Sales Meeting Checklist :10 Essential Items You Should Have

As a salesperson you probably enjoy being outside, meeting clients rather than in the office; however, the fun stops when you have to carry a heavy briefcase full of unnecessary things. When it’s time to hit the road, it’s difficult to pack only what you actually need. To lift that burden off your shoulder, here is a list of sales meeting checklist you should consider. No more, no less.

1- Bag

sales meeting checklist- briefcase

It might seem obvious, but since you’ll be carrying your bag all the time it’s important to choose one carefully. Your bag is your best friend, so it’s worth spending money on it. Consider the cost an investment, you’ll save money in the long-run by not having to buy a bag every other month.

A good choice is light, simple and professional. There are many different types of briefcases, so make sure you select a style you’re comfortable with. It should have plenty of compartments and enough room for all of your travel items. Choose an appropriate size – you’ll likely need your computer to fit as well.

2- Look for useful Apps

mobile apps

Apps have changed the way salespeople are doing business. There are apps you can download on your smartphone that will transform your sales process.

Google Drive, SalesForce, Evernote, LinkedIn, Badger Maps - every sales tool can be stored in a phone or tablet. Forget the time when sales rep would carry large briefcase and heavy backpacks for your sales meeting, now everything is in one place. You can find all these on the internet or your cloud drive. These best apps for field sales can help increase productivity and close more deals.

3 - Moleskine notepad and a pennotepad

Although it is all about the numerical today, the old way is useful if your mobile devices run out of battery (but so is an extra battery). Your notepad and pen are always good to go, plus they help you connect with your client while mobile devices act as a barrier. Choose a classic notepad and pen when your clients need attention.

4 - Extra batterycharger

For every device you use in the field, an extra battery is mandatory. Imagine how it looks running out of battery during a presentation or a sales meeting. Make sure all of your devices are fully charged before leaving and that you have the cables for each of them.

5 - Hygiene productsteeth

A big part of sales is about the human element of meeting clients. Sales reps need to have fresh and friendly attitudes, which requires attention to hygiene. After a long day of rushing around to meetings you may need to freshen up. Make sure you always have chewing gum or minty candies on your sales meeting checklist when you are going on field. Never underestimate the power of a deodorant spray during a busy day !

6 - Internet Accesssim cards

Internet can be slow depending on your location and carrier. You should have the ability to get a fast LTE internet connection anytime. It’s a good idea to get two SIM cards from two different carriers on your checklist, so when reception is poor you can try the other carrier. A small expense that can save you from terrible situations during your sales meetings.

7 - A compact Projector

sales meeting checklist- compact projectorNow that you have your devices, extra battery, and rock-solid internet connection ready - you’re ready to shake some hands and make your presentations. But what if the projector is not compatible with your devices ? Or an error message pops up for no reason?

Who knows what can happen when we work with technology. That is why we should always have a plan B. A compact projector can avoid the stress of being unprepared. Nowadays, compact projectors are compatible with your phone, tablet or computer; plus they are so small and light you easily put them in your briefcase. Focus on your speech and forget about your HDMI connector.

8 - Localisation deviceok

Again, there are small costs that are worth spending; localization devices are one if your job involves traveling. When your day is as busy as your mind, it gets easy to lose things you are carrying on your way to an another client. Don’t forget to add this little device to your sales meeting checklist to pair with all your important items such as keys, bag, wallet or about anything you want.

9 - Umbrellaumbrella

It might be annoying to carry around an umbrella all the time, but you’ll be happy you have it when it counts. Being soaked to the bone is never the best way to meet a client. A small, black umbrella is the way to go to keep your head and clothes dry.

Sales Meeting Checklist #10: Business cards

sales meeting checklist- visiting card At the end of each meeting, you should always leave a little souvenir behind. You should hand over your business card to your clients every time you meet them. Spend time designing your business card to make it look qualitative and unique. For some more style put them in a nice case.

This is a good way to show that you value yourself and make your card seem more important than others (who might just pick it out of their pocket). Whether they keep your card or throw it away - they’ll remember you.

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