Enhancing Sales Business Profitability with an LLC

Ultimately, every business needs optimal profit margins if it wishes to succeed. 

Juicing your profits isn’t a matter of doing any one thing, but rather it encompasses a number of potential actions: Lowering your cost of goods and of customer acquisition, improving your conversion rates, boosting average order value, and much more.

An oft-overlooked strategy to improve business profitability is choosing the right legal structure for your company. 

There’s not necessarily one right answer here, but for most outside sales businesses it’s the Limited Liability Company, or LLC. As you launch your own outside sales business, it’s helpful to know what an LLC is and how it can pave the way to enhanced profitability.


Understanding LLCs

What does it mean to register your outside sales company as an LLC?

To begin with, understand that any time you start generating income on the basis of self-employment, the government automatically categorizes you as a Sole Proprietor. 

You’ll be categorized in that way unless or until you register as an LLC, Corporation, or some other business type.

There’s nothing wrong with Sole Proprietorships, of course, though this business structure does have some built-in limitations. For example, it’s challenging (though not impossible) for Sole Proprietors to administer payroll or to file income taxes.

Registering as an LLC helps you address some of these problems. That’s largely because LLCs actually establish a new business entity. No longer are you and your business interchangeable. Instead, you and your business are distinct. Your assets can be divided into personal and business columns, with a clear line of separation between them. Same with your liabilities.

This matters for a bunch of reasons, not least personal wealth protection. Simply put, when you run an LLC, you can keep your personal assets off the table when creditors come knocking, or when you’re served with a lawsuit. That’s an important level of risk mitigation, especially in a field like outside sales, where the environment can often be fairly litigious.

LLCs and Profitability

Now let’s drill down on the question of how an LLC helps you create a more profitable sales company. There are plenty of advantages that the LLC format offers, but here are a few of the most significant.



One of the most important hallmarks of a profitable business is adaptivity. 

Simply put, you’ve got to be nimble, ready to react to any changes in your industry or in the regulatory environment. This is a key concern for outside sales companies, as laws regarding who does or does not constitute an outside sales employee are always changing.

LLCs are designed to be adaptive, light on their feet, easy to change with the times. 

There’s a ton of built-in flexibility with regard to how you file taxes, how you structure your business, and more. All of this helps you respond to external changes, pivoting when necessary to optimize business profits.

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Risk Mitigation

Every business faces risk, making it essential to be proactive about preserving profitability.

Risk mitigation is an area where the LLC format shines. Again, one of the main benefits of the LLC is that it allows you to keep your business assets and liabilities in one pot, and to safeguard your personal assets and liabilities elsewhere. This allows you to protect things like your retirement account or family bank account, making it possible for you to invest in your business more confidently.


Another important characteristic of profitable businesses is credibility.

Registering your business as an LLC requires you to complete some legal due diligence, making it clear that your business is serious and above-board. In other words, simply gaining LLC status helps you convey to your customers, partners, and potential investors that your business is professional and legit. 

Whether you’re looking to sell more products or to raise capital, this level of credibility is key. And certainly, for outside sales managers, conveying a sense of professionalism is vital for earning customer trust.

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Registering an LLC

There are a few steps required to start an LLC. Note that some of the specifics can vary from state to state.


Choose the Right Name

There are some legal parameters that shape LLC names. For one thing, you have to choose a name that isn’t already in use by an LLC in your state. It’s also important to choose a name that includes either LLC or Limited Liability Company, conveying to customers and investors what type of business you’re running. (See previous point about credibility!)

Pick a Registered Agent

Every LLC is mandated to choose a Registered Agent. This can be either an individual or an institution, charged with receiving legal and tax documents on your behalf. Make sure you choose an Agent who has a physical mailing address in your state.

Create an Operating Agreement

There are a couple of documents you’ll want to have in place to register your LLC. First is the Operating Agreement, which is like a blueprint or charter for your company. Use it to denote how you'll divide profits, how you’ll split managerial duties, and more.

File Articles of Organization

This is the document that you’ll file with your state to actually create the LLC as its own legal entity. When you file, you’ll also need to pay a nominal fee. Depending on the state you’re in, this could be anywhere from $15 to $300.

Claim an EIN

You’ll ultimately need to get an Employer Identification Number, which will allow you to process payroll and file your income taxes. If you’re a US resident then you can claim your number for free from the IRS.

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Establish Business Banking

Be sure you create a business bank account that’s not linked with your personal checking or savings account.

Seek Help

Depending on the complexity of your outside sales organization, you may or may not need the guidance of a trained LLC coach. Here are some of the best LLC services available right now.

Choosing the Right Path to Profitability

As you consider making your outside sales business more profitable, there are a number of steps you might take. Don’t overlook the potential of registering your company as an LLC!

Author Bio: Amanda E. Clark is a contributing writer to LLC University. She has appeared as a subject matter expert on panels about content and social media marketing.

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