Sales Strategy: The Kaizen Method

By Miranda Xie

Posted in Productivity


Just think.

If you improve by 1% everyday, in 1 year your efficiency would increase 365%.

That is the philosophy of Kaizen (改善), Japanese for continual improvement

Using Kaizen as a sales strategy will consistently improve your daily tasks by reducing waste and unreasonable work methods. As a result, Kaizen coaxes out good quality and optimal efficiency.

Kaizen works because small changes are easier to make than big changes, and thus more successful. Over time those small changes create big results

One small change at a time. That's all it takes to enhance your productivity and sales strategy.

How Kaizen Works.

 Step 1: Examine your daily routine.

Visualizing how you spend time during the day will highlight where improvements can be made. Break your routine down minute by minute. You lose the most time by trying to do other things during your bigger tasks. It's important to understand how and why you do things.

Layout your plan for tomorrow. What are the biggest things you need to accomplish? Will smaller tasks interrupt your workflow? Write out your entire day, along with how long each task usually takes. Add any other events that usually require your time and budget for those as well.

Step 2: Determine which parts are useful or not.

Take a hard look at your routine. Look for opportunities to save lost time. Are you devoting enough attention to the things that really matter? Is there anything you should be delegating to someone else? If you're honest with yourself you'll probably find ways to improve your productivity. Take note of anything that could be done better, or any goals that you aren't making time for. Time inefficiencies can be broken into two forms:

  • Mura(むら): waste

Mura is anything that is ruining your routine. If you reduce the amount of time you're wasting on unimportant things, your entire process improves immediately. You start finding time to finish the things you actually need to do. Think of waste as obstacles on a racetrack. You can eliminate them entirely, or learn how to overcome them more quickly.

  • Muri(むり): unreasonable

These are tasks that are easy to delegate to someone else. They're either pointless or not worth your time. It's easy to overburden yourself with too many tasks and not enough time, but kaizen as a sales strategy helps you focus on the important things, like meeting with clients and closing sales.


Step 3: Slowly fix it.

Your goals are like stairs, conquer them one at a time. Every step you take progresses you higher and higher. So, to start, find one small thing every day that you would like to change, and implement it.

And by small, like embarrassingly small. Like, take one less sip of coffee everyday, or wake up a minute earlier kind of small. The thing is, if you continue to stack your improvements everyday, you will end up not having to drink coffee in the morning, and not having the habit of oversleeping. The purpose of kaizen as a sales strategy is being able to improve slowly but surely, and that leads to an overall big improvement.

Step 4: The Snowball Effect.

The changes add up. They will accumulate over time and your productivity rises. Kaizen will encourage people to be more productive and contribute to the Kaizen effort. It leaves a bigger impact on your own work ethic and environment.

Being able to go through all your tasks that efficiently lets you breathe throughout the day. You’ll feel less stressed and more motivated to keep going, because breaking down the day into smaller chunks stops you from feeling overwhelmed.

By eliminating the stagnant parts of your daily routine, your productivity increases and you reduce wasteful and stressful tasks. But you won’t need to make drastic changes to your daily work all at once. Kaizen is about the smaller changes over a long period of time. It's a flawless sales strategy. By making one change a day, you will make a huge impact over one year.

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