell With Sensitivity In Challenging Times
How To Sell With Sensitivity In Challenging Times What weird and uncertain times we are in! Especially for field salespeople. The pros who live for the road, popping in on clients, building on relationships, closing deals. Being trapped at home can truly feel like a cruel and unusual punishment. But things are different now. Our world is shifting. It is not business as usual. People are afraid. Afraid of getting sick, losing money in their retirement, not having enough to eat, not being able to pay their mortgage, spending money, etc.      It’s times like these in which even the most committed sales professionals might think: “I....
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The Absolute 25 Best Sales Podcasts to Improve Your Sales Skills [with download links]
The Absolute 25 Best Sales Podcasts to Improve Your Sales Skills [with download links] When you work in Sales, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sales meetings and calls can eat up the majority of your week, and leave little time to sharpen important skills to enhance your sales performance.  However, there’s an easy — and free — way to gain valuable insight from industry experts on-the-go: by tuning into one of the hundreds of sales podcasts on the internet. But there are so many to choose from! How do you know which podcasts will help you improve the skills you’re most interested in? Well, we’ve found them for you! Here’s a....
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