Sales is a tough job: contacting new clients, retaining old ones, managing a busy schedule, avoiding traffic, etc. It can be a tall order. Our software helps outside sales representatives save time and increase their efficiency by solving common problems that sales representatives face such as day planning and shifting customer demands.  We’ve created a platform that coordinates your calendar, driving plan, and accounts.  

Figuring out where to go and when to go there can be a challenge. Badger Maps can help sales reps create routes, plan out their week, and reach more clients. After routes are created, they can be exported to a calendar and are accessible on computers, phones, or tablets. Sales reps can also export routes as PDFs with turn-by-turn directions if they want a hard copy.

Uncertainty often plagues the outside sales representative. Some clients cancel. Some clients call in requiring same-day attention. Badger routes can be updated in real time, which helps sales representatives make the most of their day.  Our average user sees a 25% increase in weekly sales activity. Our lead generation feature finds leads based on your location and can help you find new clients when old ones reschedule or cancel.  

"Badger Maps provides us with an easy to use interface to manage our daily call routes, track visits and update records from our CRM."

Lara Thomas

Sales Rep, DermaTran

Badger Maps can improve sales not only by helping representatives plan their days and find new clients, but also by saving them time.  Our average user sees a 20% reduction in weekly driving time, which both saves on fuel costs and increases the number of potential sales calls or client visits per week.

In addition to helping sales reps on the road, Badger also helps visualize and filter accounts and leads back at the office (or home, or hotel room).  Fields and filters paired with our colorize feature help sales reps break down their territory by any metric they want and assess the state of their clients at a glance. Our check-in feature allows representatives to keep track of how long it has been since they have visited a client.

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