Automate Prospecting and Route Planning with Resquared & Badger Maps

We’re bringing together lead generation and route optimization for field sales people. The combined solution makes uncovering new customers and organizing your time in the field easy.  With the power of AI in your outreach email campaigns from ReSquared and the ability to plan your time in the field with Badger Maps, field sales reps can crush their quota. 

Using Resquared and Badger Maps together shows reps what the future of field sales can be.  With Resquared AI for reaching out to local businesses and finding new leads in your area, you can scale up your prospecting and uncover new leads. Then once you have new prospects engaged and ready for a meeting, you can pass them to Badger Maps where it's easy to figure out the best route and schedule for your day that balances managing your time with new leads and existing customers. Badger enables field reps to automatically plan, route, and maximize their time in the field - cutting down driving time and selling more.

With Badger Maps with Resquared, you not only have AI powered lead generating tools and up-to-date data on over 11 million small and local businesses at the touch of a button, but you eliminate the busy work and fully automate your field sales process. That’s why combining both these apps together will make you unstoppable in your field.

Discover the benefits that a great tech stack can bring to your field sales and service teams. Find out more about how to use Badger Maps and Resquared together to get the best of both worlds.

Find Leads in Your Area

Start your day by finding the best opportunities around you. 

And before you can plan your day and your routes, you’re going to need to find your leads. Planning ahead has been made easy by Resquared ( To begin, on Resquared, use the search tool to find local businesses in your target market. You can filter by industry, location, size, revenue, and other criteria. We recommend creating a small (max 5 mile) radius for your campaign, so that you can visit multiple prospects in the same day. 

Select the businesses that you want to contact and add them to your list. 

Because Resquared is constantly pulling contact data on over 11 million small businesses pulled from multiple verified sources like the BBB, Chambers of Commerce, Security of State, social media, and consumer review sites, you’ll never be at a loss for leads. 

Additionally, Resquared is constantly cleaning, updating, and adding to their database so you have access to every single business owner in the US and Canada.

But what about when you’re on the road and a meeting finishes early or gets canceled last minute? Fear not, you can also look for leads using Badger Maps while you’re out-and-about, so you don’t have to worry about finding them all on Resquared before heading out. 

It’s simple! Using the Badger Maps leads feature, type in keywords like industry, business name, and product type to find your ideal leads in the field. You can add them to your future routes or get instant directions if you’re already on the road. This is great for when you’re out in the field and want to see the leads around you.

Get Follow-Up Reminders and Send Personalized Emails

On Resquared, use the email prospecting tool to create and send personalized messages to your prospects. You can use the templates provided by Resquared or create your own. You can also schedule your emails to be sent at the best time for each prospect.

Be sure to mention you’ll be stopping by in person! This increases response rates and is an easy transition for dropping in on prospects.

Bonus: by pairing this with Badger Maps, you’ll ever miss another follow-up with our handy follow-up feature! 

See all your upcoming follow-ups and never miss an opportunity by forgetting to contact a prospect on time. 

Even better, Badger Maps integrates with your calendar too, so you can sync your follow-up reminders and scheduled meetings.

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Track Email Performance

On Resquared, track the performance of your email campaigns using the analytics dashboard. You can see how many emails were opened and replied to. Be sure to mark any positive responses or other high quality prospects as a lead. 

You can also use the communication center to manage your conversations with your prospects. You can reply to emails, make calls, or chat with them on social media. 

Import Prospects to Badger Maps

Before heading to your car, export any leads from Resquared you’d like to visit in person. Then  upload these leads to Badger Maps. 

Once your leads are uploaded to Badger Maps you can view it alongside your existing prospects and customer data. If your data is in a CRM, Badger can be connected to your CRM so that changes made in the CRM show up in Badger and vice versa. If your customer data is in spreadsheets or databases, that can also be uploaded into Badger so that you can see everything in one place, on a map. Then you can start building your routes to visit your prospects from Resquared along with your existing data on an interactive map.

Visualize Your Route

Viewing your customer and lead data on a map when you are trying to build a route for the first time is like removing a blindfold! Use the Badger Maps to see your prospects on an interactive map based on their location, industry, revenue, or any other criteria. The colorize and filtering tools allow you to effortlessly plan your days. With a quick look at the map, you can visualize your top accounts, mass update information, see who’s generating revenue, and much more.

You can also filter your prospects to segment them into different groups or priorities for added ease and better focus on your accounts with the most potential.

Use the Badger Maps route planning feature to create optimized routes for visiting your prospects in person. You can add prospects to your route manually or by using the lasso or radius tools to quickly add many prospects to a route. You can also optimize your route at any time to find the shortest or fastest way to visit all your prospects.

And did we mention that with Badger Maps you can add over 100 stops to your route? This is an upgrade from Google Maps’ 10 stop limit because Badger Maps knows what field teams need and was designed with that in mind.

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Track Field Sales Performance

With Badger Maps’ ability to check-in to meetings, you can capture data and notes in the field so you’ll never forget account details. Record check-ins with notes about your visit and customize any other information you'd like to collect including information like, business type, products bought, sales YTD, and more. These will check-ins can automatically sync to your CRM for extra automation.

Remember, whenever you visit a business that you previously messaged through Resquared, mention that you reached out saying you’d stop by. This can be a natural opening that shows them you’re really trying to connect. 

Analyze Your Performance

With Badger Maps makes it easy to gather data from the field with our Check-in feature, keep in sync with your CRM system, and tracks your sales activities. You can track how many miles you drove, how many visits you made, how long you spent with each prospect, how much revenue you generated, and more.

Badger Maps integrates with major CRM platforms, so it enables reps to capture data from the field easily into Badger, right from your mobile device! The account is already open since it's on the route, so it's easy for the reps to update the CRM with notes. Teams using Badger have experienced CRM data capture increase more than 50%. 

Using Badger, Managers can gain insights into their team’s activity while they’re out in the field. Badger Maps can keep everyone on the same page, help the team understand what’s working and what isn’t, manage territories with a few taps, and help allocate resources effectively. 

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