Sales Meeting Checklist: 8 Essential Items for Successful Sales Meetings

If you're a salesperson, you probably enjoy hitting the road, meeting clients and closing deals. But let's face it, carrying a heavy briefcase full of unnecessary items can be a real buzzkill. Don't let that weight hold you down any longer! 

We're here to help you pack smarter and lighter with our essential sales meeting checklist. 

This guide will walk you through the items you need to bring without overwhelming you with things you don't. 

Let's dive in and get you ready for your next successful sales meeting!

8 Essential Items for Successful Sales Meetings

1. Pre-Meeting items

When it comes to sales, your bag is your best friend. It goes everywhere you go, carrying all the essentials you need to make a great impression on clients. Therefore, it's important to choose a bag that's both light and professional

While there are many types of bags on the market, select one that suits your personal style and has plenty of compartments for all your travel items, including your computer. Investing in a high-quality bag is a wise decision that will save you money in the long-run.

Planning and organization are essential for a successful sales meeting. Think ahead and anticipate what you need to bring to the meeting, such as your bag, laptop, meeting materials, and any other necessary items. By doing so, you'll avoid scrambling at the last minute and looking unprofessional in front of your clients.

Don't forget to send important materials for your  prospects and customers to review in advance. This will give your clients time to review and prepare any questions or concerns they may have, leading to a more productive and effective meeting. Be sure to ask for feedback in advance so that everyone is on the same page and can come to the meeting prepared.

2. Sales Technology for Productivity

Before your presentations, it's important to work out any technological kinks in advance to ensure that they run smoothly. Whether you're presenting remotely or in person, taking the time to test your equipment and go through your materials beforehand can make a big difference in the success of your sales meeting. 

You can also take advantage of sales tech that helps salespeople reach their targets in innovative ways. 

One such tool is Badger Maps. Using a multi-stop route planner like Badger Maps can help boost your sales and minimize the amount of time spent on the road. Badger Maps stands out from other sales tools since it’s tailor-made for field salespeople. 

Badger Maps empowers field salespeople to make the most of their time by streamlining  daily planning, enhancing customer relationships, uncovering new business opportunities, and closing more deals. Additionally, features like follow-ups and advanced reporting allow you to stay up-to-date with essential customer information.

On average, Badger Maps users save 20% of their time driving and boost their sales by 22%, making it a profitable investment for field salespeople.

3. External Charger for Mobile Devices

As a salesperson, the last thing you want is to have your mobile devices run out of battery during a presentation or a sales meeting. Carrying an external charger for your devices can save you from embarrassment and lost sales.

Before leaving for a meeting, ensure that all your devices are fully charged and that you have the necessary cables for each of them. This way, you won't have to scramble to find an outlet or charger in a new location. With a fully charged extra battery, you can keep your devices powered throughout the day and stay focused on closing deals.

Technology can be unpredictable and malfunctions can always happen during a meeting so it’s always sensible to carry a notepad and pen with you wherever you go. Not only a lifesaver for when you need it, putting your thoughts and ideas on paper can help you connect with your client and show that you value their feedback. 

4. Making a Great Impression as a Sales Rep

In the middle of a long day you’re going to want to freshen up. Make sure your breath is fresh by eating a mint before your next  sales meeting. Also, don’t forget to apply deodorant before going into your next pitch!

Dressing professionally can make a lasting impression on potential customers and affect their perception of you and what you have to offer. 

By dressing in appropriately tailored clothing, you can walk into sales meetings with confidence, focusing on your pitch rather than worrying about your appearance.

Check out our Training Tuesday series with Badger Maps CEO Steve Benson for tips on how to dress for sales success.

5. Reliable Internet Access

Slow connectivity due to location and carrier limitations can be frustrating, but with the availability of the high-speed internet, it's easier than ever to stay connected. 

To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, you can carry two SIM cards or an extra hotspot from different providers. This small investment can come in handy during critical business meetings or online transactions, allowing you to quickly switch to a carrier with better reception. 

Don't let poor connectivity hold you back and invest in reliable internet access for seamless online experiences.

6. Prepare your Meeting with a Portable Projector

Now that you have your mobile devices, external battery, and rock-solid internet connection ready - you’re ready to shake some hands and make your presentations. But what if the projector is not compatible with your devices? Or your client’s projector malfuncations?

Carrying a compact projector with you can avoid this problem. Nowadays, compact projectors are compatible with your phone, tablet or computer. Plus they are so small and light you can easily carry them in your briefcase. 

Bring your own mini projector with you to your next call so you can focus on what’s really important - your sales pitch!

7. An umbrella can save your sales meeting

Salespeople who work in the field know all about unexpected weather changes, so they need to always be prepared for any weather conditions. Although it may seem inconvenient to carry around an umbrella, having one can save you from being soaked to the bone and showing up to a meeting in an unprofessional way.  

With an umbrella on hand, you can focus on making a great impression on your clients, rather than worrying about getting stranded in an afternoon shower.

8. Lasting Impressions with your Business Card

As a salesperson, leaving a lasting impression on your clients can help you in many different ways. That's why at the end of every meeting, you should always leave behind your business card. Investing in a professional and unique business card can help you stand out from your competitors

Consider adding a touch of style by storing your cards in a nice case. This not only showcases the value you place on yourself and your business but also makes your card seem more important from others that are crumpled up in a pocket.  Whether your clients decide to buy from you or not, they'll remember the effort and professionalism you put into your presentation. Make a lasting impression with your business cards and leave your mark on every sales meeting.


Packing smart and light, planning and organizing, and taking advantage of the latest sales apps and technology are all essential for any successful sales meeting.  By following these tips, salespeople can make a lasting impression on their customers and ensure they hit their sales targets.

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