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Qualified Quotas: A Driving Force for Sales and Marketing Alignment
Qualified Quotas: A Driving Force for Sales and Marketing Alignment We are living in the age of the customer. The modern buyer has nearly unlimited access to customer reviews and product information. It does not matter if you are in sales or marketing, a customer-centric mindset is essential. To develop an organizational culture that puts the customer at the heart of everything you do both sales and marketing must align with the customers’ needs and pain points. Therefore, sales and marketing must join forces and understand each other better to optimize every step of the buyer’s journey and make it 100% customer-focused. As Jill Rowley, chief evangelist and an expert....
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7 Sales Onboarding Best Practices
7 Sales Onboarding Best Practices As many as 62% of companies consider themselves to be ineffective at onboarding their new sales hires -- is yours one of them? According to research by the Sales Management Association, it takes an average of 10 weeks of training to ramp up new sales hires. And after that, it takes 11.2 months for them to actually become productive and start giving some ROI. Couple that with the fact that the average cost to replace an “average” sales rep is $97,960 and you can see the major disconnect. Plus, companies that have good onboarding procedures improve quota attainment by 6.7%....
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5 Powerful Strategies for Managing a Remote Sales Team
5 Powerful Strategies for Managing a Remote Sales Team You want your sales team to crush their quotas. The problem is, you have a remote sales team scattered around the country or even the globe. And let’s face it. Managing a remote team isn’t a piece of cake. Communication isn’t that simple, and misunderstandings are common. When problems arise, you can’t just walk across the hall to resolve it face-to-face. And how will your sales team close enough deals if they don’t trust each other enough to collaborate seamlessly? What’s more? Working from home can lead to a feeling of being isolated and disengagement from the team. That’s really....
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