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How to Write a Strategic Sales Plan
How to Write a Strategic Sales Plan Drawing a Strategic Sales Plan can be difficult, and you might have several questions before you even begin writing your report. Where should I start? What should I write in it? Is there a track to follow? Whether you are looking to increase your sales, boost your revenue or introduce a new product, our template can help you reach your goals. Here are the categories that you should include when building your foolproof sales plan: 1. Business Environment Companies typically only update their strategic sales plan on a quarterly or yearly basis. Because of the time between updates, it’s....
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How Legendary Salesmen Could Have Used A Route Optimization App
How Legendary Salesmen Could Have Used A Route Optimization App Sales is something that takes tremendous skill, and sometimes, even natural born talent. Many of the salespeople on this list used a combination of both to dominate their industry at the time. In our digital age, we are fortunate enough to have technology that revolutionizes business everywhere: sales software. Specifically, the route optimization app (ROA). ROA is the perfect tool for making the most out of your time, especially for a salesperson who is hitting the pavement hard. Although these sales people were stellar, they could've done even better with routing software. David Ogilvy David Ogilvy is one of....
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