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A Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Sales Productivity


A Morning Routine Made Just for You

What makes successful people — pro athletes, business moguls, political figures — successful? Success is swearing by a morning routine to start the day. It makes you think about your goals and what you want to accomplish and lets you focus on what’s most important.

While successful people take pride in their sometimes absurd morning routines, like running in a pool, or eating exactly 3 and a quarter piece of whole wheat bread, a morning routine only needs to be consistent to be successful. If your morning routine helps you feel more productive and on track, then you’re doing it right.

There are so many types of morning routines because every person has a different goal they want to accomplish in a day. As a sales rep, you need to have the mental endurance and energy throughout your day, along with organization and focus. Here’s a guide to plan your morning routine, so you can focus on your sales productivity. Continue reading “A Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Sales Productivity”

Sales Strategy: The Kaizen Method

Just think.

If you improve by 1% everyday, in 1 year your efficiency would increase 365%.

That is the philosophy of Kaizen (改善), Japanese for continual improvement. Using Kaizen as a sales strategy will consistently improve your daily tasks by reducing waste and unreasonable work methods. As a result, Kaizen coaxes out good quality and optimal efficiency.

Kaizen works because small changes are easier to make than big changes, and thus more successful. Over time those small changes create big results

One small change at a time. That’s all it takes to enhance your productivity and sales strategy.

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