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Today, technology has a massive impact on business.  Mobile technology in sales specifically is becoming increasingly important.  If you’re still using traditional sales methods you’re missing out on the results modern technology brings.  Mobile technology, in particular, is essential for the modern salesperson.

The number of smartphone users worldwide continues to grow. It’s projected the number of users will jump from about 4 billion in 2013 to over 5 billion in 2019. These statistics show that mobile technology’s influence will continue increase.

Mobile devices impact business as well.   They allow people in sales to communicate easier, generate leads more efficiently, and keep track of the data they collect.   As a sales rep, using mobile technology will increase your sales.


Mobile Technology gives users access to research on the go.  Research is very important for consumers to better understand businesses. It is reported that, “93% of consumers who use their mobile device to research prospective products and services end up making a purchase.” 

This means that it is very important for you to consider consumer use of mobile technology when developing your sales strategy.

Sales reps in turn, should also use their access to mobile research to gain more insights on their leads and current clients.  Mobile technology in sales should be implemented to follow your consumers. Staying up to date on the major selling points of your target market has extreme value to your bottom line. It is good to know what issues your target market is interested in solving and respond with solutions.

Mobile Communication

Using a mobile device in field sales is essential for communication.  Since many of us are mobile on a daily basis, using technology when on the go helps you stay efficient at all times.  When selling in the field, mobile devices ensure communication can be kept between your team members, clients, and potential leads.  

Access to a mobile device allows you to be prepared to walk into any meeting.  Keeping up to date on the latest information allows your meetings to run smoothly.

It is very important for sales teams to be aware of changes in the company or updates on a client.   If a client has any immediate issues or questions, access to you through mobile technology provides them with the best service possible.


Texting is becoming increasingly useful in the sales world.  It is important to keep a regular channel of communication open with clients and potential leads. By leveraging an automated texting service, you can streamline this process, ensuring that messages such as arrival times to meetings are delivered promptly and consistently.

Texting helps you communicate small updates like arrival time to meetings.  Texting provides a feeling of familiarity and makes you easier to reach.


Your GPS is a very important feature of your mobile phone.  It allows you to navigate anywhere without the hassle of any other portable GPS device.  If you have ever been late to a sales meeting you understand the importance of being on time. Using your phone for navigation is the most natural solution.  

Mobile technology brings this convenience to sales. You can map your clients and quickly get to your meetings.  Mobile GPS mapping ensures your routes are scheduled and optimized as best as possible with features like live traffic data.  GPS is a great tool when using your mobile technology in sales.

mobile technology in sales graphics

Lead Generation

Your mobile devices can be an irreplaceable asset for lead generation.  Utilizing mobile technology in sales will allow you to find leads faster.  The ease of impromptu lead generation allows you to visit potential clients between already scheduled meetings.  Lead generation increases productivity because you visit more people in a given day, generating more sales in a shorter period of time.

Web and POS Purchasing

Mobile technology will increase the sales you can make in the field.  Optimizing your business’ website to work well on mobile devices will allow consumers to quickly buy your company’s products.

Additionally, adoption of an iPad POS system allows customers to effortlessly purchase products from your company’s own device.  Allowing customers to purchase during your meeting from an iPad POS makes purchasing an easier experience for customers. Adopting a POS system ensures your customers have a positive encounter with your company.

mobile technology in sales graphics

Data Collection

If you have many clients, mobile devices are a great way to keep track of them. Mobile devices allow you to keep data in an easily accessible place while on the go or in the office. It greatly increases productivity when recording data for clients and prospects right after meeting them.  When you’re in the field, mobile devices provide a quick way to collect a client’s phone number.

Badger Maps Mobile App

Badger Maps can attend to your mobile technology needs.  Badger eases communication by allowing you to store all of your client’s contact information. While on the go, the Badger Maps App can access all the information necessary to keep communication open at all times.

Badger works directly with your GPS system to accurately map each client.  You can create an optimized route to all your clients in Badger. The Badger Maps App is compatible with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.

Badger Maps can also help with lead generation.  Badger allows you to add leads while already on a scheduled route. This allows you to make more sales in a shorter period of time.

Badger Maps allows you to keep track of a variety of account data within its software.  Data for every client can be uploaded prior to scheduling meetings and planning routes.  When on each route additional data can be recorded for your clients in the notes and check-in sections.  Additionally, Badger Maps sends you weekly reports detailing accounts visited and check-in information so your sales are tracked effortlessly.

mobile technology in sales graphics

Mobile technology continues to be a great asset for sales reps.  Using mobile technology in sales increases your productivity by providing constant updates on clients and leads in the field. GPS features help you find the best routes to make more sales. Want to increase your sales through mobile technology? Sign up for a free trial with Badger Maps today!

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