Field Sales Planner

Field Sales Planner

One of the most important things to a sales rep is having a territory map that is accurate and full of detail. Route mapping is not an easy job, not when you have to juggle route planners with customer databases and calendars, trying to work out how best to get to each visit with the minimum amount of fuss. Mistakes happen; traffic cannot be accounted for; the wrong paperwork or worse, no paperwork, gets taken to the visits. All sorts of things can go wrong, something that wouldn’t happen if you used a purpose-built field sales planner.

That is exactly what Badger Maps is. As well as being a field sales planner, Badger is also a customer management solution even acting as your CRM if you don’t have one already. Badger can even integrate with your CRM software, placing your customers onto a map and making it easy to choose and add them to route maps. Badger can optimize your route map to cut up to 20% driving time every week, giving your reps time to visit more people and bring in more business.

“90% more meetings close when you approach a prospect with a product in their category that they have a genuine need for. Our reps wouldn’t have that knowledge without Badger”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr - Danaher

Badger Maps is the leading field sales planner and is partnered with a companion mobile app, for Android or iOS mobile devices. This makes Badger one of the most versatile of all the planning software’s on the market today. Using the built-in GPS technology on your mobile device, Badger can give you turn by turn driving directions, courtesy of the data from Google Maps, as well as access to live traffic updates and alternative routes.

Badger Maps can also make it easy for your reps to generate new leads, in the office and on the road, filling in dead time and customer cancellations with visits to prospective new customers. With Badger Maps at your disposal, you don’t need any other field sales planner.

But don’t just take our word for it; sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself how Badger Maps became the number one field sales planner

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