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Best Travel Apps For Sales Reps
Best Travel Apps For Sales Reps Travel is a large part of a sales rep’s life. When it comes to outside sales, reps often find themselves visiting clients on a daily basis.  As a sales rep, it is important to manage your life while traveling. Mobile devices make it easier to increase your productivity with apps. There are a variety of cool apps for sales reps available to help with: Travel - Use apps to book your flights on-the-go. Conveniently access travel details directly on your phone. Hotels - Apps make it easy to find the best hotel near clients and airports. Pull up booking....
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9 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Sales Reps
9 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Sales Reps It’s the holiday season again, and it’s time to find the perfect gift for your favorite salesperson. Finding the right gift for the sales rep in your life can be a tough feat. Sales reps live a fast-paced and busy lifestyle that requires reliable tools. Check out these awesome 9 awesome holiday gift Ideas for sales reps that are guaranteed to help them travel with ease. Business Backpack Field sales reps travel from client to client with a variety of presentation materials for each pitch. Keeping track of their documents, laptop, USB drives, etc requires a functional bag.  Gifting....
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How to Use Mobile Technology in Sales
How to Use Mobile Technology in Sales Today, technology has a massive impact on business.  Mobile technology in sales specifically is becoming increasingly important.  If you’re still using traditional sales methods you’re missing out on the results modern technology brings.  Mobile technology, in particular, is essential for the modern salesperson. The number of smartphone users worldwide continues to grow. It’s projected the number of users will jump from about 4 billion in 2013 to over 5 billion in 2019. These statistics show that mobile technology’s influence will continue increase. Mobile devices impact business as well.   They allow people in sales to communicate easier, generate leads more efficiently....
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