5 Ways To Be An Effective Sales Leader
5 Ways To Be An Effective Sales Leader “How important is leadership in sales?” We all are gripped by this question every now and then.  There’s a ton of advice out there saying something like - “It depends on the company.” Well, that’s… not very helpful, is it? But one thing is obvious, when you hear people saying this, you’ll probably start thinking that only huge companies need leaders. But let me dispel this myth for once and all. Leadership doesn’t and shouldn’t be based on the company or brand - it depends on YOU and the team! People tend to overlook the impact an effective leader can....
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4 Tips for Improving Sales and Marketing Communication
4 Tips for Improving Sales and Marketing Communication Historically, sales and marketing have struggled to work together. And it’s no secret that tension, and sometimes even resentment, exists between the two departments. This disconnect is often deeply ingrained in corporate culture, manifesting in the form of departmental silos and a lack of communication. A Forrester study found that only 8% of B2B companies have tight marketing and sales alignment. Even so, most organizations are pretty adept at recognizing that there is a problem and developing piece-meal solutions. The challenge is identifying and enacting a strategy that promotes enduring change within the company. Why is Sales and Marketing Communication....
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How to Overcome Language Barriers in Sales
How to Overcome Language Barriers in Sales Thinking about expanding your business to Germany? Maybe Spain? There’s only one problem - you don’t speak German or Spanish. There are untapped markets you’ll never access if you don’t learn how to communicate with people in other countries. As the world becomes more globalized and industries begin to cross borders, the need for clear and effective communication grows. Language barriers prevent many companies from growing as fast as they could. Fortunately there are ways to overcome language barriers! Using Translation Websites First and foremost make sure your website is available in multiple languages. Not only does this provide....
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