Travel is a large part of a sales rep’s life. When it comes to outside sales, reps often find themselves visiting clients on a daily basis.  As a sales rep, it is important to manage your life while traveling. Mobile devices make it easier to increase your productivity with apps. There are a variety of cool apps for sales reps available to help with:

  • Travel - Use apps to book your flights on-the-go. Conveniently access travel details directly on your phone.
  • Hotels - Apps make it easy to find the best hotel near clients and airports. Pull up booking info on your phone with ease.
  • Transportation - Transportation apps make booking the right rental car easy. Book ahead and skip the lines when picking up your car.
  • Routes - Planning your route through an App allows you to be efficient and prepared before leaving for your trip. Use an app to connect your information, navigate, and find leads in the field.

Book your Travel


rome2rio-travel-appRome2Rio is a travel planning application that helps you find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to travel.  The app allows you to see the best travel options from one location to another by bus, car, train, and plane.  Put in your start location and destination to see pricing for different modes of transport.  Rome2Rio provides you with a mapped journey based on the transportation method selected and the approximate duration of each trip.  The app is available as an iOS and Android App.


HopperAppHopper is an airfare prediction app that allows you to book the best-priced flights on the best day for you. Hopper pulls data from travel sites to provide the cheapest times to fly. The app allows you to save money by telling you the best days and times to book your flight. You can track certain days to keep up-to-date on and increase or drop in prices.  This is a wonderful app for sales reps to travel and is available as an iOS and Android App.


TripitAppTripit is a neat app to organize all of your travel plans into a single place.  Tripit takes away the stress of tracking your travel information.  Once you book your trip, Tripit organizes all of your travel plans into a master itinerary.  Sync your travel dates with your calendar to get notifications for important dates.  You can access your travel plans from anywhere at anytime.  Tripit is available as an iOS and Android App.

Book Your Stay is an app that allows you to search and book hotels worldwide.  You can view ratings, reviews, and pictures to pick the best hotel for your needs.  Compare prices and locations to see all your options around your destination. is one of many awesome travel apps for sales reps and is available as an iOS and Android App. is an app that allows you to compare hotels, apartments, and homes to find the best stay for your trip.  Look at pictures, reviews, daily deals to find the right package for you. provides a business travel platform for further savings on business trips. is available as an iOS and Android App.


airbnbiphone2Airbnb is a great app for booking an immersive stay experience.  Book a room, apartment, or house to pick the right space for your solo or team business trip. Feel at home in any city with your own living room, kitchen, or backyard. Sign-up and participate in “Airbnb Experiences” to socialize and engage in local culture during your travels. Explore the local neighborhoods and events to connect with your clients on a personal level. Airbnb is available as an iOS and Android App.

Find the Best Transportation


Turo-ios-iwatch-e1458065049608Turo allows you to rent any car from anywhere anytime you need to. Rent from the local car owner community in the US and Canada. Pick from a wide variety of cars. Pick-up a car from a local driver, have it delivered to where you’re staying, or even have it delivered to the airport. Turro is available as an iOS and Android App.


CarzUpphonesCarzUp is a cool app that lets you compare and rent from 25 major car rental providers like Alamo, Dollar, Hertz, National, and Thrifty - all in one app. Use car photos and details to find the best ride for your trip. Compare a wide array of plans and find the best deal for you.  Add reminders to your calendar to track pickup and drop-off times and dates. CarzUp provides you with car rental opportunities in 17 countries.  The app is available as an iOS and Android App.

Route & Meet Your Clients

Badger Maps

Badger Maps is one of the best travel apps for sales reps.  Badger is great for routing to clients and organizing your sales day. Badger helps reps analyze and visualize their customer data on a map. Use colorization and filtering to uncover your best opportunities and maximize revenue in your territory. Badger creates an organized strategy to help you manage daily relationships with your customers. Take notes and generate reports to manage customer data with ease. Badger’s lead generation tool uncovers potential clients anywhere in your territory. The Badger Maps app is available as an iOS and Android App.

Badger Maps the Highest Ranked App in the B2B Sales Mapping Apps Category


Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

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